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August 6 1984
About Me
I am almost 30 years old- and my mentality keeps vacillating between a really, really old person (like the grouchy old lady with a shot gun and a bottle of whiskey on her front porch- just waiting to yell at anyone who comes on her yard)and the person I was when I was 20, single, and fun. I have two great kids, a very wonderful husband, a dog, two cats (who are pretty much the cat versions of Pinky and the Brain. Zork!), a dad who lives with us, and am surrounded by Italian in-laws.
Type of Writer
I definitely love my happy endings. I write mostly quirky stuff with hints of comedy and romance and adventure.
Writing Style
I started writing for friends, then co-workers, and family. I like to make people laugh. The tone is usually casual/quirky
I'm a mom so for the past couple years I felt like I haven't had interests- but now the kids are older! I love hiking. Nature has always been my sanctuary. Also reading, writing, video games, movies, cards, board games, and newly addicted to cruises
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Romance- I love happy endings. Scifi- Love to read it- horrible at writing it. Fantasy- I love imagination
Favorite Books
Jurassic Park/Lost world (I read these when I'm on vacation) Love me some manga (fruits basket, fairy tail, wallflower, inyuasha) Ender's Game series The sea of tranquility Fahrenheit 451 other classics
Favorite Authors
Michael Chrichton Elizabeth Moon Orson Scott Card Susan Elizabeth Phillips Josie Brown Taylor Longford Robert J. Crane Ray Bradbury Jane Austin Jules Verne Victoria Holt There are too many to list!
Favorite Poets
Robert Frost John Masefield (sea fever)
Favorite Quote
Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by.
Favorite Music
It's not really "Music" but the song: Murder train on How I met your mother (they play it during fights) makes my heart so happy. I like older country, rock, heavy metal, and alternative music.
Favorite Movies
The wrong guy Jaws Cat ballou (1965) Move over, darling (1963) Hunger games Indiana Jones (all of the them) The real star wars (the original 3) All the star trek (new and old) movies Sherlock holmes (both newer ones)
Favorite Shows
How I met your mother The crazy ones Reality tv the simpsons Futurama Adult swim The middle Seinfield Fire fly big bang theory anything by Joss Whedon
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