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September 7 1985
Houston, TX
About Me
I began writing in high school. At first it was badly written teen dramas. It wasn't a great start, but it was a start. Eventually, I tried my hand at fantasy, but didn't master it. I wrote poetry and short stories as I tried to figure out what I could enjoy writing and write well. My lifelong aspiration is to publish a YA fantasy novel. I love fairy tale rewrites and anything with a dash of romance. Life keeps me busy as a teacher and a mom, but I write in snippets when the opportunity arises.
Type of Writer
I love to rework fairy tales into novels for teenagers and young adults.
I enjoy reading as much as writing and take my family to the library regularly. I love cooking for my family and take pride putting a tasty home-cooked meal on my table. I also dabble in drawing.
Favorite Genres
Young adult fantasy & dystopian society, re-worked fairy tales
Favorite Books
Stormlight Archives, Ella Enchanted, Princess Academy, Harry Potter, Fairy Tale Collections
Favorite Authors
Brandon Sanderson, Jessica Day George, Shannon Hale
Favorite Quote
"The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer laughing. Crying gives me a headache." - Marjorie Hinckley "Life is a book. Don't just read it, write it!" - Yours Truly
Favorite Movies
Ever After, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, 10th Kingdom, Bride Wars
Favorite Shows
Downton Abbey, Big Bang Theory, Merlin, The Office, Taiwanese dramas
A glimpse... perhaps not the one most people see.
Rated: ASR
~560 Words
Parenting, Family, Other
Type: Short Story
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He comes back from the other side to say a few words to the soulmate he never met.REVAMPED
Rated: ASR
~685 Words
Emotional, Romance/Love, Ghost
Type: Short Story
Updated 17 years ago
"My Daddy killed a child tonight, but did not take a life..."
Rated: 13+
~101 Words
Emotional, Personal, Experience
Type: Poetry
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    Rated: 13+ · Personal · #2050336
    Poetry centered around creating or describing or resonating with a specific emotion.
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    How would you rate yourself as an author based on the Writing.Com system?
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    New creations that haven't been sorted into a proper place yet
    Rated: E · Writing · #1064892
    All my stories and any other creative snippets that aren't poetic.
    Rated: ASR · Parenting · #1784881
    A glimpse... perhaps not the one most people see.
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