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One writer's journey
New siggie

She sat down at her old wooden desk, pen at the ready. Her thoughts raced. What shall I write today? Tilting her head to the side, a small smile tugged at the corner of her mouth before enveloping her delicate face. The purple ink began to fill the once blank sheet, each stroke a labor of pure joy as the words flowed from her mind, her heart, her very soul.

Lost in a haze of purple she stands alone

My Dreams...

to write of romance and endless love
to love without boundaries
to learn from past mistakes
to laugh with all my heart
to be the woman I am meant to be



I will reach for the stars

Will not give up

Will give all that I have

Dare to dream the impossible dream

For anything in this life is possible

Daughter of Desire

Signature for nominees of the 10th annual Quill Awards <---I am blown away by this

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August 25, 2017 at 9:32am
August 25, 2017 at 9:32am
Oh Hell Yes!!! I sooo wanted this Reek Torture!
"Game of Thrones"   by Gaby

Prompt: Show the world how much of a GoT fan you really are by writing a newsfeed post, blog entry, etc. telling the world (honestly) how many episodes of the show you've watched and the number of books in the series you've read. ~ 5000 points

Ah yes, my vice, my delight, my immense joy of having caved in and started watching this series. I admit I haven't read any of the books, but my Uncle has and is always telling me differences between the show and the books. Between my own writing and reviewing here on WdC, it doesn't leave a lot of extra time to read one of these novels, though I hope to one day.

R has watched this show from its inception. So many nights I'd go into the bedroom to sleep and he was watching. I'd always complained because I kid you not, every time I walked in someone was naked. I thought geez dude, is there nothing better than watching rape and constant sex, or people parading around in the nude? I complained a lot over the course of four years. And then one night, I couldn't sleep and decided to watch with him. I had a million questions. I needed answers and so my binge began. I watched the entire 4 seasons in like 5 days. OMG my brain was FRIED. I couldn't process all of that, but I was ready for the big season 5 premiere and oh how happy I was.

I cannot say how many episodes I've watched because I've gone back over and over again and started from the beginning. Any time they were playing I'd rewatch. I'm helpless when it comes to this show.

*Exclaim* *Exclaimv* SPOILER ALERT *Exclaimv* *Exclaim*

If you haven't watched, then I am telling you to run away now. If you're not up to date with season 7 *Stop* *Stop* *Stop* *Stop* *Stop* *Stop*. This is the point of no return.

I love the dragons. I love Jon Snow. I mean who wouldn't? He's so easy on the eyes and oh that voice, just makes me melt. *Laugh* His romance with Ygritte was hot. My favorite line...that thing you do with your tongue How bold and hot was that? Even the characters that I loathe and hate, like Joffery and little finger, and Cersei bring about a lot of emotion when watching this show. You want to see their downfall, you are plotting right along with the characters hoping for their demise.

I love everything about the show, and now I'm anxiously awaiting the finale of Season 7, wondering about the dragon. If a fire breathing dragon suddenly has piercing cold blue eyes, what do they breathe? Fire? All I know is that possibly I will find out on Sunday. I knew once the White Walker shot him down that's what was going to happen. The battle is brewing. Jon is about to meet Cersei, though I hope she declines and has her ass handed to her. *Laugh* What can I say? I'm all for it. She's just pure evil and deserves nothing good.

The math. Hmm. 66 episodes, times at least five would be 300. And I know I've watched the last episode 4 times already.

If you haven't seen this, it's a must. Enjoy

Go House Greyjoy!!!

July 17, 2017 at 7:44am
July 17, 2017 at 7:44am
By the way, this is my favorite prompt!

Prompt: Tell us about something/someone that fucked you off this week.

After two days of failed attempts to get into the site that links to my doctor's office, I finally managed to recover my password and gain access. Great! I have an appointment tomorrow. Fine, I need my blood pressure meds renewed. No problem. So I decided to scroll down and see what all was listed. And what do I find? A fucking reason listed for my vision problems. *Shock* Yep, it was right fucking there. And do you think that asshole actually told me that I have a severe Vitamin A deficiency? Hell no! Bastard! How the fuck does this tidbit of information make it to my medical records 4/13/2016 and no one bothered to let me know? Is it my job to look it up myself? Apparently so.

I read the words, Vitamin A deficiency with keratomalacia. Of course I had no fucking clue what that meant and had to google it. To my horror, I have found out that this severe deficiency will cause me to go blind. *Headbang* *Facepalm* *Shock2*

Apparently, this is no big deal to my piece of shit doctor. Well, it is to me! I cannot even find anything that says what I can do to make it better, a treatment, how much Vitamin A I should be taking, or just how low it is. Is it related to having a total hysterectomy? I fucking want to know damn it.

If I thought for one second that I could be doing something about losing my vision, I would have been doing it last fucking year. Asshole! What a fucking asshole! I HATE my doctor. Every time I go in there, which is every 3 months, he pisses me off. Now, I'm irate. I hate starting my week off ready to strangle someone. It's never a good sign of what's to come. Hopefully, I will calm down enough by tomorrow morning to not go into his office with an attitude, but I highly doubt it.

Blind? I'm sure this will hit the preexising conditions portion and fuck me over when it comes to health insurance. We'll just add that to the ever growing list as I get older.

As much as having that hysterectomy has improved my life physically, every time I turn around there is some new health issue I'm facing, and not one of them has been good.

This damn doctor, as my grandfather would say, is as useless as tits on a man!

Because real life isn't always roses and sunshine...
#2094931 by Elle
July 15, 2017 at 8:31am
July 15, 2017 at 8:31am
Because real life isn't always roses and sunshine...
#2094931 by Elle

Prompt: Write an open letter to society.

Dear Society,

When did you change? When did it become the norm to forget about others and consistently put yourself first? Is it a lack of morals? What fucking is it?

I've noticed the change over my lifetime, and it totally sucks. It's so difficult as a parent to try and teach our kids that they shouldn't put themselves above others, yet they see it happening all of the time. My best answer has always been, I'm not their mother, I'm yours.

All of this hatred, bigotry, fear, and misinformation has led to an outpouring of the me society we now live in. I relished in being different growing up, I made sure everyone called me unique. I didn't want to be like fucking sheep and follow just because everyone else was doing it. I felt the guilt from what my words did to others and made conscious changes to my behavior. Now, it seems, as if hurting someone else has not caused guilt, but a sense of power that inflates the ego.

Do you really feel powerful when you hurt someone else with your words? Do you really believe it makes you a better person? *Facepalm* Give me a fucking break. I'm positive your religion doesn't teach this. That school didn't teach you this kind of insanity. So when did you just decide that the world revolves around you, your wants, your needs, and screw the rest of the human race?

Inquiring minds wanna know!

Kindness, tolerance, being open-minded are things we need to get back to as a society. Until we do, well, I fear how far this all about me shit is going to take us. Empathy is never a bad thing.

July 10, 2017 at 9:52pm
July 10, 2017 at 9:52pm
Another entry for:
Because real life isn't always roses and sunshine...
#2094931 by Elle

Prompt: What is the worst parenting technique that sucks but is commonly advised anyway?

*Up* *Up* *Up* *Up*

Yeah, that one. *Facepalm* So my son Zak was probably 6 months old. We were living with my parents at the time because we were going back and forth between Lebanon and US so R could play soccer. I remember R was overseas, and since Zak refused to have a set bedtime, we went for the let him cry it out method.

BIG MISTAKE! And I mean big. First off, it's heartbreaking to sit in another room and listen to your child crying so hard that their breathing is affected. You know those heart-wrenching sobs that are so severe you have to fucking stop to suck in a massive breath before the wailing resumes?

I was a new mother, still didn't know what the hell I was doing. I mean, I'd never been around babies before. Talk about clueless. I remember sitting in the living room attempting to watch television. All of us were talking about how long that kid could cry. Well, let me tell you...hours! Until none of us could take it any longer. It was the first and last time I ever tried this horrible, piece of shit technique.

The not sleeping with parents thing went out the window as well. It's hard enough to be a new mom, sleep deprived, and have to get up multiple times during the night. After the third time if you expect to get any sleep at all, put that child in your bed and you can have a few hours of peace.

I don't know who comes up with this shit, all I know is it didn't work for me.

Just like putting them in sports when they didn't want to participate in the first place. Man, was my son miserable and watching him being that miserable only made me miserable. He only ever played one season of soccer. What sucks is that he was really good at it. I swear it's in the genes, but he hated it.

I remember being young, my sister, cousin and I got into trouble for having a pillow fight and breaking the light in our room. My grandmother made us sit in the living room, two on opposite sides of the couch, one of us on a chair, and we were forbidden from talking to each other. Like that ever worked. Did I learn from it? Hell no.

And of course, we learn what we are taught. Here I was, mad at my kids for fighting with each other. I sent them both to their rooms and forbid them to talk. Simple, right? No fucking way. Not two minutes later I hear them whispering to one another in the hallway. *Laugh*. Little brats! Think I only ever did that once as well.

My advice, go with the flow. Each child is different. What works for one, probably won't work for the other. And if someone gives you shit advice, it sounds like shit, you know it's probably shit, then don't fucking do it!
July 4, 2017 at 10:11am
July 4, 2017 at 10:11am
Prompt: What small, inconsequential things piss you off more than they really should?


Ah time. I get so irritated and annoyed by time that I can actually picture myself strangling the fucking life outta some people. *Shock* I know. I know. Not a good thing. Too fucking bad.

Being late to important events:
I see this as a thing of respect. How damn difficult is it really to show up when you're supposed to? Or at the very least, have the decency to call if you're going to be fucking late. Nothing says I could fucking care less about you and your function than showing up late. Assholes!

Case in point. We had a reception for my son and daughter-in-law to celebrate their marriage. Booked the hall, sent invitations, had to change location and time and recontact everyone, which I did. When I say 6 o'clock and dinner at 7, I mean at 7 I expect you to be at your table so dinner can be served. Not walking through the fucking door at 7 or 7:30, eating and leaving immediately after. That's fucking some rude ass shit. Oh boo hoo your family didn't get to sit together. Maybe you should've thought of that when you showed up a half hour late. And leaving right afterward. Well, that shows you have no damn class and quite the stick up your ass. No worries, when your kids get married I will pay you back for your kindess.

Being late to regular dinners
We have a usual standing Saturday out dinner with friends. I don't mind these night outs. I don't like to cook, so this is a relief for me. After months of being early/on time, R got sick of it and wanted them to see what it feels like to be kept waiting. We were supposed to be there at 7 for dinner. We left the house at 7. Granted it was only a 10 minute drive. We were still the second couple to arrive. What happens? Mr. High School decided he was sick of everyone always being late and got up and left when we arrived, leaving his wife behind. What the fuck! Hey I get it, it's rude to make everyone wait to order dinner because you don't value our time. But leaving because we were late once is fucked up. Rude. Childish. And just fucking stupid. Take that shit out on those who don't give one shit that they make everyone wait.

Being late in general
It's hard to get everyone out the door on time. But I swear to Creator I am the one ready to go and waiting on the men in this house. They are worse than women when it comes to grooming before heading out the door. It's so fucking annoying to me.

If I put in the effort, and value your time and mine, I damn well expect the same in return. I can be a complete asshole and not give a flying fuck about you and your time, but I choose not be that way. Why is this such a difficult thing for people to do?

I don't know when this all happened. Gradually over my lifetime, I suppose, but I can tell you that growing up when we had to be somewhere, we put effort into being on time and leaving early to get there. It's all about showing some fucking respect people. So man up, stop being a dick head and show me that.

Now I know, shit happens, and I allow for that. I probably shouldn't be so pissed off about time, but it's one of my pet peeves. Hell my sister won't even be on time for furneral I bet. That's her thing. It's why I lie to her about what time family gatherings are because I accomodate for her constant tardiness. *Laugh*

Time. Time. Time. Will it ever change? I think not. Until then, I'll just try to keep myself from letting my inner bitch out when people make me wait, make me late, and suck it up. All I can do really. I think perhaps I should join the it's all about me party and then time won't mean a damn thing to me. *Laugh*

~T out


"JAFBG"   by Elle
July 3, 2017 at 8:55pm
July 3, 2017 at 8:55pm
"JAFBG"   by Elle

So glad to see the new prompts! Today's lovely little entry will focus on:
Which double standard pisses you off the most?

Equality really fucking pisses me off. Especially when it comes to religion. No religion is superior to another. We all are created by the same God/Allah/Creator/Yahweh/Etc. Which makes none of us better than the other so take your good books, shove up them up your collective asses, and get over yourselves. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I was raised Catholic, but walked away from the religion the first chance I got. Some people seem to think that that means I don't believe in God. Bitch please.

Equality in relation to different races irritates the piss out of me. I admit it. I do not judge people by the color of their skin. Yes, I've been a dumb ass over my lifetime and made assumptions of others from that first glance. But guess what? I grew up, just like I was supposed to. Now, I make an effort to get to know people first, then I decide if they are the kinds of people I want around me. Negativity sucks the fucking energy right out of me. I'm not saying you can't have a bad day and need someone to lean on. What I am saying is that if you are constantly bitching about every fucking thing going on in your world, I'm fucking out of there. It's all about balance people. Suck up the stupid shit, learn from it, move on. Not every second of your day is a disaster. You'll get no constant pity party from me. I need light. Happiness. Laughter.

Oh dear, Creator, how I need laughter in my life. Why? Because laughing~~at myself, at someone else, in general does a Princess good. It makes the shit stink a little less. It makes me smile, and reminds me that shit happens.

When it comes to equality between men and women, well, fuck's sake, I don't think I'll see this changing in my lifetime. Not with this jag off on twitter and making it clear that men rule and women drool. Honestly, if you ask me, I'd say he'll be the one drooling in the near future. *Laugh* And if anyone finds a pic of that, by all means float it my way.

I hate being the one that's expected to be the maid of the house. Was that in my wedding vows? *Rolleyes* And cooking! Despise it. I do it because we have to eat. If I had the money and a choice, I'd fucking order take out. Although, I will say, a huge fucking thank you to summer because when summer rolls around, the grill comes out and R cooks! *Bigsmile* I do so *Heart* dinner when I'm not the one making it.

In the work place, I've seen the whole men getting ahead faster than women. When I worked at City Hall in the Building and Safety Dept, man was it ever obvious. I watched the titled head positions take bribes and gifts, but us lowly permit clerks had to turn them in. And do you know what happened to those gifts? Those fuckers with the big title got them. How fucking fair is that? Ugh! I seriously used to come home from that job and my brain was fried, I'd worked my ass off, watched other new male hires move up the chain, and got nothing extra for my effort. Most days they'd ask me to stay late. So I'd say yes, we needed the money, but got no full-time perks. City Fucking Hall. Someone hit me upside the fucking head when I start thinking I should go back there and apply for my old job. Yes, I could use the money, but I highly doubt anything substantial has changed there.

In a perfect purple world, we would all be treated the same, and judged by the good things that we do, regardless of gender, race and religion. Though I know there will come a day when I live in that kind of world.

When I'm fucking DEAD! *Laugh*

Off Topic:
Sigil for Iron born

I am diving in and looking for some good writers and reviewers to come join House Greyjoy in "Game of Thrones"   by Gaby . Even if you can only participate for a couple weeks, I'd love to have you on my team.

A big shout out to Life's a Beach... says Joey C for the awesome pep talk. If this inspired me to say hell yes to staying Iron Born for House Greyjoy, then perhaps it will sway you to come and join in the fun.

remember you are Ironborn, your heart is too full of the lust for life to lay about hapless in the snow waiting for some passerby to pounce upon. We are the wind and the salt, without either the world shall die! "We do not sow, We are the Reapers and fear nothing as what is dead cannot die!"

If you're interested in fighting for the Throne, let me know.

June 30, 2017 at 9:28am
June 30, 2017 at 9:28am
First, if you haven't seen this, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Now I want to tell you all that that lovely little statement of "Make America Great Again," will indeed be just that once that person is finally out of the White House because whether you believe it or not, he is the one ruining America and its image. No one else.

Never has there been a bigger liar, manipulator, or self-centered President in our history.

I was on Facebook this morning [big mistake] and got into it with a woman who actually believes that America has been 'reeling' for 8 years under Obama. *Headbang* *Facepalm*

Let me just say this loud and clear now. That is a load of bullshit. Never once did we wake up to hear how another country is laughing at us, or that POTUS said something so slanderous that it made us look bad, and there is so much more I could say, but it's redundant at this point.

I'm horrified. Disturbed, and a plethora of other things that I cannot even put into words at this moment.

I am a mother. I worked my ass off to raise sons who respected others, especially women. How anyone, man or woman, could continue to support this 5 year-old on a constant temper trantrum is beyond my comprehension.

How can anyone respect him? Tell me, because I'd like to know.

He doesn't give a shit about America, or making this country 'great again.' If you believe that, then I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you are WRONG.

Want some facts? Do you know what the 6 travel banned countries have in common? Go on, take a guess. Have you figured it out yet? NO TRUMP PROPERTIES. That's it. This has nothing to do with keeping our country safe. Make America Safe again, my ass. What he really means is, Make my pockets overflowing again.

He doesn't care about anyone other than himself. You show me proof that he cares about the American people. Every word out of his mouth is a LIE. He's been caught lying so many times now it's no longer newsworthy. It's commonplace. How sad is that?

If you were ever loved by your mother, wife, sister, female friend ~ then you know women deserve better than this.

Healthcare now is a joke. He is suggesting that they repeal it and wait a year to revisit it. Just another campaign promise broken? Is it really? And by the way, the affordable health care act wasn't failing like he's lead you to believe. Only when he took office has it begun to collapse. That's a fact. Not fake news.

You want fake news. Go watch Fox because they are so full of it, the shit is seeping out of their eyes.

Did you see that interview with Fox news and Trump? How she was praising him for getting Comey to the tell the truth by LYING about having tapes of their conversation. How stupid can people be?

And let's not forget about him dancing in Saudi Arabia looking like a complete moron. Did you see that smile? His investments there must be doing well, the man [and I use the term loosely] was practically drooling.

When are we going to wake up? When is enough enough? He respects no one and most certainly not even the office he holds. We are completely fucked. Period!

I do not want my children to think for one second this kind of behavior is acceptable, because it isn't. How do I fight against it when the one person who should be setting a good example has no damn filter and refuses to do his job because he's too far up his own ass to care?

Sigh. Rant over.

But I'm sure by the end of the day there will something else to bitch about. He makes it too damn easy. God help us all. We are going to need it.
May 29, 2017 at 10:08am
May 29, 2017 at 10:08am
Do you remember disco? I sure do, even though I was just ten at its height. It’s hard to forget the funky, booming music, specific dances with intricate moves, and disco ball, not to mention all those flashing lights and colorful clothing trends. Disco music laced together funk, soul, salsa and pop, right out of New York’s gay underground, at clubs like the Loft and 12 West before Studio 54 was born. The music wasn’t enough, as flamboyant clothing, including platform shoes, bell bottoms, hot pants, three piece suits, crazy colors and glitter all made heavy fashion statements as people hit nightclubs [discotheques] to boogie all-night long. Even hairstyles were a must during the Disco Era, with the feathered looked, big afro’s, or long and loose. Drugs, on-spot sex, and euphoric dancing became the norm in the club scene. DJ’s were the big stars at the clubs, introducing new music, spinning songs together on the turntable and setting the swift, electric pace for the night. This was the 70’s escape from white rock and took hippie free-love to another dimension.

Popular Disco dances included the hustle, the Bus Stop and of course the bump. This was all out self-expression as you gave yourself over to the beat of the music and let all of your troubles fade away. Donna Summer had one hit after another with great vocal range and a pulsing beat that made it almost impossible to sit still. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor became an anthem for women as women found self-empowerment. The Bee Gees, Chic, Earth, Wind & Fire, KC and the Sunshine Band, and The Trammps, just a name a few dominated the charts with multiple hits.

Disco fever was topping the charts by 1974 and when Saturday Night Fever hit movie theaters in 1977, it catapulted disco into the mainstream. In the late 70’s anti-disco momentum was growing in the US, where people started seeing disco as too flamboyant, escapist and out of touch to what was going on in the world. On July 12th, at Comiskey Park in Chicago, the backlash went to a new high – Disco Demolition Night. The anti-disco demonstration went from exploding disco records and evolved into a riot. Was it the record producers who just wanted Rock to top the charts again, or was it a bigoted attempt to squash the popularized minority? That all depends on who you ask.

What I do know is that disco is part of my childhood, and to this day when I hear those booming beats, laced with funk and R&B I cannot sit still. Dance is my escape, I admit that. Here is one my all-time faves from the Disco Era.

Now get up off your arse and shake your booty! What's your favorite disco song?

I had to go with the Queen of Disco. No one did it better in the 70's.

Written for "a very Wodehouse challenge"   by iKïyå§amaCabre
April 4, 2017 at 2:36pm
April 4, 2017 at 2:36pm
Tell us about something/someone that fucked you off this week.

In case you missed the breaking news, I'll give you a link. And yes, this is what fuck's me off today! As a woman, I am disgusted and think every woman who voted for this piece of shit should feel ashamed of themselves. It's not like there weren't any warning signs, ie: pussygate. <--I despise this word btw.


He certainly makes his daughter look like a complete idiot sitting beside him when she's tweeting today about it being equal pay/rights for women in the workplace. This asshole doesn't give a shit about anyone, just himself. If he even cared about his wife or daughters, you'd think he would want them paid fairly and know that people had their back if they were ever sexually harassed in the workplace. Think again.

This takes us back so many steps it makes me sick. My poor mother is so outraged she cannot even think straight. I had only heard about this because I spoke to her in the middle of her tirade because she had just heard about it.

Every time this man [and I use the term loosely] opens his fucking mouth it's another attack, or temper tantrum, or a LIE. Hell he ran his damn campaign ripping on others for lies, and yet every fucking word out of his disgusting mouth is just one compounded lie after another. And yet, in this day and age, people are buying into it. I don't fucking get it?

What is it going to take for people to wake up and see how he is continually dividing us as a nation? To see the con artist for what he is? If you haven't woken up yet, then truly I feel sorry for you.

Never in my life did I ever feel such a divide in this country as I am feeling right now. You may think that friendships cannot be broken over what this administration is doing, but think again. They are bringing out the ugly in us, and I don't see it getting any better. It's not fun being blindsided by someone you've known over half of your life to suddenly see their true colors coming out in spades because 'we should back our President'. My friend of 30 years told me this a few days ago. I was so taken aback I couldn't even process the information that she actually voted for this piece of crap.

It's not like I didn't know she has a piss poor view of certain races, there were little digs here and there throughout the years, but now that it's no holds barred, all the things I didn't know about her are front and center. It is tainting our friendship. Why? Because suddenly Trump has decided that it's okay to be a racist. It's okay to tell the world that you are and you expect to live in White America. That only White America should be the majority, should make the rules, should get away with whatever the fuck they think they are entitled to and fuck the rest of us.

I honestly don't know where we are going to wind up when this administration comes to an end. What I do know is that we will be more divided, more racist, more hated by other countries, and there is no way in hell we will be the leader of the free world. Just look at his track record. Divide and conquer. What I say goes. I am the President, therefore, every lie I sell you is true. *Headbang* *Facepalm*

I want no part of this bullshit. I would really love to get a copy of the Constitution and shove it up right up his ass.

April 3, 2017 at 7:57am
April 3, 2017 at 7:57am
Now the second I saw this prompt, I just had to go with it, because, well....you'll see *Laugh*

Prompt: Tell us about your favourite swear word. What is it that you like about it? How often do you use it?

As my mother would say, "Well holy shit the bed!" *Rolling* And yes, we are talking about my favorite swear word SHIT. I don't know what the appeal is about this word for me. Maybe it's because it's the one bad word I got away with because it's just a tad more tame than dropping an EFF bomb. All I know for sure is that I use it daily, in as many sentences as possible. I'm not joking.

My children know they've done good giving me a hard time when I refer to them as little shits. The first few times I went to Lebanon to live there, I remember trying to be really sweet and good, not swearing in English and learning all those delightful swears in Arabic. And let me just insert this here, English swear words do not compare to the Arabic ones. I mean come on, who uses a swear that talks about someone's sisters, vajayjay and makes it come off sounding noble? The Lebanese. That's who!

Okay, so me being me, burning food, spilling something, clumsily walking into something it was impossible for me not to swear and my go to is always shit. My mother-in-law asked me what it meant, I translated it to her, which made her laugh. I cannot get the pronunciations down accurately. It wasn't long before she started mimicking me, and then all my in-laws were running around saying shit, and so were their kids.

Shit for me is practically like saying hello. When I first got married and would yell shit, R would blow a gasket thinking something was seriously wrong. *Rolling* It's taken him awhile to realize that I could say the word for really no apparent reason at all. My bad. *Laugh*

The strangest thing for me is that since Zak got married in December, I've noticed he says it a lot. I've never heard my kids swear really. Well, Danny loves to damn everything, and that still makes me stop in my tracks, but to hear Zak running around saying shit is too new and too bizarre at the moment. In a few months, I'll be the right proud mama, saying, ah, that's my boy! *Wink*

Because real life isn't always roses and sunshine...
#2094931 by Elle

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