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One writer's journey
New siggie

She sat down at her old wooden desk, pen at the ready. Her thoughts raced. What shall I write today? Tilting her head to the side, a small smile tugged at the corner of her mouth before enveloping her delicate face. The purple ink began to fill the once blank sheet, each stroke a labor of pure joy as the words flowed from her mind, her heart, her very soul.

Lost in a haze of purple she stands alone

My Dreams...

to write of romance and endless love
to love without boundaries
to learn from past mistakes
to laugh with all my heart
to be the woman I am meant to be



I will reach for the stars

Will not give up

Will give all that I have

Dare to dream the impossible dream

For anything in this life is possible

Daughter of Desire

Signature for nominees of the 10th annual Quill Awards <---I am blown away by this

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March 19, 2017 at 7:40pm
March 19, 2017 at 7:40pm
The Sunday News! Sorry for the morose prompt today...

It was announced on Saturday that the world lost music legend Chuck Berry at age 90. Ponder for a second this line in the article I linked- a quote attributed to author Chuck Klosterman: "Which rock star will historians of the future remember?"...now, substitute "rock star" with any given position or occupation of prominence (or, if it suits you, don't) and answer the question. Which <person of greatness> will historians of the future remember most easily?

I think historians of the future will remember Thomas Edison easily. We all know he invented the light bulb. But did you know that he invented the motion picture camera and the phonograph? Where would we be today without movies, television, and music? I could probably get by without movies and tv, but no way could I survive without music.

I can remember my very first record player, and laying on the floor in front of that box all crazy over Donny Osmond. *Laugh* I was like 6, so don't judge me!

I appreciate these awesome inventions. They have really come a long way since their humble beginnings. And even now thinking about lightbulbs, I am so damn glad they have to progressed to daylight bulbs. No more yellow glow. Nope, you can have LED lights that make it look like you are actually outside in daylight. My house is filled with them. All but one room. Zak's! *eyeroll* He refused to convert. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and I like things nice and bright so I can see. I don't know. But when I'm in a room with yellow light, I cringe. *Laugh*

"30-Day Blogging Challenge"   by Fivesixer (Halloween version)
March 18, 2017 at 8:15pm
March 18, 2017 at 8:15pm
Creation Saturday! A boss, teacher, supervisor, parent, or spiritual adviser approaches you and says "Nothing is true and everything is possible." What's your response/reaction?

"Nothing is true and everything is possible," he said.

My jaw dropped and I squinted at him, my brain whirling and doing its best to ponder the statement before I responded. I mean, I could get behind the idea that everything is possible. I've seen a lot of unexplainable things in my life, but the thought of nothing being true bothered me.

"What do you mean nothing is true?" I asked, my voice a little harsher than I meant.

Jack looked at me, the resemblance of a smirk forming over those perfect lips. "That's the part you take issue with?"

I nodded. "I've told you the stories before. About my vibes, the things I can do with my mind, so yes, I agree all things are possible."

"Go on," he encouraged, his dark eyes filled with curiosity and interest.

I hesitated for a moment. I knew that look, that look that said he was baiting me and once we started a debate, it always turned, well, heavy. He had a way of looking at me that made it next to impossible not to bear my soul, and when that happened, I always felt like I was standing stark naked before the world and everyone could see me, flaws and all.

"If you say nothing is true, then that would mean the things I know I've done, experienced weren't real, and I don't buy that. I know that this is not the end for any of us, that we will move on from this realm. And I suppose on one hand this life is just a place to learn, a place where our souls must grow."

"Do you see truth in everything?"

"Of course not."

"Then you agree that nothing is true and everything is possible?"

Ugh! He was the most infuriating man. We were going in circles and I knew that we weren't going to get anywhere. "I agree that everything is possible. As for truth, I try not to let it bite me in the ass."

"30-Day Blogging Challenge"   by Fivesixer (Halloween version)
March 17, 2017 at 3:39pm
March 17, 2017 at 3:39pm
*CountryIE* Fun Fact Friday, St. Patrick's Day edition! On this day in the year 461, St. Patrick died in Saul. Ireland celebrates this day in his honor. Share with us a story of St. Patrick's Day shenanigans you've gotten into in the past...or, if you prefer, share with us some of the traditions you take part in on March 17th. *Shamrock*

*Shamrock* *Shamrock* *Shamrock* *Shamrock* *Shamrock* *Shamrock*

I absolutely love shenanigans! I even bought myself a T-shirt bragging about it, cause hey, I'm Irish and I couldn't help myself. But alas, I don't do much in terms of celebrating my Irish roots. I wear green, that's pretty much it. I did buy a new shirt for the occasion this year. *Laugh*

St. Patrick's Day always reminds me of my Grandfather, who everyone called Irish. He wore that nickname proudly, and boy could he drink! *Glass3* He was always a hilarious drunk, and on days like today I miss him terribly. I'm sure he's up in heaven looking down and getting his drink on.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. Whether you're Irish or not, it's really just about being with friends and having a good time. I think we could all use more of that on a regularly basis.
*Shamrock* *Shamrock* *Shamrock* *Shamrock* *Shamrock* *Shamrock*

On a side note. Happy Shareday to my BFF. *Candleg**Burstv**CupcakeV*
"30-Day Blogging Challenge"   by Fivesixer (Halloween version)
March 16, 2017 at 7:13am
March 16, 2017 at 7:13am
The Wildcard Round! This week's winner, chosen by Virtual Dice from all of today's eligible entries, wins a Fearless MB!

Tell us about a time you had to overcome a big or small fear in order to get what you wanted/be successful/maintain something.

I think the biggest fear I overcame was tracking down my father and being ready to confront him for abandoning me and my sister. I don't quite remember what we were looking for in my mother's room, but my sister had the divorce papers in her hand, which held an address for where he was living back then.

I was around 5 the last time I saw him and I remember locking myself in the bathroom and refusing to come out until he left. He scared the crap out of me. I cannot tell you why, he just did. Now, 17, soon to be 18 year-old me needed to know why we weren't good enough. Why he couldn't bother to at least call, or visit. When parents walk away and cut off all contact with their offspring, they have no idea the damage that inflicts. It doesn't matter how much the other parent loves and cares for you. That gaping hole can never be filled unless the other parent returns.

Anyway, my sister was too scared to go with me and my then boyfriend to check out that address. You see, they lived a few miles away. Not the same city, but close enough. Now I was betting that they hadn't moved in those 15 years. My boyfriend drove me there, and I remember telling him I wasn't going inside, I just wanted to know if he still lived there, or if they knew how to find him. God it was such a mix of emotion. I remember standing on the porch, excited and terrified of knocking on that door. What if he was there? What if he pretended he had no idea who I was? What if he'd died and I never got the chance to meet him? What if he had a new family and we were still unwanted? But what if he'd been looking for us all this time? What if he was happy I found him? That damn what if game you can play forever.

I knocked on the door, my legs trembling. And a woman answered, too young to be my Grandmother.

So I raised my chin. Does CM live here?
I'm his daugther.
You're Theresa aren't you?

And then I burst out in tears. She started calling for her mother and told me to come into the house. I looked back at my boyfriend and told him to wait and went inside, a mixture of relief and fear still. I just couldn't shake it.

I met my grandmother, saw pictures of my father and was told he was a truck driver and came to visit when his route took him close to Michigan. A month later I met him at her house. The fear remained. I really wanted a good explanation, was desperate for answers. I will never forget that moment either. He looked me over like I was a piece of meat and said, Damn, I do good work.

Needless to say that relationship didn't last long. He wasn't a very nice person and thought he could buy my love. After I married and had kids, for five years I would send him Christmas cards with the boys pictures. First year was normal, you have grandsons, don't you want to meet them. When there was no response I'd get angry. So the next card would be I hate you. The next one I'm sorry I would like to see you, no response. Back to hate, then love, etc.

I know I'm better for seeking him out, but that pain I still carry with me.

"30-Day Blogging Challenge"   by Fivesixer (Halloween version)
March 15, 2017 at 4:23pm
March 15, 2017 at 4:23pm
War Chest Wednesday! From a previous challenger...

Do you follow/subscribe to any professional/topical blogs, or any particularly interesting non-WDC blogs? Why or why not? Share a couple links if you'd like, and tell us about them and why you're interested in them.

Yeah, that would be a no. I barely have time for myself, so that's out right now. I never even thought about professional/topical blogs before.

I pretty much live here on WdC when I get me time, and being active on site takes up a lot of time I have.

"30-Day Blogging Challenge"   by Fivesixer (Halloween version)
March 14, 2017 at 7:31am
March 14, 2017 at 7:31am
Talk Tuesday! Define "consent".

To consent is to give your permission or approval ~ to comply or agree to something.

I wholeheartedly give my consent to R to take me out to dinner tonight! *Laugh* See what I did there? Now I just need to decide if I really want Red Lobster, or if we should hit Olive Garden for dinner. Usually we go to Red Lobster on my birthday, and those awesome biscuits do sound delicious right about now. Even at 7 in the morning I can just taste them already. *Bigsmile*

Okay, back to the prompt! Consent is an awesome thing that lets others know we are in for whatever is going on. Consenting to marriage, or giving someone your phone number, address, etc. It's an expression of free will. We are free to decide what it is we want to do, and what we don't. The problem becomes when we are not clear about our consent. I'm big on this. I really don't want to do certain things, and instead of coming out and saying it, I hem and haw and R takes that as consent because I didn't outright say no. *Facepalm*

I know. I know I really should say no more often and not give my consent. Ah that damn people pleaser in me. What can I say? I'm blaming the Pisces in me again. *Laugh*

"30-Day Blogging Challenge"   by Fivesixer (Halloween version)
March 13, 2017 at 7:20am
March 13, 2017 at 7:20am
Motivational Monday! Actor William H. Macy, born on this day in 1950, once said, "Everyone hooks up with George Clooney. He's a genuinely cool guy. He's using his powers for good." How are you using your powers for good?

Gotta love a fellow Pisces! Happy Birthday WHM.

Hmm, my powers. Do I have powers? Why does this feel like a trick question? *Laugh*

Here at WdC I'm currently teaching two classes at "House of Sensual Prose"   by Petrified in Purple , and assisting a third. My auction is running for 4 more days "March Madness Auction ~ CLOSED"   by Petrified in Purple , and it's going to help benefit my contests and activities, as well as "The Quill Awards"   by Kittiara , "Closed - The Weekly Quickie Challenge"   by Dawn Embers , and "Kit's Contest and Awards Group"   by Kittiara . I believe in helping where I can, and these three deserve some extra funds so they can keep awarding others.

I'm also hosting "Write from the Heart - Poetry (CLOSED)"   by Lilli Munster☕ and "Tales of Seduction"   by Creepy QPdoll . Speaking of Write from the Heart. The contest has really taken off, and though I only dabble in poetry, I love reading it. I'm fascinated by others abilities to invoke so much feeling in a small amount of words. I think it's time I expanded the contest and added some guest judges. So if any of you awesome poets out there are interested in running a round, just let me know. It runs twice a month. *Smile*

I also just signed up for "Secret Pal Initiation Room"   by Cloud9 is there which will be a fun activity for April. I did Secret Santa, and the only thing that sucked about that is that I was overseas and sending things from my phone or iPad. I didn't get to do all the cool colors and pretty little added emoticons that I wanted to do. So whoever I get for this activity, hopefully will bear with me going a little crazy. *Laugh*

I did get to bid on an auction package that allowed me to collect a merit badge for myself, and gift a merit badge to 11 others. I just like showing others my appreciation for all they do. I may not be very chatty with everyone, may just only say a few words, but I watch and pay attention. It's always a good feeling to do something nice for others, to help out where I can.

Oh, and I got to be a judge for The Quills. You know I thought it was going to be easy? *Facepalm* Don't even ask me what I was thinking! I have my little WdC notebook filled with each category and remarks for each nominated item so I can keep them straight. Worst part was writing the words...loved it, fantastic. You'd think that wouldn't be that much of a problem, but it was. When you write that phrase more than 3 times in one category you are asking for trouble.

In my personal life I help out wherever I can. It may not be a lot, but all anyone really needs to do is ask for something and I'm there. That's just who I am. Being a Pisces and an Empath just makes it next to impossible for me to not jump in and help. I hate to see anyone struggling or upset. Even when I know I'm overextending myself, I can't seem to back away. I blame the Pisces in me. *Laugh* It's my catchall for when people ask me why I do things. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

30-Day Blogging Challenge  (13+)
WDC's Longest Running Blog Competition - November Official Month Sign-ups Open Now!
#1786069 by Fivesixer (Halloween version)
March 12, 2017 at 9:45pm
March 12, 2017 at 9:45pm
The Sunday (sorta *Laugh*) News!

Prompt: Not gonna lie...I care more about the GIFs in this article than I care about the news contained in it, and it has been a major source of joy to me since I first read it Friday morning. So let me ask you this...if you were being interviewed on television for something of importance, how would you handle a situation where your thunder is about to get stolen by someone/something that has no relevance to the subject? *Laugh*

Not well. Knowing me I would probably let it be stolen, put on that fake smile all the while simmering and ready to blow. *Laugh* It would definitely be hard to not roll my eyes. I do that so often I'm completely unaware of it. But the family is quick to point it out when I do it, so I imagine being on television it would happen more often than not.

Though I cannot even imagine being interviewed on television to begin with. I'm the kind of person who tries to hide their annoyance, and then rants non stop in my head, or aloud if I can get away with it. Sarcasm is a must during a rant as well.

Can't you just see it? Me sitting there, about to blow, my mind whirling with snarky things to say, whispering a few choice comments under my breath.

Problem is I'm way too nice, and way too concerned about hurting someone else's feelings. *Facepalm* This can be a good and bad thing.

"30-Day Blogging Challenge"   by Fivesixer (Halloween version)
March 11, 2017 at 8:34am
March 11, 2017 at 8:34am
Creation Saturday! Who wins in the ultimate battle of Good versus Evil? The Parricorn or the Sharkhorse?

To accompany the tweet of the same subject matter.

Just look at them!
Just look at them and you will see.
The beautiful fair Parricorn,
Regal like a Unicorn.
All white and covered in goodness.
Showcasing her pureness.
As the Sharkhorse
eyes its main course.
They say evil is in the eye of the beholder,
Oh hell this is all a misnomer!

*Laugh* It's all I got. I'm not a poet, but I attempt it. And seriously, just the eyes of the Sharkhorse are creepy enough to make me think he's the evil of the two. Dark verses light.

30-Day Blogging Challenge  (13+)
WDC's Longest Running Blog Competition - November Official Month Sign-ups Open Now!
#1786069 by Fivesixer (Halloween version)
March 10, 2017 at 7:41am
March 10, 2017 at 7:41am
Fun Fact Friday! On this day in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell made the first successful call with the telephone. How much of a factor has the telephone (in all its forms) had in the difference between society now and 140 years ago?

Telephones have played a huge part in connecting the world to one another. It is one of those inventions that makes the world seem not so large when you can connect to others halfway around the world with the touch of a few buttons.

It must have been awfully exciting back in 1876 to be able to pick up a device and have your voice carry to another location. It's mind boggling to think that they had to have a switch board and operator who would connect the wires from one place to another. I faintly remember operators.

Phones went from a two piece system, where you held the ear portion and the mouth portion, to them being in one unit, and oh all those wires. Don't forget that the first phones were rotary as well, and if you didn't make sure you had the full range of motion, you'd wind up dialing another number. Hooray for the invention of push buttons.

I can clearly remember when my Grandfather's ugly brown wall phone was switched from rotary to push button. Oh man it was like heaven. Plus, he had an extra long cord that would allow me to move out of the way since the phone was placed right at the kitchen threshold. As a teen I lived on the telephone. I even have two pages of a scrapbook filled with different pictures of me on that phone! *Laugh*

It should be pretty obvious that I live with a cellphone as an extension of my right hand. We moved from corded phones to the cordless in 1968, though that trend would take a bit to become popular. With the help of the World Wide Web, cellphones were invented.

In 1992 I was a new mother and traveled to Lebanon for the very first time with my 2 month old son. I will never forget trying to make a phone call back to the US to talk to my mother. Because of the civil war, Lebanon was way behind the technological advancements everywhere else. I picked up the phone and had to wait up to 5 minutes for a dial tone. I couldn't even wrap my brain around that because I hardly ever waited for one in the States. Once the dial tone finally chimed, I had to call the operator and give her the number to the States I wanted to call. No more operators making calls anymore. We've evolved even further.

Now, it seems everyone has a cellphone, and with texting and video chat, you can talk to anyone - anywhere in the world. In the 1990's we could only afford to call R's mom once a month. We had to time the call for exactly 30 minutes because it cost $150. Can you imagine that? Now we live on whatsapp. Last year, R bought her a cellphone and now they talk every day.

It's pretty amazing to look back and see how far the phone has progressed. And how affordable it is. When I think back to the 80s version of that huge cellphone I can't stop laughing. Even my first cellphone in the 90s was heavy and oh so damn ugly. Motorola really pushed things along with that enormous phone in 1973.

I love the phone. I admit it. It has really shaped us, connected us to one another and cut those distances. I think that is the best part of the phone and cannot imagine where we'd be without it, especially for people like me who have family overseas.

Does anyone remember that commerical.....Reach out, reach out and touch someone? That's exactly what the telephone did. It let us reach out and touch someone, to stay connected. It's at the top of my list of things that has improved the world. And while I know there can be downsides to the telephone, the upsides of this technology really outweigh the bad. And don't forget ~ The beauty of the cellphone means you can block those annoying telemarketers *Rolling*

30-Day Blogging Challenge  (13+)
WDC's Longest Running Blog Competition - November Official Month Sign-ups Open Now!
#1786069 by Fivesixer (Halloween version)

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