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She sat down at her old wooden desk, pen at the ready. Her thoughts raced. What shall I write today? Tilting her head to the side, a small smile tugged at the corner of her mouth before enveloping her delicate face. The purple ink began to fill the once blank sheet, each stroke a labor of pure joy as the words flowed from her mind, her heart, her very soul.

Lost in a haze of purple she stands alone

My Dreams...

to write of romance and endless love
to love without boundaries
to learn from past mistakes
to laugh with all my heart
to be the woman I am meant to be



I will reach for the stars

Will not give up

Will give all that I have

Dare to dream the impossible dream

For anything in this life is possible

Daughter of Desire

Signature for nominees of the 10th annual Quill Awards <---I am blown away by this

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January 29, 2017 at 9:00pm
January 29, 2017 at 9:00pm
I need this rant. So brace yourselves!

Because real life isn't always roses and sunshine...
#2094931 by Elle

Prompt: Tell us about something/someone that fucked you off this week.

It's not a secret that I'm not a fan of Donald Trump. And I have tried to gain some perspective for where the man is coming from, but with his latest executive order I find myself depressed, scared, and thoroughly fucking pissed off.

In one week he has managed to make me wonder what the hell has happened to the belief system I grew up with when it comes to my country. Social media has become a shit fest with the most outrageous things I've ever heard in my life being repeated as if they are actual facts. It makes me ashamed to be an American.

My daughter-in-law is here, waiting for her status to change to Permanent Resident, and I honestly pray that she doesn't see the news. 7 countries are on the executive order, and not one person from those countries has committed ANY terrorist activity in thee US. Don't believe me? Too fucking bad. Look it up.

This morning as I sat watching that joke Preibus on Meet the Press I was outraged to hear that the man doesn't even know what the hell he is talking about. Why I'm surprised I honestly don't know anymore. If anyone saw him this morning you'd know that it's clear he was talking out of his ass. He claims this Immigrant ban doesn't include Green Card/Permanent Residency status, and then turned around and said it does. So helpful for all the people flying back home to the States who were detained. Homeland Security has no fucking clue what's going on. Preibus certainly is clueless. And Trump is such a loose cannon God only know what that man is capable of.

Preibus said that other countries may be added to that list. I'm sitting here praying that my husband's birth country doesn't make that fucking racist list. Let's be clear. That list is racist. It is a ban on a religion. It is disgusting.

I stupidly watched video feed from Facebook that showed protesters at airports across America. What shocked me the most was all the morons commenting. They actually think this has something to do with building the wall to Mexico. *Headbang* *Facepalm* Seriously? Why are you on social media opening your big dumb ass mouth if you don't have a clue what the hell you're talking about? The protests weren't about that fucking wall. Don't even get me started on that eyesore that will grace our border.

Then the news hit from my local channel at Detroit Metro Airport. I sat watching, knowing I shouldn't, yet there I was helpless to shut it off as some asshole says that my city should be bombed. Oh we are known as Little Lebanon. Forget that it's not just Lebanese here in my city, we've always been a diverse city and you can thank Henry Ford for that. The boom to car manufacturing had people all over the world flocking to Dearborn. We had the jobs. Have GM, Ford and Chrysler with big plants that were constantly hiring. I've lived next door to Italians, Polish, Lebanese, American, Mexican, Irish, African Americans, etc. The list goes on and on. You want diverse? I live it daily and I am glad that I've had that opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds.

So shit head while you are threatening my community and believing that my city is filled with terrorists, why don't you take your stupidity and shove it straight up your ass? Maybe, just maybe it will help you grow a brain.

I don't think it's funny to suggest immigrants should be sent back. Unless you are Native American we are all immigrants here. But of course, that argument that our country was built upon is being twisted and torn to shreds. Apparently that no longer matters. Hatred matters. Fear matters. Twisting the truth matters. Having some dumb ass five year old who is on a constant temper tantrum and cannot control one fucking word that comes out of his mouth matters. For God's sake, he still jumps on Twitter as if he has nothing better to do. For the record, being a sore winner is a million times worse than being a sore loser. If I'd have known that being President meant having an abundance of play time I would've ran for office damn self.

Mr. Trump, if you have any brain cells left, I implore you to pick up a fucking book. Learn something. American history would be good for starters. Hell, even a thesaurus would be something useful to you since you constantly repeat the same words for anything and everything you do. It's going very, very well. NOT. It's going to be beautiful. NOT. It's going to the best thing anyone has every seen. NOT.

I watched Bill Maher Friday night. At first I thought, damn he's right, stroking that idiots ego just might make things better. But then giving that some serious thought I realize that it will only make things worse. As if we need things to get worse.

For all of you that have marched, kept your cool, stood up for America's core values, I applaud you. For those of you that still cannot see how damaging this will be for our country for decades to come, I pray for you. And for those of you just as lost as I am, I feel your depression and heartache.

Social media is now a place I cannot go to read the latest Irish quote, or to catch up with friends, or to just scroll through for amusement when I'm bored. I want the days of eloquence back when it comes to the ruler of the Free World. I'll be waiting for the Impeachment hearings to begin, or to see how quickly his fucking mouth throws us into another unnecessary war. I see no other options at this point. It's all down hill from here I'm afraid.

So fuck it. I choose not to support him. I choose to stand up for my values and those of my family. I choose to fight for my daughter-in-laws rights if Lebanon should become the next country on the list. And for the record. We spent 3 damn days filling out form after form just to submit her marriage license. The only thing the Dept of Homeland Security didn't need to know was the last time she took a shit. You think it's easy to come to this country legally, think again. We've jumped through every damn hoop, and will continue to do so. But at the rate things are spiraling right now, I don't think even my husband's legit citizenship will keep us safe. Oh, and I have dual citizenship as well. Bet that will come into play as well. Being the terrorist that I am and all.

January 22, 2017 at 7:51am
January 22, 2017 at 7:51am
First things first. I'm Baaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkk. *Laugh*

Okay, we are still getting settled here and learning how to live with one another, so I'm not here as much as I'd like to be. Plus, I've been binge watching a series and am so close to the finale I can almost taste it. By Tuesday that should wind up and then it will be life as usual, with the exception of... I HAVE A DAUGHTER-IN-LAW! *Shock* And she helps around the house, and we are reorganizing everything, and it's WONDERFUL!!!!

Prompt: Who really needs to be knocked off their pedestal or put in their place?
"JAFBG"   by Elle

I've had so many wonderful things to rant about this past month and a half, but no time. There's the pity. Cause you know when I get my bitch on, it will usually be colorful and give you a good *Shock* and one good *Laugh*. At least that is my mission with every entry.

The who will be painfully obvious because between that pompous mouth, twitter, and Dear God what is that animal that doubles for hair on his head. I mean come on, Donald, we all know you paid for that thing, but since the truth is actually foreign to you [possibly because you are totally out of touch with reality] we all accept that it will never happen. Let's be honest here, honesty was never your strong suit. Why just look what all that blabbering blather got you in the first place. The White House. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around that.

I am so damn sick of hearing the phrase "Give him a chance." Why should I? What has HE done to make me want to? Oh I know this could become a long laundry list, but let's look back shall we???

Dirty Deeds [I know, I know, AC/DC is probably in your head now. I like to share my musical looping btw] *Devilish*
~Draining the Swamp ~ Now you should know that this lovely little catch phrase would come back to bite him in the ass, because let's face it, that jag off has paraded around every nasty billionaire, Republican, and retired General he could get his claws into. He's drained nothing, nor will he. And if he thinks he's going to somehow end corruption with his pick of cabinet members and transition team, then it's absolutely possible he is seriously living in an alternate reality. It is seriously disturbing to me that most of these people are either racist, have sued the government, are destroying the environment, or are just simply an outright asshole on all levels.

I have a twitter account. I thought it would take me places once my book was published. Let's just say I got bored of the whole thing in about a week. I'm 47, soon will be 48. How old is Chump again? 70?? And how does he spend his time? Oh yes, tweeting like a 5 year old having a melt down. I mean seriously, isn't he supposed to be a busy man? I don't see how since he lives for this shit. Are we really supposed to believe that this man who is a billionaire and is going to be running our country has nothing better to do than berate everyone who disagrees with him? For Fuck's sake, he still hasn't released his tax returns, and that should speak volumes.

Oh yes, this enemy of the US for decades is suddenly going to become our ally. I beg of you to watch last nights SNL opening skit with Putin. Two words....SPOT ON! You can bitch all you want about Iran, but Russia's just as bad, if not worse. How many spies have lived and worked here sending information back? Countless. It's not a damn secret here people. They have no qualms whatsoever attacking whoever, whenever. Yes, we should really buddy up to this country that has proven time and time again they cannot be trusted. *Facepalm*

~Make America Great Again~
I have so many fucking issues with this one. Yo, asshole, if you cannot see that America has ALWAYS been GREAT, than I honestly don't know what to tell ya. I mean did you not get rich off of America? If memory serves you didn't rush off to another country to make your money. Nope, you did it right here in the good old US of A, before branching out. I guess America was just a withering piece of shit you took of advantage of then.

~Law Suit~
Did you know that he's pushing to get this little dirt spot pushed aside because he's "too busy" to deal with it. I mean come on, with all that time consuming tweeting it's no fucking wonder. *Headbang*

~Ass Kissing~
Oh yes there is lots of this going on. He's making a habit out of ripping people to shreds, then using his second face to suck up to the very people he's blasted. He said so many nasty things about Obama, but that first meeting was filled with so much ass kissing and sucking up I literally had to rush off to find my puke bucket!

I could just go on and on here, but I'm not going to. It just serves to piss me off a little bit more. So Trump expects my support and and open mind. Hate to break it to you but that's a two way street. His mind his completely closed. There is no talking to him. Every time he opens his mouth I cringe because not once has he said anything positive I can get behind. He'd rather continue attacking everyone and wasting my time. The ONLY time anything positive comes out of its mouth is when he's propping himself up. "It's going to be beautiful. I have the best singers, really."

This guy could seriously use a Thesaurus. And I'll tell you why. If you take a look back the words he uses constantly are....really, very, beautiful, oh but you know he doesn't just use them once, nope, he uses them twice. Together! *Facepalm* *Headbang*

I mean, folks, it's going to be really, really beautiful. I have the best insert word here. Trust me. *Wink*

Sigh, this blog entry could really use more bitching, swearing, and color. But it's too early in the morning to start my Sunday off with more annoying things. I'll save that for my next blog. Oh, I've got a few beauties in mind. So much to bitch about, so little time.


Lost in a haze of purple she stands alone
December 12, 2016 at 11:12pm
December 12, 2016 at 11:12pm
Let the games begin!

Thank you for the lovely cnote, Secret Santa. You made my night. Me likey purple lots n lots n lots *Bigsmile*
December 10, 2016 at 8:26am
December 10, 2016 at 8:26am
And now for...another rip roaring edition of:

"JAFBG"   by Elle

Prompt: Tell us about something or someone that is frustrating you.

How does EVERYTHING sound? Pretty damn good to me! It's major crunch time. I will be on a plane in exactly one week, heading overseas for my son's wedding and I feel like nothing I wanted to get done before leaving is actually finished. We have such a tendency to get things about 90% done, and then stop there. *Headbang* This always pisses me off. For instance. We updated the kitchen in October 2010 and the damn molding is still scattered between the small bathroom and the garage. *Rolleyes*

So we undertook the main bathroom. New cabinet and sink, painted, pulled the cabinet out from the wall, sanded and stained it. Which took me for freakin ever because of the damn 10 layers of blue paint on that damn thing. There are still remnants of the blue. My oldest just says it looks distressed. I'll say! Anyway, I finally put that puppy back on Thursday because at this point I'm just sick of it. If I had to sand that wood one more time my arms would vibrate right out of their sockets from the electric sander. Besides the fact that Winter has decided to grace us with its presence and it's too cold to be doing that kind of work outside.

The entire plan was to update the upstairs bathroom, and move the old sink to the basement bathroom so that we will have an extra toilet and sink since my new daughter-in-law will be living with us. At 9pm last night I was informed that while yes, we will get the basement bathroom updated, it won't be before we leave. *Headbang* *Cry* *Facepalm* *Irritated* I want to scream, and run through the fucking house ripping my hair out. Like seriously!

Why? Why? Why? Why do certain people constantly make promises they don't keep? Why say we're going to do something and not follow through? Why? I want to fucking know why it's always so damn easy to put me last? This house last. I'm so fucking sick of it I'm doing things that are now annoying even me.

I mean how many times can I lift clothing up off the floor and run the vacuum under them, only to drop said clothing back where they were? Who am I fooling? I'm getting so bad I'm even making my side of the bed nicely, and doing his side sloppily. It's freakin insane! And the biggest problem is I'm not even annoying him like he is annoying me.

This wedding has taken what's left of my sanity. My kid is so damn picky about his clothing for the wedding I just gave up yesterday. We bought him a tux, the cummerbund, bow tie and the cool white shirt with tame ruffles and black buttons. But Mr. Super Slim didn't like the way the arms of the shirt looked. *Facepalm* *Facepalm* *Facepalm* [I like doing things in 3s *Laugh*] The little shit made a point to call me yesterday to return the shirt, instead of telling his father. Oh thanks. I get to be the bearer of bad news. Don't think I didn't figure that out instantly Z. I mean who in the hell is going to see what the arms of the shirt look like beneath the jacket? I really wanna know. And I pointed out it's one fucking day! One day! God forbid we can suck it up for one day. But noooo. Not happening. Happy shopping Z. We returned that shirt last night so good luck to you on replacing it.

Oh, and then last night he informs me that he's not staying with us at our house when we get there. Nope. He's staying with his soon to be wife. Which of course I'm the only one who had an issue with that. My youngest D just had to point out that I've had 24 years with Z. Really? I didn't realize that. I'm the mom damn it. And an emotional mom. And I don't care that they will be living with us. It's going to be different. He will be someone's husband. His wife will take the top spot. So shoot me for wanting to have a few extra days with my kid before he takes that walk and I have to suck it up that he's not my little boy anymore.

I've been maxing out my credit cards and using my savings to pay the damn bills when they come. I hate that. Watching my little savings account taking the plunge makes me crazy, but since I don't make shit I don't have any other choice. I am seriously thinking it's time to get a job on my own. No more working at our place. At least I will get a steady paycheck, but that also comes with having to be there longer than my little schedule that I tweak at will now. I do like being part time, but I don't think it's financially beneficial to myself any longer. So having to suck up that freedom will more than likely hurt on a few levels.

Since I'm on an 80k student loan, I am going to need a strategy to earn some extra money to help my kid pay off that debt. Otherwise they will be living here indefinitely. Besides, bad mother that I am, I have dreams of turning that bedroom into my office. *Bigsmile* I can just see it. A purple room with a nice desk and comfy leather chair and my lappy. And maybe a flat screen to watch tv when I want. A room all mine to blast my music and shut the world out. Oh yeah, that sounds just yummy to me.

I have got to finish the rest of the Christmas shopping before we leave. I haven't even started packing yet. With the time frame and celebrating Christmas the day after we get home, things have to be bought asap. Granted I have the majority of it complete, but there are still little things to do. I'm not even going to bother wrapping presents until I get back, so that will probably annoy me when I get home. Oh well.

We have a family part tonight, which is actually this afternoon. And. We are getting around 9" of snow tonight. Oh goodie. I don't know if I can get to the snowblower right now since we forgot to throw away the last of the crap from the basement clean out, which is now all piled in my garage. *Headbang* *Headbang* *Headbang*


I think I'd better stop before it becomes impossible to put on my happy face and show up at the party my chipper self. I'm sure they will all be doting on Z, and gushing about this wedding. Planning this huge event from two different countries has been a nightmare. I admit it. So it just better go off well. I think my biggest obstacle will be having to do the seating arrangement. I dread that.

I'm off to shop before the storm hits. Bet this will be fun.

Happy holidays everyone. Not sure when I'll get to blog next, but knowing the rant is still brewing the odds are I'll be back before 2016 comes to a close.

November 11, 2016 at 3:57pm
November 11, 2016 at 3:57pm
Have you seen this? I'm quietly trying to figure out how I feel about it. I've been a part of a Change.org movement before. I signed on to get President Obama on with Bill Maher, and it worked. Last week the President and Bill sat down for a really nice one-on-one chat. If you haven't seen that interview, it's worth it to check it out.

November 11, 2016 at 9:44am
November 11, 2016 at 9:44am
So with a calmer mindset and constant reading and reflecting, I thought it might be a good idea to tell you all why. This is what I saw, believed in, and why I voted for Hillary. I do, do my homework, and while I know she's not perfect, I admire her strengths and her tireless fight for minorities, children, and women.

Prompt: Another Rant. Sort of.

What Inspired Me:
~In the spring of 1974, Hillary became a member of the presidential impeachment inquiry staff, advising the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives during the Watergate Scandal. ~~and this is after she campaigned for Nixon. Yes, she was once a young Republican and switched party lines after being inspired by MLK.

~1976 She worked on Jimmy Carter's bid for President.

~As first lady of the state for a dozen years she chaired the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee, co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, and served on the boards of the Arkansas Children's Hospital, Arkansas Legal Services and the Children's Defense Fund.

~Going way back to 1993 she's been working on Heathcare reform. Other countries has a successful National Healthcare and I still cannot understand why Americans are fighting over this basic human right. We are the best and one of the most influential countries in the world, yet this is still a daily battle.

~First female chair of the Legal Services Corporation

~First female partner at Rose Law Firm.

~Former civil litigation attorney.

~Created Arkansas's Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youth

~Led a task force that reformed Arkansas's education system

~Instrumental in passage of the State Children's Health Insurance Program

~Promoted nationwide immunization against childhood illnesses

~Successfully sought to increase research funding for prostate cancer and childhood asthma at the National Institutes of Health

~Worked to investigate reports of an illness that affected veterans of the Gulf War (Gulf War Syndrome)

There are lists all over the internet, but these are just some of the reasons she got my vote. I believe as women we have a different perspective than our male counterparts. This woman always did her research on any matter that she took upon herself to improve.

The very first time I heard Trump say "Make America Great Again", he lost my vote. Why? Because I firmly believe America has ALWAYS been great. Sure we've struggled, had our ups and downs and some brutal failures along the way. What Country hasn't? It's called Growing. Period!

I think that if Hillary had really stuck with Michele Obama's moto of "When they go low, We go high," that that would have set her apart from all of the nasty rhetoric that came out of the Trump campaign. No it wasn't her best move to call Trump supporters a basked of deplorables, but with the way I've seen some of his supporters acting out in victory is disgusting. No, we cannot lump everyone into that category, nor should we. Trump continually dug his own grave with every derogatory remark that came out of his mouth or on twitter.

She needed to go high. She needed to stick with her message of hows and whys. If you think she didn't have a wake up call with all of the Bernie supporters, I'd say you're wrong. I think it really shook her, and from that moment she saw more of what we as Americans were looking for in a leader. I only wish she was able to not get swamped in the mire of nasty slings.

I will support her in any future endeavor she decides to embark upon. She is a champion of women and minorities, and I only pray that Trump doesn't go after them. My heart breaks for my mother. We have spoken often over the years of seeing a woman President. Now I wait as my immigrant husband, and soon to immigrate daughter-in-law prepares to see how they will be affected by all of this. My children were born here. We all have dual citizenship. I'm looking for a light in the midst of darkness that I feel pressing in around us as the country takes a deep breath and begins to regroup.

As long as there is love and empathy in our lives, we have hope. It's when we've lost sight of this basic principle that things turn chaotic.

I wish I'd been more vocal during this campaign and told people of about the things I saw, that effected me, but I ran from the hatred instead.

Love and light to all of you as we move forward.

"JAFBG"   by Elle
November 10, 2016 at 11:37am
November 10, 2016 at 11:37am
Prompt: Tell us about someone who is just too damn precious and needs to get over themselves.

My precious. I just needs the precious! *Laugh*

So yes I've posted this morning bright and early already. And then D and I went to the SOS to renew his drivers license, only to come home to being tagged on Facebook and met with the most disgusting thing I've seen today. Because at this rate, the things that disgust me are just going to keep coming because the world has lost its damn fucking mind.

Placed on their car in NC. Targeting LGBT folk.

"Can't wait until your 'marriage' is overturned by a real president. Gay families = burn in hell. #Trump 2016 #Repent #GodBless"

Yes, God, please bless this ignorant asshole who thinks its his job to take YOURS and judge everyone. That precious, clueless soul who takes religion and twists and spins it to their own moral code. Yet, wait! *Gasp* They have a moral code?!?! *Headbang* Yeah, I think not.

I grew up Catholic. Some things resonated with me, other things made me cringe. As an adult I pulled away from organized religion and will never apologize for it. Some people actually think that means I don't believe in God. Even if I didn't, how is that any of your damn business?

I've turned to Spirituality and believe in my Creator. I still use the word God. I believe in heaven. In eternity. I don't believe in hell. I believe there are different realms we go to. I believe in life after death. In the spirit realm [I hang out there daily], parallel realms, and on and on. Go on and judge me. I don't really care. What is important to me is that I follow MY path. Not yours. Not your religion. If that is the path you choose, great, then live in. What pisses me off is those that hide behind it and think it's somehow their job to convert the rest of us.

How do you bible thumpers sleep at night? What is it that you've actually done to help mankind, a stranger, that jives with your good book? I'm absolutely disgusted by those that preach about shit that shows no empathy for others. Where is the LOVE? Where? Has love died?

What this life all comes down to is being a good person. We are living on a point system here. You get props for doing good. Just as you lose points for doing horrible things to one another. God is about love. It is that clear in any holy book you choose to read. But we somehow have decided we know better. That it's our job to let hate rule the world while hiding behind a holy book.

If you honestly believe for one damn second that being cruel, mean, putting down others, all the while waving your religion around like a cape is going to get you into heaven, I have two words for that. Good fucking Luck!

If religion to you is about demeaning others. Telling them how to live their life. Putting others down. Using racism, hatred, and whatever else you believe you must say to hurt another person is what God expects of you. Then I for one want no damn part of your religion, or for that matter, you.

As for Melania Trump. I about died in a fit of laughter with your little speech that you being first lady will have you working on bullying and especially cyber bullying. That's a joke right? Lady. Maybe you should lead by example and start within your own damn home before you try to be the spokesperson for it. Creator knows if any home needs it, it's yours. Your husband did make bullying his platform to get elected, which apparently has become completely acceptable in this world.

Please take me away from the precious! It physically makes me ill.

"JAFBG"   by Elle

November 10, 2016 at 7:26am
November 10, 2016 at 7:26am
Prompt: Rant. Get it out of your system.
[I will be needing this prompt A LOT in the coming months *Blush*]

Sigh. Cough. Sick. Tired. Sigh. I swear I just want to rip my hair out and run screaming my head off through the damn house. It's not a secret I voted for Clinton, and no, her being a woman wasn't my number one reason. I actually had a list believe it or not. I feel crushed, defeated and really pissed off right now about the mess our election became. No one is perfect, especially me. No issues admitting that. I worked my ass off to stay off of social media, Facebook especially these past few months. I was sick to death of hearing my pro Trump friends touting his rhetoric [which by the way I don't think it was, I believe he meant every nasty, vulgar, vile and vicious thing out of his hateful mouth].

So the asshole of the century won on promoting fear and being a plethora of everything bad in the world. This is my perspective, people, you don't have to like it, but I'm putting it out there because I wanna fucking know.

Why are Trump supporters PRETENDING that all he said and did was just in jest to stir up conversation? Do you honestly believe that bullshit?

Why are they giving Democrats shit right now for being irate, angry, brokenhearted, swearing and name calling? Where in the fuck do you think the nasty barrage began with? You all know damn well Trump started this shit. Why do we have to sit back and take it, and when we finally decide to leave niceties at the door, we are suddenly the mean, nasty ones? Fuck that double standard bullshit. Get the fuck over yourselves.

I got so tired of the whining on Facebook last night, or having to hear others celebrating putting the bitch down and ready to cart her ass off to jail that I removed people from Facebook. Yep. I fucking did it. It's my fucking Facebook, and just because we grew up together, or went to high school together 20+ years ago doesn't really make us friends does it? Not in my book. You wanted to be added, said hello, and that was all we ever did there. So me unfriending your insulting ass actually took away some negativity from my newsfeed and I feel good about doing it.

And I'm sure some of you will be thinking I'm such a bitch for doing it for political views, right? Guess what? It wasn't political. It was because I'm sick to death of the hatred and nasty jibes. I'm a woman God Damn It, and I will not apologize for it. Why is it acceptable for men to run around calling women Bitches because they have a fucking opinion? Why do they think just because they have a Penis they are entitled to say whatever the fuck they want, no matter how degrading it is? Have you yet to learn just because you have a dick, doesn't mean you get to be one? Here's an idea for you. Take your appendage and shove it up your own ass. Since you love to brag about its length this shouldn't be a problem for you!

You want me to treat you better, then show a little fucking respect toward me and the million other women in this world and I will.

I don't believe there will ever be woman President in my lifetime. I don't believe men will ever let that happen. And bravo to the countries who voted for women to lead them. The world was and is a better place for it. This election was rigged, he got that part right, but it was rigged for him. Admit it, you know it's true.

Hillary Clinton may not be a saint, and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone living, breathing, or in politics who is. We aren't put here on this earth to be a saint in the first place. We are put here to learn love, tolerance, forgiveness, to stop being so damn self-centered.

It just boggles my fucking mind that someone like Trump won. When he proves me right, which I have no doubts about, you will all be wishing you could have your vote back. When America takes giant leaps backward, you will have no one to blame but yourselves for buying into his disgusting use of the media.

I married a Muslim. *Shock* I know right? It's horrifying. My kids are Muslim. *Shock2* I don't want to hear how it was just blather about kicking Muslims out. How if they have citizenship they are safe. Safe from what exactly? Do you not remember what happened to Asian citizens after Pearl Harbor? Look it up. I fly over to the Middle East once a year. I see the racial profiling most believe doesn't exist. We are always singled out before boarding. I've had our money counted. Our bags rummaged through. Patted down and had to raise my shirt because my damn bra had an underwire in it. I've been groped as they've searched me. I'm not Muslim. I'm not Arabic. My only crime is carrying the name and trying to have a relationship with my husbands family. Oh I'd love to have them come visit us. To see what America is all about, but my homeland thinks they are all terrorists so they can't just get a visa and come see us.

My son is getting married in 46 days in Lebanon. His wife will be coming here. And I am terrified that my government will find some fucking loophole to send her back. It will be the mad dash to get her married in the States before inauguration day.

Gods sakes they elected a guy who said. "I know more about Isis than the Generals. Believe me." *Rolleyes* Really? Excuse me Mr. Trump, [and I use Mister loosely here] Please show me when you ever cared about anything other than your own greed. Go on. Show me what you've done for America as your empire grew. Did you pay taxes? Nope. Oh, I see, that loop hole made it nice for you to slip through. Yes, you bragged about that didn't you? Okay, so what did you do with all those extra billions then? Who did you help? Yourself again! No one spoke about your charities, because the only charity you see is your own. That egomania will drive you crazy. Why I think after your four year term your kids will all be fired for not doing as good of a job as dear old daddy.

Damn this fucker is becoming a novel chapter! And there is always so much more to say. You know what I'm looking forward to this month? The investigation into Trump University Fraud. Every investigation into his shady dealings. Because if you haven't been paying fucking attention, there is a list a mile long. But hey, we were only concerned about crooked Hillary. You shined the spotlight on yourself. So be prepared to let us drag your sorry ass through the mud. Oh happy day! I like seeing assholes squirm under the long and painful probes with the bright lights of suspicion. What's that word I'm looking for here? Impeach. That's the one!

Oh but wait, when you have the House, and the Senate under the palm of your greedy hand I guess that means there will be no real justice. And the Supreme Court is fucked as well in case you were wondering. We might as well just time warp back to the 1800s because that's where the presidency is going to take us. *Facepalm* *Headbang* *Facepalm* *Headbang* *Facepalm* *Headbang**Facepalm* *Headbang* *Facepalm* *Headbang*

Thank Creator for SNL. I say hire Alec Baldwin this very second. We will need him to overcome.
"JAFBG"   by Elle
November 9, 2016 at 4:40pm
November 9, 2016 at 4:40pm
I can take a lot of shit. I can swallow my pride. I can force myself to accept the outcome of the election, and pray that that pompous nut job actually helps this country instead of himself for a change. I do believe miracles can happen, though in this case I highly don't expect to see it.

What I have a massive problem with is people who think it's okay to preach their scripture on posts I make on mutual friends newsfeeds. I've gone out of my way to block them on wdc, and on Facebook, but it seems they enjoy following me around on Facebook to our mutual friends posts and commenting on every fucking post I make. Hey you stupid ass bitch, we are not friends. In fact I cannot stand you. I have gone out of my way to leave you the hell alone. Stop stalking me on Facebook and giving me your two cents. I don't give a shit about you. I don't take jibes at you. I expect the same common courtesy. So please, take your scripture and shove it as far up your ass as humanly possible and choke on it.

If I wanted your opinion I'd fucking ask for it. What does it take to make you leave me the hell alone I wonder. Apparently I need to close my Facebook account or never comment to my friends there that have friended you as well, because you have yet to leave me alone in six years. Well you fucking ignorant, holier than thou piece of trash I've had enough. The next comment you decide to post after mine will be met with so much venom I promise it will make your skin crawl. So take that in, let it give you enough common sense to leave me the fuck alone.

This is what fucked me off today. As if the day wasn't bad enough with all the Trump gloating I've had to endure at work. I'm not a sore loser, but I don't have to sit back and put up with the likes of those who clearly think it's perfectly fine to say and do whatever the hell they want at my expense, as if I don't fucking matter.

Guess what? I fucking matter, and if you push me you will learn the hard way. I AM WOMAN. HEAR ME ROAR!

Because real life isn't always roses and sunshine...
#2094931 by Elle
November 4, 2016 at 7:08am
November 4, 2016 at 7:08am
Well It's Friday Bitches! TGIF! And any other happy Friday related greetings to you *Bigsmile*

It's been a strange ass week. Monday was a rush to get everyone home and fed fast enough to go over to my mom's and see the nephews all dressed up and out trick-or-treating. And I heard Ben coughing up a storm, but do you think I was wise enough to stay away from him? Nope. Not me. I was kissing on him. And hugging him. And tickling, playing, you name it. I used to babysit Ben and his brother for three years while their parents worked, so I miss them and get a little over zealous as Aunt T. And that's what they call me. Not Aunt Theresa. Aunt T. And it's freakin adorable, lol.

So I wake up Tuesday, my throat is on fire, I'm stuffy, coughing [to be honest more like hacking], and I slept most of my day off. R calls from work and when I tell him I'm sick he suggests I call the doctor and get in right away, but I was just too lazy and sleepy to do that. Now I ask you. If you know I'm sick, why would you invite people over that night? *Facepalm* That man boggles my mind on good days! I pushed water and vitamin C all day, not that it helped me much.

Went to work on Wednesday, and we were slow so I got to leave early. But Wednesday night I was getting worse. The hot flashes are raging, so on top of being sick, I've got that going on, which made it next to impossible to sleep that night. I even had the fan on I was so damn hot, and it's getting down into the 40s here. By 3am I said fuck it and got out of bed. I thought perhaps if I tried sleeping in the big leather recliner with my slow music on I'd get more than ten minutes of sleep at a time. Did I? *Headbang* *Sob* *Headbang* *Sob* *Headbang* *Sob* *Headbang* *Sob* Of course not! I mean shit why would I get any amount of productive sleep????

By 5am I finally stopped trying to sleep and hit the pc. I managed to get all of my reviews in for HSP classes, did one of my auction packages, cleaned the house, AND I went to the doctor. All I needed was that little Zpack. I swear I can diagnose myself.

Here's the insanity of my new doctor. When they find out you're there because you're sick, you are immediately taken to the sick room. I mean shit, did you know there is such a thing? I've never seen this before in any doctor's office, so I guess it's true...there really is a first time for everything. *Laugh* Now it's funny here because the staff do not want to be in this room. Apparently it's like willingly embracing the plague or something. *Rolleyes* I mean seriously, even the doctor stands outside the door and will start talking to you as he puts on his mask and gloves. It's quite comical if you aren't already feeling like shit. Ah, but you are. So what happens when you see this going on and all you want is to be treated, get your meds and get home? You feel irritated. Annoyed. Oh and yeah, a little angry because of how they go about treating you.

He asked what's going on. I tell him I have the trifecta. Which, I knew I had, but he was almost positive that the sinus, ear and throat infection had reached my lungs too. Did they? Nope. I know my body. If I had an upper respiratory infection, my chest would be killing me. I'm a smoker, and when I get URIs it's bad and pushes me toward pneumonia. I seriously don't think he liked me self-diagnosing. I wasn't doing it to be a smart ass, or tell him what his job is. I was doing it because you are already treating me like I'm some diseased specimen, and because I'm trying to get out of here as quickly as possible. If I didn't tell him him that my ears hurt and that there is a constant roar, he most likely wouldn't have checked them. He didn't last time I was sick. They are always so certain it's a URI if you smoke and are coughing. Look dude, I get it, but my cough is productive [insert gross visual here], AND I came in before I got so bad that the infection spread. Give me a little credit here.

Today is Friday! Thank God! I just want to go to work, drag my ass back home and crash. I didn't sleep well last night either, and I am praying that exhaustion is just going to take over and drag me down into a wonderful 3 hour nap. That these crazy ass hot flashes hitting every 20 bloody minutes won't be so intense that it wakes me up. And that the house will be nice and quiet, and I can go off to dreamland and play. I need that happy place right now. Need that hnsfna desperately. And no, I'm not telling what that stands for! *Laugh*

Yo! "JAFBG"   by Elle We needs some new prompts here! Just sayin

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