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Review of A Man Can Dream  
Review by bladeofzion
Rated: E | (3.5)
There are a few typos.

You sound like a man without a rudder trying to navigate the depths. As madness seeps in and visions in your head of the guiding northern start taunt you, the waves of the deep from the nighttime storm capsize your vessel. When all is lost and you are left to perish alone in the darkness drowning in the depths, lift up your eyes to heaven and bless the Lord most High. He shall set you on a Rock and preserve your soul and comfort you with solace and sanity.
Review of AGNOSTIC  
Review by bladeofzion
Rated: E | (2.5)
I can not say much about artistic value of poetry, but since you have presented your work under the philosophy genre I will review your ideas.

“Things are unknown...”?You have used “Things” in the most general sense possible. If “Things” are unknown and unknowable, material or immaterial, how could any evidence or any-“Thing” be considered and justified as proof.

“...believes something's out there”
Believing unknowable things exist is a statement of faith. Having confidence without any proof is an intrinsic value of faith. Having confidence that God exists without any proof is faith.

“Proof of any presence are rare.”
Already you have established that proof is unknowable. With faith proof is unnecessary.

“... become more a realist.”
Claiming philosophical realism would mean that you believe in universal forms or concepts, that exist as immaterial things, which are first order knowledge, or “a priori” knowledge. A realist knows things by proof of theoretical deduction and not by empirical data. In your particular case you assert things which exist as evidence, material or immaterial, are unknowable. Are you sure you are a realist?

“Until that day I'm not going to ponder.”
The refusal to think about something carefully or “ponder” is not sufficient to justify the claim that there is a “Lack of proof....” A refusal to think about or acknowledge 2+2=4 does not mean that there is a lack in the equation, it means that there is a lack of motivation to think about it.

I've critiqued your work as objectively as possible.
I hope you have been encouraged and challenged to contemplate and learn what is currently unknown.
Review by bladeofzion
Rated: E | (3.0)
A philosophical critique of a philosophical editorial.

“I would ask myself if those decisions made me live or just exist?”

You already exist and you are already alive.

Ontology is the branch of classical metaphysics that deals with philosophical questions about the nature of being.

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