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Review of The Bamboo Cutter  
Rated: ASR | (4.0)
Nice story. Well written. I enjoyed it.
What is the name of the original folktale? I would like to see that as well.
Rated: 13+ | (1.0)
I am having problems understanding the 'community' we have here. I read a piece named 'scars' (#2191134) and wrote a review. I cannot find it now at all. Is this normal. I take the time to write a review and I can never see it again? I found the article and it asked me to write another but should I not be able to see at least my own review, and why not any and all reviews by others? It is a disincentive for the future. I wanted to relate my comments to my wife, and except through memory, I cannot find the words That I wrote.

I would appreciate knowing what I am doing wrong, how I can alleviate this in the future, or an explanation of why this is necessary. I just don't understand what is happening. Your interface is extremely complicated and not intuitive, but if you could explain it would be greatly appreciated.

Rated: E | (3.5)
I agree in theory. There is nothing gained by berating a writer or demeaning an individual. It reflects more on the reviewer than it does the author.

Having said that, if a writer is that sensitive I have to question their resolve and confidence. And yet they should have the opportunity to grow and offer whatever they are capable of creating. When I don't like something, I tend to simply ignore and move on to something else.

I refuse to 'like' something so as to not hurt their feelings. As a writer, I want one thing above all else. FEEDBACK. As much as I like to be liked, I do not really want a 'like'. If you want to 'like' my work I need to know why, because without that knowledge, it is impossible to understand my shortcomings and make appropriate adjustments. I crave brutally honest observations and comments. It can only make me a better writer, and that is my goal. My response to harsh, unfair and hurtful remarks is simple. Ignore, delete and search for respectful and thoughtful and insightful. Everything else is garbage.

But here is the rub. I like highly critical more than I enjoy likes. That is where I find growth, and that is where we all find the key to development and evolution. We need to listen and to contemplate their point of view, and to act according to our needs and our own expectations. I have found even the harshest commentary to be a benefit in most cases.

Read the reviewers work. If you respect their work, just maybe you should pay attention to their comments, no matter how unfair. If their work does not impress, why do you care about their reviews? have faith in yourself and confidence that you know what you are trying to accomplish. You are in control at all times. Try to understand yourself, and write as much and as often as you can. And then? Write some more.

You do not need to feel sorry for yourself, or cry because someone you don't even know dislikes your work. You need to follow your muse, and bleed your vision through words onto the paper. The only thing of importance is what you think, and what you believe. Nothing else.
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