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by Bima
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work in progress...
They observed the patient from the one way mirror as he sat in his jacket moving his lips, but they were unable to hear what he was saying. The physicians wondered how such a person was able to commit such acts without being noticed. The patient was calm, normal to all his family and friends.

"I never knew he was 'possessed'... I say 'possessed' because he was normal in all aspects of his everyday life. I mean, 30 years and there were absolutely no signs of fatigue or family discontent"... was told by one of his co-workes who worked with him since the patient graduated high school.

Another person who wanted to remain anonymous said that they remember him as being 'a great help to anyone in need, willing to sacrifice the shirt on his back to help'.

The task at hand for the physicians was actually trying to determine the mental and physical state of the patient. The physicians were faced with someone who did not show emotions or normal physical response.

"Patient seems to be going into a recluse state" one of the white lab coat covered doctors stated as another scribbled onto a clip board.

"We should begin regiments of medication in an attempt to have him open communications to someone, I want 24 hour observation until someone hears a peep; and if that peep is interpretable, what it means" stated the physician as he opened the door to the dark observation room. As they left, it was as if the patient knew they were watching and eyed the glass with a wet smile while still moving his lips.


Let us begin with the history of the patient... He was a normal child just as those who were few and fortunate to be fated with a family that was not too rich but not too poor. Their history was a good one as well, in other words they were normal in all aspects both physically and mentally. There were never any childhood issues of any to concern his parents or even his friends. He was not a genious but he was not a dumby either. The physicians beleive it may have started in his sub conscience where emotions and chemicals from the brain interact.


Note: excerpts from physicians log follow

"From first observation: patient was transferred here via patrol unit handcuffed per local authorities as required for transport from jail to hospital facilities. Upon arrival officers were distraught with the inmate/patients presence amd were more than releived to have inmate/patient handed to our facilities. Patient was not making eye contact and seemed to be saying something, but no sound from his lips was heard to my personal knowledge. Officers did not stay long once my signature was on the forms for proper inmate/patient transfer and registration to our facilities. They seemed eager to be handing the patient over to us. The first few hours of the patience presence was not noticeable, but at a glance of the extent of the patients documantation for visit by several doctors and orderlies that were in charge of transporting the patient accordingly, seemed to have been struck with a type of 'patient phobia'. They decided after contact with the patient that they no longer wanted to be involved with transporting the patient. When confronted with a request for an explanation of their actions their response was vague, something regarding the patients 'aura'."

"I did notice that there seemed to be whispers coming from the patient as I observed him. I was not able to make out what he was saying, I also did not feel the 'aura' that everyone else claimed to have felt when they were in his presence. I guess thats what happens when the imagination stirs after getting a glimse at a killer. Why did he commit those hainous crimes to those men and women? Well, tomorrow is another day; full of questions for the patient..."


His school days were normal, getting up with his siblings and scurring to catch the school bus. When he graduated he left home to be a soldier, but was denied due to psychological reasons of which were never noted in the physicians records, he did try to enlist in other branches of service, but always was denied, and again no details for the reasons. He then went to college to be a doctor, he was a master biologist as they said during an interview with his coworkers. He had a way with his patients as well as the way his hands would operate on patients, never shaking it was as if he never had nerves within his muscles.


"Patient 29197410; 7:30 AM Thursday - Patient did not sleep even after sedatives were administered via hyperdermic needle, patient was totally cooperative during sedation. Whispering has stopped, patient continues to make eye contact with orderlies as well as myself. Orderlies seem disturbed after making eye contact with patient and fumble clumsily... morons need to cut down on caffeine. I will be assessing the patients responses to questions via tape recording and camera recording of session behind the one way mirror.

Good morning. I am Dr.Mane... do you know where you are?"

No response... not even his eyes blinking and no whispering, just a blank stare into Dr.Mane's eyes.

"Young man, what is your name? Do you know why you are here?"

"Nurse, how long has he been like this? Nurse?"

Dr.Mane turns away from the patient to check on the nurse, as he does the patient's eyes follow the doctor turning from blank to an angry expression. The doctor turns to the patient and everything goes dark.
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