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He sits in the chair, waiting, hoping for a call
The Chair

He sits in the chair, looking out at the crowd
He’s all alone, not a word spoken out loud
He sighs loudly in the silence of the room
His minds a whirling, his thoughts filled with gloom

Nearby a minister begins to softly pray,
The man winces as he hears mention of this day
A woman sobs softly into her napkin at hand
It seems very quiet all across the land

Now a bell tolls midnight, the phone hasn’t rung
No call had been made, no song to be sung
His head is wetted, a sponge clasped in place,
A small bag is lowered over his face.

He’s asked if he has any final words to say
For this will be his very last day
His response is a quiet yes, speaking through the bag,
He quietly speaks, the words never lag

“I do not ask for forgiveness, nor anyone’s love
There’s nothing I need that I can think of
I know that what happened was not what it seems
This isn’t the end, but the start of a dream

My mind's now at peace, let’s no longer wait
I have to go now, today is the date.”
The people in the room are amazed at his words
No one is sure of what they just heard

Whispering is heard amongst the crowd,
But there he sits, his head not bowed
Some eyes show doubt, others seem to fear
For surely this man doesn’t belong here

Others in the crowd do not believe a single word
They think this ‘show’ is a bit absurd
He’s wronged them somehow, though the evidence is obscure
He needs to die in the chair, of that they are sure

The phone suddenly rings, startling them all
Finally has come that all important call,
Time seems to stop as the guard speaks in the phone
Turns to the crowd, and says, “It’s time to go home.”

Those simple words bring sighs of relief from some,
The hood is removed, his time had not yet come
This man has been given a moment of reprieve
If only he can get everyone to believe

He knows he is innocent, but will the law agree
He will get another day in court, a new jury
For now he will wait, he’s survived this scare,
But can his lawyers save him from the electric chair?

Jim Dorrell
May 26, 2010
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