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Sarah learns what Thanksgiving is about. Read it's 'twin', Ashley's Thanksgiving, by Amay
Sarah’s Thanksgiving

Sarah was getting excited, for it would soon be Thanksgiving Day
And this year she would help Mommy cook, in some little way
She wanted to make a pie, from pumpkins fresh off the vine
She was sure the one on the counter, was really mighty fine

She was very happy that relatives were coming to eat
If she could see her favorite cousin, that’d be really neat
Last year they had played a lot, and read a little from a book
But this year they were older, it was time they learned to cook

She thought of all they’d have to eat; the turkey, potatoes, and such,
Not to mention the stuffing, beans, and gravy, gosh there was so much
For dessert they’d have all kinds of things, jell-o, pudding and more,
She hoped that she would still be able, to walk through the door

A few days before the feast, she sat with Mom, watching the TV screen
And saw people living not far from her, their plight could be easily seen
They were dirty, dressed in rags, looked tired and very scared
As if the world was on their shoulders, it seemed that no one cared

Her mom explained that they were homeless, or perhaps very poor
They had no family or friends, maybe couldn’t work any more
They lived a life of poverty, hoping others would help them survive
Grateful for all they had, knowing at least they were alive

That night as she slept, she dreamed of a life like that,
Where her family was very poor, living in a shack
They had little money, their clothes were tattered and worn
Their meals weren’t much, she almost wished she’d never been born

She awoke in the morning and knew it was just a dream
But now her mind was troubled, she could almost scream
She wanted to help the needy somehow, in any way she could
When she sat and told her mother, her mother said she should

So Sarah spent Thanksgiving Day with those who had the least.
It was so much fun to fill their plates with such a healthy feast
She loved seeing their smiles as they ate and talked to her
And knew she’d done the right thing, and now she felt much better

When Sarah sat down with her family for the feast that they'd delayed
While saying grace, the gifts she'd given, in her mind she now replayed
She couldn’t help the smile, that spread from ear to ear,
And went back and helped out again, the very next year.

Jim Dorrell
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