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First thanksgiving for the pilgrims in modern day Massachusetts
First Thanksgiving

The pilgrims landed in 1620,
Disembarked in a land of plenty.
Separatists; they’d left home,
In this new land, they would roam.

The first winter was very rough,
Almost half died, times were tough.
They claimed the land as their own,
But the Patuxet called it home

Both cultures needed to survive,
Farm the new land, learn to thrive.
The Wampanoag left a village bared,
Smallpox the cause, none were spared.

The winter was harsh, few survived,
Not many could care for those alive.
But survive they did, the year passed,
Then again came fall, a time of repast.

The Pilgrims were taught by Squanto,
How to catch eel, and corn to grow.
Massasoit and his tribe attended the feast,
Three days of dining on fruits and beasts.

Today we celebrate this fateful day,
In many houses, and different ways.
As we celebrate, let us remember,
How this started, long ago, in November.

Jim Dorrell
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