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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1891835
Albert has a secret [9-16-12 Daily Slice entry]
Never Tell

"...and police are warning citizens to make sure all doors and windows are locked.  This is Tom Conkle for 950 KZGH, reporting live."

Albert turned off the portable radio, then turned to the cabin's other occupant.

"You should have been there, sis.  The old guy screamed and pleaded and begged, and I let him think he had a chance not to be Number 10.  It was so cool watching his face, when he realized the saw really was plugged into the power strip.  One little flip of the switch, and he was beside himself."

Insane, high-pitched laughter bounced off the walls of the abandoned cabin.  He walked over to the cot and sat down.  Reaching out, he stroked the light brown hair.

"You were always there for me and you swore you'd never tell, that you'd keep my secret.  I believed you then, and I still believe you.  I love you, sis."

On the cot lay his sister's corpse, keeper of his secret forever.

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