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Day 8 - Erotica - Entry into the Baker's Dozen contest.
         Sandy settled into her desk and busied herself with the morning’s demands. The day was off to a roaring start.  She could hear her bosses discussing, rather loudly, some new wrinkle that had come up.  She tried to focus on her own work, but her ears strained to listen.  Not so much for what was being said, but who was saying it.  She could make out all three voices.  The lowest rumble was Devin’s.  His voice was the one of reason rumbling under the other two, a kind of anchor in a sea of chaos that his other brothers could generate.  It was a voice that could strum her very soul.  Not that she would admit that.  In fact, she made a point of rarely looking at Devin.  He was big and broad and bad.  He was everything she did not want in a guy, but she felt drawn to him in a way that left her dizzy.  Not looking at him helped...a little. 

         Tyler was the first to emerge, slamming the door open.  She jumped, then dipped her head down to not make eye contact.  She wished that she could disappear into the woodwork. 

         Tyler stalked off down the hallway as only a bruised bear could do.  His rumbled mutterings could still be heard long after he was gone.

         Devin appeared at the corner of her eye.  He was standing in the doorway.  She could feel his presence before she saw him.

         “He’ll come around.” 

         “He damn well better or we can kick this deal good- bye.” Swearing ensued.

         A deep chuckle vibrated the air around her and Sandy risked a glance at Devin.  His head was turned so she was able to catch a glimpse of his chiselled jaw line rough with day old growth.  No doubt he had probably stayed the night or just got in from some intimate affair with another of his fawning favourites.

         Sandy gave herself a mental shake.  Thoughts like that were uncalled for. 

         It was at that moment. he turned and smiled at her; it was high voltage for sure, with a dimple to boot.  Sandy dragged in a quick breath. 

         “Morning, Sandy.”  He drawled and her heart flipped several times before skittering for cover.

         She gave him a pert nod and turned back to her work.  “Good morning, Mr. Kingman.”

         “Sorry about the ruckus.  The boys are not seeing eye to eye this morning.”  She could hear the smile in his voice. 

         “I heard.”  She said quietly refusing to look at him.

         She could feel his eyes move over her.  Her skin tingled.

         Ryan broke his perusal.  “Just see what you can do.”

         “No problem, big brother.”

         He moved off down the hall after telling her to have a good day.  All she could do was nod, but once he had passed and headed down the hall her eyes betrayed her and followed admiring the fine ass he had and the swagger that made her swoon. 

         Being Friday Sandy left the office after making sure everything was done up and put away to her satisfaction.  She hated coming back to a messy desk or things left undone.  Besides, she had plans this weekend.  A college friend had invited her up to her beach house. 

         “You cannot say no this time, Sandy.  There are some people I want you to meet.”  Sandy had agreed, laughing at her friend and realizing she did need this break.  She needed to get out of her pining self and live a little.  Katherine’s beach party was just the thing.

         Packing had been done the night before, so she simply went home to grab her things.  In her excitement she didn’t bother to stop for food. 


         When she arrived, Katherine met her at the door, gave her a huge hug.  Taking Sandy’s bag, she passed her a glass of red wine. 

         “Drink up honey.  You look like you could use it.”  She laughed leading Sandy up to one of her guest rooms.  “Change first.  Then we’ll go have barbeque.  Jack it going all out.  I am so glad you came.” 

         While Sandy changed, Katherine lounged back on the bed.  “I have invited many eligible men... but there is one in particular I want you to meet.”

         “Oh, Katherine...I so wish you wouldn’t.”  Sandy said as she wrapped her cover-up tightly around her.

         “Oh, Sandy.  We most certainly have to loosen you up.”

         Sandy downed the rest of wine already feeling a light buzz.  She smiled at Katherine, then followed her down to the kitchen for another glass.

         With her glass in hand, she followed Katherine out onto the deck.  Just standing there was relaxing.  She moved to the railing and stood with her eyes closed, chin up letting the sun do its work. 

         It was in that moment a familiar, deep rumbled voice slipped over her.  She could feel the heat of him, knowing he was standing only a breath away from her.

         “Now this is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.” 

         She opened her eyes and turned her head.  Her heart kicked up a beat as her eyes connected with his azure gaze.  He smiled, his dimple devastating her.  Throwing caution to the wind she downed the rest of her wine and that had him chuckling. 

         “Nervous, are we?”  He asked pressing in so that his chest brushed her back.  She knew she should shift away, but her body betrayed her and she leaned back into him.  He chuckled again. 

         “I like you like this.”  He murmured against her ear.  She could feel the warmth of his breath.  Her knees buckled and he slipped his arm in to hold her.  When his hand brushed her breast she gasped, then settled her own curved ass against his manhood.  He was hard.

         “So Miss Craymore...are you ready to start our party.”  His breath by her ear made her tremble and all she could do was nod before he turned her and seared his lips upon hers.

Word count = 1000

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