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Written for Short Shots contest. Two skiers flee an avalanche.
Avalanche! (Or, Snow Stampede)

Here I am, minding my own business as usual,
Loving life and everything beautiful.
It’s so serene here, blue sky, powdered snow,
White lacey clouds grace the peaks, a valley below.

Whoa!  A couple of people just went whizzing by,
Not caring for me and my friends, I don’t know why.
Dressed nattily in orange jackets and dark pants,
Being up here, they’re taking quite a chance.

I’ll see what they think when I change the scene,
Give them something they fear, that many have seen.
They call it an avalanche, it’s truly a sight,
See if they can escape from its frightening might.

I give a little shake, let a snowbank loose,
Chuckling in glee, I’ve got them in my noose.
Seeing the snow tumble, they race down the slope,
Zigging and zagging, never giving up hope.

Seeing fear in their movements, I feel for their plight,
They’re skiing away quickly, like birds in flight.
The snow hits a large ledge and slows to a stop,
The people now safe, look at the mountain top.

The look on their faces is precious indeed,
Grateful for their lives after this snow stampede.
Their stories of today will flow like a fountain,
How their lives were spared; by me, this great mountain.

I hope that others will ski down my slopes
Leaving trails in the snow that resemble looped ropes.
It’s fun to play with humans, but they are so frail,
When facing my snows might, some have failed.

Jim Dorrell

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