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an incredibly expansive expansion for the ever expanding Buttercombe Academy

The Buttercombe Academy Orientation Handbook is a companion piece to its sister work, Buttercombe Academy. The articles posted here are designed to help familiarize readers with the many characters, settings, and lore otherwise involved with the storylines found in the main interactive, all of which can be found by following the link below

Buttercombe Academy for Growing Girls  [E]
a quality-controlled interactive about life in a pudgy prep school
by Bobo the Hobo

The Handbook is divided into sections pertaining to characters, history, locations, and miscellaneous but informative tidbits that help immerse new readers and writers in the expansive interactive that they find themselves in. The goal of this piece is to familiarize, not indoctrinate. If anyone—writer or reader—has ideas as to what should go here, or criticisms for what has or hasn’t been posted, I’m all ears!

For a more comprehensive list of characters, as well as the continued history of students and teachers in this item that take place after the events of this interactive, please refer to the BCU Character Bible.

 the BCU Character Bible  [E]
a dramatis personae of characters from Buttercombe, Super-Sized, Daven's Port, and more...
by Bobo the Hobo

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The Buttercombe Academy for Gifted Girls was founded in 1927 by Martha Polluck, promising a student-oriented learning environment for young girls that would go unrivaled for generations. Since that time, various Pollucks have taken the helm and each has made strides in providing a comfortable, nurturing learning environment for those girls in their charge. Over the years, Buttercombe Academy has proven time and time again its worth in the academic circle, and its name alone provides a bottomless source of renown and recognition.

Girls live on campus throughout the year, as do their instructors, so as to provide the proper environment for learning. By removing students and teachers from distractions (aside from the beautiful view of the mountain range), both parties involved focus more, work harder, and develop a deeper bond that helps promote comprehension and a deeper understanding of subject material. The students wear uniforms to help promote solidarity, and remove them from the oh-so-pesky concern of “now what will I wear today?”. Our students are treated as young ladies, and are expected to behave as such!

Our focus at Buttercombe Academy is, beyond providing the finest education for young women, allowing students to learn in the most comfortable environment possible. The cafeteria is free to use for all students and faculty, and is staffed with the finest culinary talent available. They cater to all diets, allergies, or otherwise. Comfortable living spaces are provided for all students and teachers alike, and many events take place throughout the year to help our girls feel involved in their student body. By involving our students to the degree that we do, we hope to allow them to feel bigger than themselves; and hopefully come to view their fellow classmates as family.

So come, join us! The Buttercombe Academy for Gifted Girls has a lot to offer, and we sincerely hope that you enoy your stay!



These are listings pertaining to the locations in and around (or in some cases, not very near at all) Buttercombe Academy's campus. Should any characters venture outside the Academy walls, they will most likely find themselves in one of these places. While some stories may follow a student, teacher or faculty member home, these are more generalized areas that a multitude of characters could potentially visit.
Locations are sorted categorically, and arranged by proximity to the school


The main setting of the story, divided into various miscellanious halls and wings. Students and teachers alike are welcome to wander the halls freely until curfew. Teachers are assigned rooms on various floors of a myriad of buildings, but are usually assigned to halls and floors with teachers who specialize in similar areas of study. For example: Coach Knight will always be located in the hardly used Athletics wing, as will Courtney Farron, but if Ashley is teaching Economics, she'll be located in the wing with Ms. Nelson. Various places of interest are as follows:

the Cafeteria—

The cafeteria is where a majority of students will find themselves eating most meals. For those students who are not lucky enough to have a roommate well-versed in cooking, the cafeteria is staffed to keep such girls fed until curfew. For early risers, the cafeteria opens at six, and night owls have until ten before it closes. There is a self-service bar that changes menus every day to provide variety, as well as a line of lunch ladies who offer various entrees and sides that are usually a bit more gourmet than found behind the sneeze glass. Use of the cafeteria is a privelege offered to anyone on staff, and is covered in student tuition.

Student Dorms—

For the most part, girls will be paired two to a dorm. In most cases, there are two bedrooms conjoined by a living/kitchen area, stocked with a fridge, oven, and cabinet space. Each room comes stock with a television, couch, and an armchair. On each floor, there are two single dorms (usually reserved for RA's) and between all floors there are two unique rooms that can house up to four girls comfortably. Buttercombe Academy employs a unique "big sister" program, wherein most freshmen are paired with an older student as a roommate so as to be shown the ropes of the Academy first-hand. Should a student find themselves unhappy with their rooming situation, a change of housing may be requested within the first month of each semester. Rooms are kept available during the Holiday seasons.

the WASP House—

A separate dormitory located on campus, dedicated solely to those members of the illustrious WASP society—a sort of proto-sorority. Most members are Legacy students, every one of them more pampered and spoiled than the last, but they have been known to accept pledges at the beginning of every new year. A bed in the WASP House goes a long way on campus, providing many frivolities and extra perks through membership with this illustrious group. Supposedly, they raise money for charity and help funnel even more money into the school, but in actuality most members simply extort money from their well-to-do parents and use the rest for rather illicit means. The parties at the WASP house are extraordinarily decadent, and not exactly restricted to sisters.

Teacher's Lounges—

There is one teachers lounge located in each wing of Buttercombe Academy, as it serves for a congregation point for all teachers staffed in that area. They are located centrally, usually on the second of three floors, and are about as big as most classrooms. They are divided into a small eatery with fridge and counterspace, as well as a sitting area. Use of the teacher's lounges after classes is permitted, so long as business is concluded before ten pm. Students are, under no condition, permitted entry into any teachers' lounge without written permission.

Teacher Cabins—

Teachers are privvy to a more domestic living arrangement, and occupy small cabins located around campus. As with classes, teachers who share common subjects are typically grouped together. Each cabin comes stocked with all the luxuries of a student dorm, in addition to an office, an expanded kitchen, and a larger living area. As they are located further out on the mountain trail, golf carts are provided as transportation to get to an from cabins in a timely manner. Groceries are brought every Thursday to teachers, through the use of a specialized program designed for those who prefer to cook at home rather than eat in the cafeteria. Cabins are kept open and available during Winter and Summer breaks; staying on campus all year is hardly unheard of.

the Old Track—

Buttercombe Academy once had a beautiful track, designed explicitly for use by the athletics instructors and their students. However, once the funding came through for the new gymnasium, the "old" track quickly fell into disrepair. It's located away from the main school, and is guarded by a steep hill. Most people frequenters are usually looking for a secluded place, and it's become a bit of a party spot. However, Coach Knight has been known to use it from time to time when she's feeling particularly sadistic, and should no one else be using it, it might be the perfect bastion of hope for those looking to shed a few pounds in secrecy...


Wellington is the town located directly below Buttercombe Academy, less than forty miles away, and is only accessible to students through day-passes from the headmistress. Teachers are free to come and go as they please, so long as it does not interfere with their duties. Wellington is a respectably sized, very populated town (working on becoming a city) that caters to all kinds. Most Wellingtonites are aware of the mysterious school located just a drive up the road, especially its reputation for luxury and pampering prestige. Never the less, many stores and establishments honor student IDs and teacher badges with discounts or special privleges.

the Black Boxxx—

A raunchy bar that Allison Spades frequents. They give offer a discount with proof of Teacher ID, but it's not especially worth it. It's a pretty gross place, but the food is relatively cheap, and the alcohol is tolerable. However, they have the best wings in town, bar none.

the Soggy Rabbit

If you're too good for the Black Boxxx, you come to the Soggy Rabbit. The atmosphere is better, and it's cleaner. However, they don't have sexy waiters and waitresses to bring you food while half-dressed. And their wings suck. But it's a favorite gathering spot for friends of Rita Nelson.


A third bar, falling on the far end of the spectrum. The food and drink are great, but they don't usually offer a discount. It's an old-style Irish Pub, so it's pretty loud and boistrous in there. Only the drinkiest of folks should even attempt to go inside!


A new fruit juice store that opened up, promising organic health shakes that help drinkers in various ways. Most people think that it's a bunch of bologna, and it probably is, but some girls (even teachers!) swear by their tasty "healthy" alternative. Mia Underwood in particular is all about some EarthWise.


Taking the overall size of the interactive and the vast number of characters into consideration, all entries will be sorted into Faculty, Students and Staff. All characters are listed alphabetically and by grade level where applicable


Listed below are all the characters involved in teaching at Buttercombe Academy, meaning anyone who has held (or could possibly hold) a teaching position will be listed here. Students, as well as other people employed by the Academy have their own sections and will be listed there respectively.
Characters will be listed alphabetically by last name after the Headmistress.

Ms. Shannon Polluck—
headmistress, queen bee of buttercombe

The latest in her lineage acting as headmistress for the illustrious Buttercombe Academy. She's a no-nonsense, independent woman who aims to please both her staff and students within reason. She attended Buttercombe Academy herself as a young girl, and has vowed to make her students experiences much more pleasurable than her own. Most find her intimidating, but others find her incredibly sweet. She likes to dress in yellow business attire and matching high heels. It's been noted by most that she keeps a small dish of butterscotch candies on her desk and is more than keen to give them out as rewards to her students and staff alike. Whether or not she's a force to be reckoned with or just a doting headmistress often depends on what choices you make...

Ms. Polluck's story begins here:
"Ms. Polluck

Maria Espanosa
spanish/psychology, eager to teach

One of the newer recruits with three years of teaching experience, only one of those has been served thus far at Buttercombe Academy. She's a bright and bubbly woman with plenty of spice and a fiery passion for her job. She's not only new to the Academy, Mari is also new to the area; in that she's fresh out of a move from the deserts of Arizona to the comparatively frigid mountain climate of Virginia. She's separated from her family and heritage by a few good hundred miles. She's already gained a good forty pounds or so since she began teaching at Buttercombe. Hopefully she won't turn out bitter and bloated like some of her friends...

Courtney Farron—
gym/assistant coach, coach knight's punching bag

A welcomed addition to the Physical Education team, who motivates her students through positive reinforcement and whose only grading criteria is that they do their best. This gets her mixed results, given the lethargic nature of most students. She's been the assistant coach at Buttercombe Academy for six years now. She doesn't really get along with Ashley Knight, the new Head Coach. It's nothing personal, they just really don't seem to get like one another.

Viola Faust—
musical theory/orchestra, much cattier than she lets on

A more-or-less well-behaved woman who tends to bring out her claws when nobody is around. Ms. Faust has a notorious reputation for being something of a control freak, and saying nasty things about her coworkers behind their backs. That being said, she's very gifted musically, and encourages her students to do frequent jam sessions, even in class. Unfortunately for her waistline, Ms. Faust has a tendency to stress-eat.

Eri Flatterly—
head cafeteria chef/advanced culinary arts, texas-sized

A seasoned veteran in the art of cooking and culinary arts in general. She's been with the Academy for almost ten years now, offering her services as both a teacher and a lunchlady. Eri has a tendency to take things too seriously, and is more than a little intense, but she's well-liked among the faculty and staff. Should this titanic Texan find herself a taste-tester that she could sink her teeth into, it would be in their best interest to leave their inhibitions at the door. Her cooking is tops, there's no one better in the whole school. Whether or not she uses this power for good or evil is entirely up to you...

Adeline Holloway—
algebra/calculus/trigonometry, butt bigger than heart

One of the one who take their job way too seriously. Adeline lives, eats and breaths math. She's rather unpopular among the faculty and student body. What makes her so interesting is her disproportionately wide hips and fat ass. It's a source of many a mockery in the halls, teachers' lounges, even her own classroom. Adeline is a stern, concentrated individual that wouldn't know fun if it hit her upside the face. Which is why her cartoonishly big bubble butt is so hilarious on her.

Adeline's story begins here:
"Adeline Holloway

Ashley Knight—
gym/head coach, does not play well with others

A very intense woman who happened to land the Head Coach position at Buttercombe Academy. She's a living, breathing cardio freak who views herself as the peak of physical fitness. Living in a place like Buttercombe Academy is very stressful for her, causing her to lash out at students and fellow co-workers. Standing as a direct opposition to their lazy lifestyles, Ashley's physical fixation is not looked kindly upon by those around her. She's also got something of a potty-mouth, which most of her students can attest to. Ashley might find herself packing on quite a few pounds, depending on what path you chose. Whether or not she'll be able to keep trim in a place like Buttercombe Academy is completely up in the air.

Ashley's story begins here:
"Ashley Knight

Tiffany Lancer—
clothing construction/home economics, aspiring housewife

Tiffany is a plain sort of woman, with modest features and simple dreams. She's kind and sweet, but often has a tendency to meddle in the affairs of her students. That said, she's very popular with the girls in her classes due to her familiar and approachable style. Tiffany chalks this up to a "strong maternal instinct", something like practice for when she has her own daughter. Fitting, then, that Tiffany's greatest aspiration in life is to become a kept woman. Whether or not she finds the man of her dreams is your decision...

Rita Nelson—
history, divorced

A bitter, cynical woman coming out of a tail-spin of a divorce. She's a veteran teacher of ten years, and has a lot of pent-up aggression, and usually takes it out on the other teachers around her. She's usually the first to point out someone else's faults while managing to ignore her own. Despite her legendarily piss-poor attitude, Mrs. Nelson's breasts are practically on-campus legends. They're huge, round, and swollen. Just like the rest of her.

Megan Porter—
art/music theory, infamous ditz

A ditzy blonde who lucked into a teaching position at one of the most illustrious prep schools in the country based solely on her artistic skills. She's a talented painter, as well as something of an airhead. Most of Megan's students like her, or are at least entertained. Her bubbliness makes it very difficult for those around her to dislike her. Or very very easy. It's not very difficult to see that Megan isn't suited to teach, feeling more at home in her studio than she is in the classroom. That being said, she might come to resemble the other teachers on staff in more ways than one, should she let her concentration slip...

Megan's story begins here:
"Megan Porter

Joan Price—
economics, no sense of humor

Another veteran of the Academy, with a tendency to snark about people behind their backs. Joan is a somewhat boring woman, with no life outside of her teaching. She has a small family, few friends, and little interests. Which is why making fun of others comes so easily to her. She and Rita Nelson are good friends.

Rebecca Voll-Spillum—
music theory/orchestra, lover of beverages

A fresh face around the Academy, hand-picked by Ms. Polluck for her prodigal familiarity with most forms of musical appreciation. She has no teaching experience, and was recruited on merit alone, which means she finds herself struggling a bit with the day to day responsibilities of a teacher. Rebecca is an imposingly tall woman, which serves to give her an air of authority in classrooms, as well as hide the modest pot-belly she sports beneath her sweaters and blouses. Rebecca is a beverage aficionado, and can often be seen chugging down smoothies slushies and sodas with gusto. Whether or not her width manages to catch up to her towering height is yours to find out...

Rebecca's story begins here:
"Another Spillum Even!

Jennifer Walker—
culinary arts/french, walking waistline disaster

A new teacher to the academy and in general. Jennifer usually has almost no idea what she's doing, which is why her taking residence in one of the most decorated academies in the country is shocking to say the least. But Ms. Polluck seems to like her a lot. Jen (or Jenny-Benny to her sister) is still learning a lot about being a teacher, but she's prone to taking short-cuts. She often relies on other people to get the job done for her. In short: she's pretty lazy. Nice and ambitious, but lazy. The question isn't when Jennifer is going to put on weight, but how far she'll slide into a hoggish obesity.

Jennifer's story begins here:
"In where Jennifer Arrives...

Sarah Walker—
english/theater, ms. walker 2.0

A somewhat older, more mature model of her sister. Sarah has been looking after Jennifer since they were kids, and they've grown very close. This means that, more often than not, she's the one picking up her sister's messes. She's a little more bitter when it comes to her job, having been had some unfortunate luck with schooling before teaching at Buttercombe Academy. Whenever she's not doting over her little sister, Sarah can be found playing favorites in the classroom.

Sarah's story begins here:
"Good Morning, Sarah Walker!

Tammy Wolfe—
public speaking/english, notorious gossip

A new teacher, and a talkative nasal woman who could probably stand to mind her own business once in a while. She's incurably nosy, though whether or not she's actively malicious varies from perspective to perspective. For the most part, she's just a gossip with a tendency to talk first and think about it later. Though, in a place like Buttercombe Academy, her mouth might be better suited to eating. It would keep her quiet, at least...


These characters listed are students at Buttercombe Academy, meaning anyone who takes classes (or has taken classes in the past) can be listed here.
For teachers and people otherwise employed by the school, they will have their own sections and be listed there appropriately.
Characters are listed in alphabetical order by last name.


Alice Carlyle—
sheltered and naive, aspiring fashion designer

A really shy girl who’s dreamed of coming to Buttercombe for a very long time. It’s implied (more than implied in some cases) that she hasn’t had the easiest of childhoods. She’s got a great sense of fashion and wants to become a clothing designer when she gets older. Her older sister Melanie made quite a splash when she went to Buttercombe Academy, and now Alice is doing her best not to live in Mel’s (expansive) shadow.

Alice's story begins here:
"Accepting Alice

Anna Dupont—
the "good twin", an intellectual

Anna is not the same person as her sister, and she would very much like you to know that. Seriously, it's hard enough being a twin, you don't have to go and just assume that they're the exact same. Anna is a bit more by-the-books than her more volatile sister Marissa, the resident wild-child. Seriously, there's so many differences between them! Anna wears her hair shorter, gets better grades, and... and... ugh! If only there was a way to make them more easily distinguishable...

Marissa Dupont—
the "fun twin", not afraid to party hardily

Marissa is not the same person as her sister, and she would very much like you to know that. Seriously, it's hard enough being a twin, you don't have to go and just assume that they're the exact same. Marissa is a way more fun than her stick in the mud sister Anna, the goodiest goody goody on campus. Seriously, there's so many differences between them! Marissa wears her hair longer, has more friends, and... and... ugh! If only there was a way to make them more easily distinguishable...

Jafit Gamor—
curvy culinary queen, foreign exchange student

A foreign exchange student who has a tendency to pop up in odd places. She's not too versed on English lingo, but her heart's in the right place. Interestingly enough, did you know that the best way to get to someone's heart is through their stomach? Jafit is a big believer in that...

Jafit also appears as an internationally acclaimed chef in "Kitchen Boss; the Buttercombe continuity sees her as a cultural exchange student and later a Hebrew/MediterraneanCuisine professor in Buttercombe II. You can check out her bio for the other interactive here: "Kitchen Boss Recipe Book

Tabitha Greene—
a hard worker, aspiring WASP

A hard worker who happened to get into Buttercombe Academy on her own merits and good grades. She has her eyes set on becoming a member of the illustrious WASP society, and simply cannot take no for an answer. In the right hands, she’ll go on to shake things up around campus. Rather than, say, actually shaking the campus with her heavy footsteps.

Tabitha's story begins here:
"Tabitha: Aspiring Sister Wasp

Molly Harrington—
spoiled heiress #3, mommy's favorite

Molly inherited everything from her mother’s side of the family, including her short stature and incredibly round physique. Unlike the other women in her family, however, Molly is much more down to earth… most of the time. She’s just as spoiled as her sisters, but is much nicer about it. She’s hardly as demanding, but has been known to scheme just as readily as Faye, or whine just as much as Sabrina... so, not really. The three of them are legacy students here at Buttercombe Academy.

Molly's story begins here:
"Molly's Arrival, Mother's Reunion

Melissa Rutherford—
easily agreeable, prone to overdoing things

A newbee who’s more or less unassuming in every possible way. Despite this, she’s a gifted runner with a passion for the culinary arts that ebbs and flows (depending on the author). Melanie gets a little obsessed with whatever she might be doing, which makes her come across as rather rude sometimes. But usually (read again, usually) Mel knows what she’s doing.

Zahara Stevens—
very sheltered, with good reason

A sheltered sort of girl. Zahara has had everything in her life carefully managed for her until this point. Academics, extracurricular activities, even her diet has been meticulously planned by her perfectionist parents. She's never really had to think about what she wanted, because until this point, it usually coincided with what her mother and father wanted for her. Unfortunately for them, they also planned on her attending Buttercombe Academy, away from their watchful eye. Only time will tell not when she will stray, but how far Zahara strays from her predestined path...

Zahara's story begins here:
"Panic at the Academy!

Arisa Spencer—
improbably spoiled, goody-goody

A rare example of a girl who was fat before she enrolled in Buttercombe Academy, Arisa is one of the few girls who could have paid her way to get into Buttercombe Academy, but managed to score in with her high marks in class. She's a bit on the frumpy side, and tends to do things by the books. Arisa is inept in the ways of fashion, popular culture, and has trouble with socializing. Despite this, she's a very sweet girl who wants to make friends, but finds herself unable to capture anyone's attention.

Arisa's story begins here:
"Arrival of Arisa the studious

Alexis VanDyne—
musical enthusiast, avid lesbian

An avid lesbian whose tastes do not cater to the variety of girls found at Buttercombe Academy. Lexie is very interested in finding somebody to pass the time with, but hardly interested in counting their chins or rolls every other day. It just does not turn her on. For her sake though, she better hope that the other girls find her pretty. Because after a while, it’s more or less inevitable that she’s going to pack on more than a few pounds…

Samantha Wilsey—
brilliant but lazy, astoundingly foul mouth

Sam has a really dirty mouth. Every other word is usually an obscenity. One would never guess that she was accepted into Buttercombe Academy on her merits as a beautiful poet and wordsmith. She’s had a rough childhood growing up, coming from a really poor neighborhood. It’s left her with some… undesirable traits. Including a need to feed—no longer inhibited by the paltry portions of her pantry back home, Sam can finally eat until she’s full! And then some!

Sam's story begins here:
"Accepting Sam


Cassie Hart—
transfer student, most likely to become strong-fat

Something of a brute, Cassie was transfered from her other school in hopes of standing out more. Buttercombe Academy's lackluster sports program means that Cassie is a guaranteed MVP if she manages to help pump some life back into it. Something of a big fish, little pond situation. But Cassie's ego is enormous, as is her appetite. It wouldn't take more than a few honied words to get on her good side...

Cassie's story begins here:
"Every hive needs a warrior bee

Megan Mahoney—
tv-holic, biggest breasts on her floor

A boobalicious redhead with a serious addiction to daytime TV. She’s managed to stay mostly slender (somehow) but her luck’s beginning to run out. Megan knows all the ins and outs on how to do as little work as possible for the highest grade available, and is a real whiz at sniffing out all the easy classes. How long do you think she’ll be able to keep up her rockin’ body when all she does is veg out on the couch?

Cerys Porter—
hot topic aficianado

From the looks of her, you might think that Cerys is your typical goth in a school full of preppies. And you wouldn't exactly be wrong. Cerys is grumpy, somewhat anti-social, and has already developed a long rap sheet of problems with some of the preppy posers lumbering around the Academy. But at the same time, she's pretty down to Earth. She makes it a habit to help out the newbees so that they don't get taken advantage of, and she's pretty well-versed in some of the more obscure goings-on in the Academy.

Cerys' story begins here:
"Titanic new year for Cerys

Hester Rhea—
infamous gossip

A chubby little schemer who’s just as chatty as she is catty, and just as catty as she is a fatty. More often than not, Hester can be found coming up with new excuses not to do work, or at the very least complaining about having to do work she couldn’t talk herself out of.

Pauline "Paul" Spillum—
transfer student, thug life

Paul is... moody. She's going through a rough time, going to the same Academy where her perfect prodigy sister just so happens to teach. She's not exactly the cuddliest roommate on the roster. That being said, she does have her upsides. She has snakebite piercings and short, boyish hair. Also has a tendency to play around with school uniform regulations to suit her style.

Paul's story begins here:
"Spillum Family Road Trip

A grown up Paul also appears in "Kitchen Boss ; the Buttercombe continuity sees her moodiness in living under Rebecca’s shadow, trying to fit in with her roommates and making more enemies than friends. You can check out her bio for the other interactive here: "Kitchen Boss Recipe Book

Mia Tanden—
eager to please, straight-a student

A shy, somewhat mousy girl. She’s not very sociable and doesn’t have a lot of friends, but doesn’t really have any interesting hobbies either. Mia’s a real wallflower. But once she makes some friends make no mistake that she’ll do anything and everything in her power to keep them!


Cassandra Burgess—
culinary prodigy, partying prodigy

A transfer student from a cooking academy on the West Coast. She’s an avid partier and has something of a wild side. Cassie’s held highly as a young culinary prodigy, able to do things with food that most people never dreamed possible. Any girl who happens to find herself rooming with Miss Burgess had better prepare for plenty of temptation and brace themselves for a little more than the Freshman 15.

Cassandra's story begins here:
"Burgess Beewitched by Buttercombe

Katrina Blackwell—
hips bigger than a kettle drum, member of the brat pack

A southern belle with an ass the size of Texas. She comes from a long line of Buttercombe Alumnus, from her mother to her mother's mother to her mother's mother's mother, and all the prestige has definitely given her a swollen head to match her swollen ass. She's friends with a bunch of other prissy rich girls who go around and bully other students, but manages to have her daddy buy her out of trouble. Much more malicious than her sweet southern accent lets on. BEWARE!

Miranda Goddard—
aspiring actress, easily duped

One of the little bees buzzing around the theatre, and an aspiring actress herself. Miranda is a natural on stage, and is absolutely obsessed with all things pertaining to the theatre. Whether or not she’ll make an impression on stage is entirely up to whichever storyline you follow—though whether or not she’ll be fitting into her costumes is a matter less likely up for debate.

Miranda's story begins here:
"Miranda Goddard, aspiring actress!

Lauren Grant—
student body president, one of the biggest student bodies

The student-body president, and one of the largest student bodies in the Academy. Lauren Grant is a legacy student, a la her mother, and as such is a little more predisposed to the luxurious life that Buttercombe Academy provides. She’s incurably lazy and spoiled, and honestly isn’t one of the brightest girls around. But she’s nice enough… Most of the time.

Sabrina Harrington—
spoiled heiress #2, not as bright as her sisters

The middle child in the Harrington suite. She’s desperate for attention and praise—hardly as smart as either one of her sisters, but twice as beautiful. More often than not, this chunky former cheerleader will find herself part of her older sister’s plots to torture anyone and everyone who crosses their path. Not very bright, but a lot to look at. And with her eager willingness to binge without thinking of the consequences…

Yumi Katsuragi—
transfer student, trouble maker

A rough chick who gets into trouble a lot, moving from school to school on almost a semester-ly basis. She happened to come to Buttercombe on account of her high grades and Ms. Polluck’s forgiveness policy. However she can’t seem to stop getting into trouble.

Yumi's story begins here:
"Preconceptions and Preperations

Sung Myeong—
transfer student, gamer girl

Sung is a transfer student. Rather than some of the other girls on this list, she's not quite used to the preparatory school life. Her grades are off the charts, and she just recently scored high enough on her aptitude tests to enroll in Buttercombe Academy. Finally, her anti-social behavior and tendency to ignore actual people have paid off! But when her biggest aide is also her biggest distraction, how will Sung balance her gaming hobby with the demanding curriculum of Buttercombe Academy? Only time will tell...

Sung's story begins here:
"Sung Myeong gets her game on!

Clara Price—
the strange one

The resident weirdo. She’s a whiz kid straight from Doctor Horrible’s school of Mad Science, and is often conducting weird experiments and the like. She’s got a thing for the color blue, dying her hair blue and painting her dorm her favorite shade (totally against school rules!) Clara takes everything in as a scientific equation, preferring the sedentary life of a thinker instead of the active life of a doer. In short, calories > activity = tons and tons of Clara!

Clara's story begins here:
"Clara; Curses, The Combe' and Weird Science

Rozalin Rhodes—
weeaboo, passive enabler

One of the school’s resident chubby otakus. She’s hardly the first, but easily one of the most obsessed with all things related to Japan. She watches anime in her downtime and collects stuffed plushies of her favorite characters. She also has a tendency to write boy-love fanfiction of said characters, or fanfiction with herself inserted in a three-way between said boys. Outwardly she’s very shy, and despite her perversions, Rozy is usually very sweet and just wants to help people.

Rozy's story begins here:
"Rozy Weeabo

Codi Rueger—
WASP, would-be drill sergeant

Codi is, first and foremost, a big fat bitch. She's one of the on-campus elite, and isn't afraid to rub anyone else's nose in it. She's one of the senior members of the illustrious WASP sisterhood, kind of like a proto-sorority, and is incredibly picky about who she lets in. She's been known to be one of the worst sponsors in Buttercombe History. DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS!

Monique Rodriquez—
take-charge attitude, prone to scheming

A gifted speaker with a thick waist and broad womanly curves. She’s a fiery latina lass who aims to go into business once she graduates. She’s a born leader and headstrong to the end, though sometimes she lets her overconfidence get the better of her. Monique is cut-throat and will do anything within her power to claim something once she sets her mind to it. Except diet, apparently.

Wednesday Steinway—
pianist, lover of ladies everywhere

The heiress to a particularly large fortune founded in pianos with an equally large (if not more so) bottom. Wendy is a single white female looking for a lady love who hasn’t had much luck yet. Be forewarned all those interested, she will spoil you rotten!

Bethany Taft—
big fat bitch

A complete and total hog. Not surprisingly, she takes after her namesake—the great President Taft himself is (supposedly) a distant relative of hers. Beth is openly more interested in stuffing her face than she is in her studies, and it’s heavily implied that there’s something sexual to it. What Beth really needs is someone who can keep her well-fed and happy, because you would not like her highness when she’s hungry.

Beth's story begins here:
"Just talkin' 'bout Taft. Can you dig it?

Autumn Westbrook—
ego as big as her breasts, part of the brat pack

Another member of Grace's Crew. She's big, she's spoiled, and her tits are the size of watermelons. She looks down on anyone who couldn't afford to live up to the name 'Westbrook' and goes out of her way to act like a T-Total witch-with-a-b to anyone who she feels is beneath her. While Grace's plans are snotty and immature, the things Autumn cooks up are just... mean.

Veronica "Ronnie" Wilson—
resident adviser, perpetually perky

Ronnie Wilson is an RA, first and foremost. She’s in charge of resident advising and making sure everyone on her hall is taken care of (like a prefect from Harry Potter!) Above that, she’s more or less known for her sweet bubbly personality and being a real whiz in the kitchen. She’s always looking out for anyone under her care and does her best to remember everyone’s names and birthdays! Another one of those ones you have to watch out for if you want to stay fit and trim!

Olivia Wolfe—
not nearly as mean as she lets on, part of the brat pack

Olivia runs with a bad crowd. Sure, she's just as spoiled and snotty as the rest of Grace's Brat Pack, but she's not all that bad, deep down. In fact, she's pretty much the only thing that keeps her friends in line whenever she feels like they've gone off the deep end. That being said, she's prone to stress-eating, which around her friends, happens a lot. It's no wonder she's easily one of the bigger girls on campus...


Melanie Carlyle—
big beautiful blimp

A notorious slacker with a rebellious streak, Mel isn't really one to let other people tell her what to do. That being said, her grades and aptitude are off the charts; she's actually very smart! Over the course of three years at the Academy, Mel has gone from a scrawny little blonde to a big, bombastic woman with more confidence than she has ass. She's very large, and knows it. In fact, she might actually like it if she were bigger...

Hannah Hammond—
hotel heiress, the reason you're fat

One of the very (very) few seniors who haven’t succumbed to the lazy Buttercombe lifestyle. Hannah Hammond is, however, a notorious obesophile—she absolutely loves anything and everything about people getting fat. Should anyone be unlucky enough to get her as a roommate, it would probably be in their best interest to apply for another room. Hannah can and will deliberately fatten almost anyone who walks through her door!

Hannah's story begins here:
"Hannah Hammond

Faye Harrington—
spoiled heiress #1, former athlete in "early retirement"

An impossibly spoiled, impetuous legacy student who comes from a long long line of Buttercombe Alumnus. A former athlete, Faye would much rather lay around all day and do nothing and complain about getting fat while doing absolutely nothing about it. She’s something of a bully to the younger girls, especially her sister Molly.

Hillary Heart—
former super-star, in hiding

There’s a rumor that Hillary Heart, one of the UK’s many pop stars, came to Buttercombe Academy many years ago in hopes of furthering her education just in case the whole “star” thing didn’t work out. It didn’t. Hillary Heart readily indulged herself as a form of teen rebellion in a way that even the richest of girls that roll around the hallways couldn’t imagine, and it has left her with a body sorely lacking. Should you find Hillary Heart, she’ll more than likely be using a fake name to hide her stardom(?) Though in all honesty, the extra two hundred pounds she’s picked up while on campus make for a pretty ready disguise already…

Brittany Huan—
aspiring biologist, willing victim

Brittany is one of the largest students on campus, easily living up to the “super-sized senior” reputation that seems to come with being a student at Buttercombe Academy. She’s a biology whiz who happens to enjoy fine dining, laying around in her underwear, and acting as a human garbage disposal unit. Even though it’s Brittany’s last year, make no mistake, she will be graduating even larger than she already is.

Rachel Elvers—
surprisingly dim

Rachel is another one of those improbably large girls who totter around campus, eagerly stuffing herself to her heart's content. Rachel isn't too incredibly bright, and is somewhat on the naive side. She's much more trusting than she ought to be with friends like Hannah Hammond around. But more or less, she's just a really sweet soul who will always be eager to make a new friend. Whether or not she's a good influence, that'll be up to you to decide...

Rachel's story begins here:
"Meet massive masticating Rachel Elvers!

Grace Sawyer—
biggest bitch on campus, leader of the brat pack

A snotty brat who gets off on bullying anyone poorer, dumber, or thinner than her. Grace uses her impressive size to bully extra portions from those more timid and meek than her, and due to the sizeable contributions her parents make, basically has an infinite supply of get out of jail free cards. Grace bosses around a posse of equally fat girls, possibly including the character you write for, if they play their cards right.


These characters listed are those involved with the upkeep of the school in regards to cosmetic maintenance, health and wellbeing, or other miscellaneous jobs that help the gears and cogs keep turning easily. As such, there is a much wider variety of daily responsibility between them.
Characters are listed in alphabetical order by last name

Michelle Alvarez—
head of security, mostly decorative

An absolutely incorrigible woman. Ms. Alvarez is the woman put in charge of making sure that no one gets in or out of Buttercombe Academy without due notice or the proper authority. That being said, she's also got a pretty sweet gig of doing pretty much nothing all day. She takes her job seriously enough, even if no one else does. Lends nothing to the stereotype of security officers liking donuts.

Margaret Flynn—
custodian, hates her job

Maggie Flynn works as a janitor at Buttercombe Academy. Her active life of running around and cleaning up messes mostly manages to keep the pounds off, but also provides another hidden benefit: secrets. Maggie is a notorious gossip hound and is constantly nosing into other people's business. What does she do with this information? Well that's just up to you to find out!

Tasha Kretchkov—
headmistress' assistant, loves her job too much

Tasha is Ms. Polluck's head assistant. Most like to think of her as the muscle to Ms. Polluck's brain, and they certainly wouldn't be wrong. She's an absolute bear of a woman with a thick Russian accent. However she's not nearly as scary as her statuesque appearance would make her out to be. She's quite kind and nurturing. She does plenty of odd jobs around the school, so she could really show up anywhere...

Sonya Myers—
groundskeeper, blends into the background

The school's head groundskeeper. She's a natural at her job, practically living and breathing landscaping. She's quite bright, often showing off her intellectual side. That being said, she's not one of those know-it-all, down-to-earth, Wilson-from-Home Improvement kinds of intellectuals. She's shy, and would much rather keep to herself and trim the topiary.

Candace Scott—
secretary, most unlucky woman alive

Candace is a great big ball of bad luck. She's incredibly overweight, which lends itself to knocking things over with her cumbersome corpulence. However there's just something about her that seems to radiate misfortune. Things break around her, people get sick around her, coin-flips turn out wrong, she's just got a really unfortunate aura about her. That being said she's sweet as can be and sincerely just wants to help people out, which may or may not prove unfortunate for anyone around her when she tries to "help"

Candace's story begins here:
"Candance the Catastrophe

Allison Spades—
head nurse, no you have a problem

How this woman has kept a job is anyone's best guess. She's surly, she's unpleasant, and she's usually hung over. Ally is the biggest party animal on-site, and isn't afraid to come to work with conspicuous looking sunglasses to hide her bloodshot eyes. All this drinking, though, does have its consequences. She's put on an extraordinary amount of weight in the short time she's worked at the Academy, and doesn't look to be joining a gym any time soon...

Ally's story begins here:
"An Average Saturday Night for Spades

Mia Underwood—
student counselor, humongous hippie

A New Age-r who happens to be the one in charge of making sure all the students are happy and completely and utterly content with their ridiculously posh schooling environment. She calls everyone "sister" and has lots of plants in her office. She uses only natural shampoos and body washes, and wears long dresses or muumuus made cruelty-free. Yeah, she's that kind of person. A lot of the stuff she spouts out is actually helpful, but a lot of those who have suffered through one session with her find her unbearable.

Mia's story begins here:
"Mia Underwood



Below are further facts and pieces of lore to help color the world that Buttercombe Academy takes place in. While these morsels of information are extraneous, they are useful points of reference.


Despite years of effort, Ms. Polluck has been unable to resuscitate the long-departed Athletic Program at Buttercombe Academy due to severe underappreciation. While a Physical Education course is provided, Ashley Knight and Courtney Farron are but two women; and find themselves understaffed in trying to organize sports teams.

Most students are apathetic towards sports, but given enough generated interest, an athletics team may be cobbled together…


It’s only natural that, in its long life, Buttercombe Academy has attracted friendly (and not-so-friendly) rivalries with schools all across the globe. Competition breeds results among campuses, so performance in all areas of operation—academics, extra curriculars, funding and budgeting, even culinary—is often a bartering chip for accolades among rivals.

Rival schools include

Chubbeso Academy—
england/wales, ninety-nine percent all-girls

Chubbeso Academy is one of Buttercombe Academy’s newly formed rivals. Though it has been established for many years, prominence has mostly been contained to its home country of England. However, stemming back from when Ms. Polluck was in school, the Masters Family and their school have become fierce competitors for some of Buttercombe Academy’s potential students and funding.

The Masters Family is notoriously decadent, even by Buttercombe’s standards, and that reflects in their handling of faculty, students, and guests. While Ms. Polluck and Jessica Masters—Chubbeso’s current Headmistress—remain on good terms, her trips have become scarce ever since a particularly maligned extended vacation that resulted in a custom-made suit and an expensive tailoring bill.

Ever since Jessica accidentally admitted a boy to her all-girl’s school based solely on his embarassingly feminine name, the topic has been ripe for parody among their circle.

St. Consumpta’s School for Girls—
united states/maine, lapsed catholic school

St. Consumpta’s School for Girls was founded before Buttercombe Academy, and it has been rumored that a Polluck once attended there before founding her new alma mater. While Buttercombe maintains a firm grip on funding and outperforms the school overall, the rivalry remains out of tradition.

Ms. Chalke—the Headmistress—is the one who opened the doors to non-Catholics, inviting a wide range of students and teachers to enroll. Like Ms. Polluck, she places a great emphasis on ensuring the comfort of those placed in her stead. Their culinary program is divine, spearheaded by Chef Caroline Dobbins, and is perhaps their only advantage over Buttercombe Academy in the new generation.

Ms. Polluck has always been unnerved by the decidedly Gothic construction of the campus, and prefers that Ms. Chalke come to her, rather than the other way around.

the Hornet’s Academy for Fostering the Growing Mind—
united states/south carolina, wanna-bee’s

The Hornet’s Academy for Fostering the Growing Mind is an ostentatiously named school that does little to live up to its reputation. They’re a poor-woman’s substitute for Buttercombe Academy in every sense of the word, except for their functioning sports program. They have a leg up on that one.

The Headmistress, Ms. Esther Hamrick, is actually a distant relative of Ms. Polluck. They’re third cousins, stemming from opposite ends of the family. Where the Pollucks are well-to-do and polite, the Hamricks tend to be brassy and ill-tempered. The only thing that the two have in common is their plump physiques and competitive natures.

It’s not uncommon for students exiled from Buttercombe, or unable to afford it, to settle for the Hornet’s Academy.


Sometimes a teacher finds themselves overworked. And that’s okay. Sometimes a student wants to get into teaching herself, and that’s great! The two can come together and the student can apply to become that (or a) teacher’s assistant! It requires one free period on the student’s part, wherein she will sit in on a teacher’s class and help organize their work. Grade papers, come up with assignments, et cetera.

Some teachers have been known to take advantage of the free labor, but surely that won’t happen given the good crew that have been hand-picked by Ms. Polluck herself…


As it stands, these are the pre-established facts and characters to be found in Buttercombe Academy. Please remember that, again, most of these interpretations are subjective to the authors that are writing them at the time, and nothing is set in stone. This is just a simple guide to help keep things orderly and tight.

If you feel that we have missed any characters, important locations, or handy notes from the interactive, and would like to see them posted, please notify the creating author on his on-site e-mail.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your stay at Buttercombe Academy for Growing Girls.

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