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by Jeff
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An index of items created or active during the current calendar year.

It can sometimes be difficult to wade through someone's port to find the new stories or active items hidden amidst the older items and activities from days long past. I decided that I would keep an item that indexes everything I create or keep active during the current calendar year, so visitors to my port can find the new and noteworthy items quickly and easily. *Smile*

Groups & Activities
         "NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon ASR: A NaNoWriMo fundraiser... compete as a NaNo writer or donate by sponsoring one!

         "After Party E: After the party comes the cleanup.
         "Let The Light In 13+: Marty gets more than he bargained for when he reports a problem to the police.
         "The Only Way Out 13+: Musical Drabble (100-word short story) entry based on Pink Floyd's "Money."
         "Ghosts of Corsaire 13+: An auction on a planetary scale.
         "Game Set Match ASR: A tennis match as seen from one side of the net.
         "A Summer Quest E: Stuck at his grandmother's for the summer, Lloyd discovers a surprising secret.
         "The Night Shift ASR: A 300-word short story that includes the line "you owe me an explanation."
         "Down and Dirty 13+: Dialogue 500 entry. A misunderstood conversation using only 500 words of dialogue or less.
         "Buyer's Remorse ASR: An under 300-word short story about someone buying a home.
         "Outrunning the Blues 13+: Music Drabble (100-word short story) based on Jackson C. Frank's "Blues Run the Game"
         "The Curse of the Mudflats 13+: A short story based on a picture prompt for The Cliff Hanger Contest.
         "Proposus Interruptus ASR: Daily Flash Fiction Challenge entry. Prompt: Include a marriage proposal.
         "Empty Nest ASR: A story about a missing person in 300 words or less. Daily Flash Fiction Challenge entry.
         "Mack the Knife GC: A scary story based on a prompt with a song for a story title. Writer's Cramp entry.
         "Responsible Rebellion 13+: Daily Flash Fiction Challenge entry. Prompt: Include the words shell, door, bed.
         "A Child of the Past 13+: Talking to a child you finally realize is a ghost. Dialogue 500 entry.
         "In Transylvania, Pumpkin Carves You! 18+: A story having something to do with a pumpkin carving. Holiday Short Story Contest entry.
         "The Eternal Optimist ASR: Daily Flash Fiction Challenge entry. Prompt: include the words rain, school, jump.

         "Shalom E: A poem on the concept of shalom, inspired by a message I heard at church.
         "Thief of Hearts 13+: A Quatern poem inspired by an image prompt for the Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest.
         "Olympiad E: A Rondelet poem inspired by the Olympics.
         "The Mystery of Malachi E: A Pantoum poem about the author of the Bible's Book of Malachi.
         "Don't @ Me 18+: A Blitz poem about the dark side of social media.
         "The Road of Life ASR: A Rondel poem inspired by a Pond Poetry image prompt of a hitchhiker's outstretched hand.
         "Meta/Paradox ASR: Tanka and expanded Free Verse poems about Eastern Poetry
         "Acrosswordtics ASR: A trio of Acrostic poems about crosswords.
         "Scientific Exploration 13+: Five poems about science and scientific-type topics.
         "Life's Cavalcade ASR: A Con-Verse poem inspired by a quote prompt
         "One Way Ticket 13+: An Etheree poem based on an image prompt for the Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest.
         "Punching Bag 13+: A Synchronicity poem inspired by an image/quote prompt
         "Oceanic Taxidermy ASR: A quinzaine poem inspired by a picture prompt.
         "Screens 13+: A Diamante poem inspired by a picture prompt.
         "First Snow E: A Rondelet poem written for the Christmas in July Contest.
         "Cascade E: A 24-syllable poem based on a prompt.
         "Tantrum 13+: A melodramatic loop poem about being home alone. Writer's Cramp entry.
         "Social Claustrophobia 13+: A free verse poem based on an image prompt about safe spaces. Rebel Poetry Contest entry.
         "Autumn Always Comes ASR: A free verse poem about my favorite season. Shadows and Light Contest entry
         "Delivery Dissatisfaction ASR: A limerick about Amazon deliveries. Writer's Cramp entry.
         "Sleep Deprivation E: A 24-syllable poem containing the word "bough." Entry for 24 Syllables Contest.
         "Impostor ASR: A Quinzaine poem about mistaken identity. Writer's Cramp entry.

         "Jeff's Jibber-Jabber 18+: A blog for my assorted thoughts and rambling inner monologue.
         "Evie E: A stray kitten's journey to find a forever family.
         "Cards Against Authors - June entries
         "Get Smart & Be Generous ASR: Proverbs 18 is as relevant today as when it was written. Christian Writing Contest entry.

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