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Assignment 2 tells the second characters point of view on a date.
Romantica Workshop - Week 2 - January 5 to 11, 2015

Assignment 2:
Your characters are going out on a date. Write from the character "B" POV. You decide where they go and what happens on the date. Your focus will be in setting the mood, showing me their surroundings, and how they act together. Bring on the sexual tension, let them flirt and play with one another. Is someone on the brink of falling in love, or have they already fallen? Which character is the bold one, taking risks, being forward and testing the waters? Is it mutual? Concentrate on what body language they read from their partner, if any. Describe what character "B" sees in their partner. What does character "A" make character "B" feel? Do they want to be kissed? Have their hands on them? Are they nervous? Delve into all the aspects of what character "B" is feeling, how they interpret the conversation. Donโ€™t speed through the scene, bring me into it so I feel as if Iโ€™m right there watching their movie play out on the big screen. You can start the date from any point in time you wish, but focus on capturing their moment in time together.
Word count 1,000-2,000 words. Assignment due Sunday.

Getting a date with the girl was a job in itself. Garrison had made several inquiries and finally discovered she was first year student living in East residence. He felt like a stalker, but a part of him was compelled to find her. Seeing her at the bullring had sparked his interest. Drawn him like a flame unable to forget or move on. She sent his protective instincts into overdrive and that had galvanized him to act on her behalf.

Inquiries and searching had him finding her hangouts.

Finding her at the university center at a table by the glass windows sent his heart soaring. The grin that tipped up the corners of his mouth brought a curious look from his buddies.

"Hey, I'll catch you guys later." he said moving off to talk to her.

"What about..." one of the guys began, but was slugged into silence. "Fine."

Garrison moved into the university's hub and followed the crowd around and passed the line up for the coffee kiosk. He moved with a purpose, though he told himself to remain calm. He did not want to spook her.

He was standing at her table when she gazed up at him. The powerful impact of her eyes held him momentarily speechless. When her brows pulled down into a frown, he smiled and found his voice. "Hey."

She echoed his tone and greeting.

"Mind if I sit?"

She glanced around taking in the few empty seats around her, then looked back at him before nodding, "I suppose..."

Her guardedness intrigued him. Challenged him. Drew him in a way he could not understand. She was a beautiful girl with the bluest eyes that seemed to grab him by the gut and hold him hostage. He was mesmerized. Not something he had ever experienced before. Watching her draw in and worry her lower lip had his gaze drop to her lips and again the frown dipped her brows.

"Is there something you would like?" she asked letting her brows rise.

His lips tipped up in a half grin. "I'd like to get to know you.... do you have a problem with that?' he kept his voice light and looked directly into her fathomless eyes.

She stared at him, but after a moment a chuckle rippled out and a smile graced the sweetness of her face making her even lovlier than he remembered.

"Why?" she asked after she was able to settle back down. Her eyes still danced with merriment.

"Why not?" he said flippantly, then at her raised brow, he added,"You are a beautiful woman. Something about you.... how do you explain attraction?"

"You don't even know my name." she told him.

He did, but he did not want her scared off thinking he had be looking into her, so he said, "I'd like to. I am Garrison, by the way. Garrison Clark." He held his hand out to her across the table and she let her eyes drop to it before meeting his gaze again.

She let her smile out and reached for his hand, "Millar Campbell."

He felt the jolt of energy skitter up his arm at her contact and from the shocked look on her face, he knew she had felt it as well. When she went to pull away he tightened his grip and drew her hand toward him watching as her eyes grew large. He turned their hands and pressed a kiss into her palm. She gasp rolled over him with satisfaction as he smiled up at her.

"Wow. I would say we have chemistry, Ms. Campbell." he whispered keeping his gaze locked on hers.

She pulled, snatching her hand back and wrapping it with her other hand pulling them close to her body. Her eyes were still wide with wonder and shock.

"I would have to say that was a first for me..." he told her leaning forward.

She nodded slowly keeping his gaze. She drew in a deep breath and let it out with focused control.

Seeing as how she was still singed with the touch, Garrison sat back and smiled at her. "I am a veterinary student. My first year. Would you be interested in a stroll through the barn."

That did it. She smiled and her laughter rose up to him again.

"No one has asked you for a tour of the barns?" he asked, sounding as if it was unheard of at a university that was renowned for its Agricultural College and Veterinarian School.

Still laughing she shook her head.

"Well we must rectify that, Ms. Campbell. Are you free tomorrow?"

"You really want to show me the barn?"

He nodded smiling his most charming smile at her.

"You really are quite something, Mr. Clark."

"Oh, please... Mr. Clark is my father. Call me Garrison."

"Garrison.... nothing shorter?"

He gave a disgusted grunt, "Oh no. Garrison, please. No short forms or I'd have to hurt you."

She laughed again, "Then Garrison it is."

"Thank you." he said with mock relief that had her giggling some more.

She glanced down at her watch and gave a frown, "I have a class to get to." she told him looking up at him apologetically then.

"Can I walk you to class?"

She smiled over at him as she began to gather up her books. "I suppose that would be okay."

As she stood, he asked, "What class are we off to?"

"Art.... Introductory. I am only a first year student. Zavitz Hall is only there." She pointed across the courtyard.

"I've never been in there."

"Then another first."

He grinned at her as he motioned her to lead the way. She did and he enjoyed the back view of her as much as the front. Raising his eyes off her ass he caught her looking back at him over her shoulder.

"Just enjoying the view, Ms. Campbell."

She chuckled again and the sound drew him forward.

Out in the courtyard he barely felt the January blitz of wind biting into him as he moved up beside her. They moved quickly. When they were in Zavitz Hall she lead him up through the maze of the old building to the top floor. Just before her room she paused and turned to him.

"This is me."

He smiled, "Tomorrow then, can I see you? Tour the barns?"

She paused tipping her head to one side to make him out, then smiled, "sure."

"What time?"

"I am finished classes at three...."

"We could meet at the same place as today... three thirty?"

She smiled and nodded, "Sounds like fun."

Without thinking he leaned forward and brushed a quick feather light kiss across her cheek. Pulling back he noticed her wide eyes and smiled.

"Until tomorrow, Millar." he said quietly then turned and headed back down the maze of corridors, but just before he moved out of sight he turned and looked to see her still standing there watching him. She looked a little dazed. He smiled and gave a little wave just as he moved down the stairs. That could not have gone better., he thought letting the smile spread across his face.

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