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Entry for the Weekly Quickie Contest - An established couple spice things up a bit.
Things had become old and routine. We needed a little something, so I wrote a note telling my husband to meet me at the Royal Plaza Hotel. Only a room number and time were given. I also included a photo: one of myself draped in red silk and nothing else.

I had room service deliver a selection of fruits and a warm chocolate fondue, along with a selection of appetizers that all could wait until they were needed.

When my husband arrived he found another note telling him to get comfortable on the couch. I waited until he wandered the room and then sat on the edge of the couch, posed and at the ready, then I pushed the button and let the music swirl out of the speakers. When I made my way out of my hiding spot I could not help smiling at the widening of his eyes and the dropping of his jaw. I fought a giggle as I began to move to the seductive music I had selected.

As I danced, I made sure to move my hips in a seductive rhythm, my hands roamed up over the red silk. My heart beat began to quicken as I watched my husband’s eyes follow my hands, leaving a blazing trail that singed my sensitive skin. Slowly I began to unwind the fabric and soon I stood before him with my breasts bared. My hands skimmed over my flesh and up to fondle my already taut nipples.

My husband licked his lips and shifted back. His eyes never leaving my hands on my breasts. I watched as his own hands moved to his engorged cock. He lowered the zipper and eased his erection out for me to see. He was hard and ready. He began to stroke himself.

I moved towards him and when he lifted one of his hands, I handed him the edge of the silk and began to twirl slowly away from him. With each turn, more of the fabric fell away until I was standing bound only by the final bow at my waist.

He grinned, then began to draw the material back, drawing me towards his open legs. When I reached the edge of the couch between his legs and his throbbing cock, I stopped.

“I want you to taste me.” I whispered huskily.

He leaned forward as he lifted my knee up and onto his leg opening me to him. His other hand moved from his cock to my other leg where he lightly danced his fingers over the sensitized skin.
I moaned.

He drew his fingers over my womanly folds and stroked a finger over my sensitive bud. I gasped and let my head dip back. Pleasure roared through my blood.

“So wet,” he murmured thickly as he dipped forward to let his lips and tongue savour the taste of me.

“Oh, yes...” I managed a breathless moan.

His hands moved to my buttocks. One supporting me under my thigh, the other wrapped around my straightened leg.

He feasted and I felt myself rise higher and higher as the sensations built. My blood flamed. I panted and made mewing sounds as I writhed before him.

When the orgasm ripped through me, I saw the brilliance of fireworks behind my eyelids, then my body melted. My husband caught me, pulling me forward and before I recovered myself, he thrust up into me, his moan of satisfaction rippling over me as he continued to pump upwards. I had barely touched down when he took us over again. Together into the chasm of ecstasy and sensational delights.

As we lay wrapped in each others arms, I had to admit, we had spiced things up.

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