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Serena tries to run from her attraction to her roommate, Daniel...
Serena breathed a sigh of relief as she flopped into her over sized couch.  The first long weekend of summer was officially here.  Three days of unfettered time.  A chance to throw off the bonds of job constraints and chill.  She had a hour before her friends were to be picking her up.  Escape from the city and away from roommates was going to be a blessing. 

A key in the lock had Serena jumping up and moving to stand.  She did not need her roommates in her face right now.  Tensions were running high and she'd need to find a new place to live sooner than later, but she needed this weekend; needed it like she needed her next breath. 

She was down the hall and into her room before Daniel entered the apartment and closed the door.  She couldn't look at him.  Couldn't be in the same room with him.  Couldn't breathe fully with him around.  The mild attraction she had felt when he first moved in was understandable.  The guy was gorgeous.  Tall, dark and gloriously toned in all the right places.  He could send her senses on high alert with just his presence and if he smiled at her, she could feel herself melt into a puddle of goo.  Things had been fine until he had broken up with his girlfriend.  Since then, she had felt his gaze like a caress and it left her feeling exposed and vulnerable. 

It was not a feeling she felt comfortable with or was sure she wanted.  She did not want to think she had caused any discord between him and his girlfriend, but since their breakup, he had been paying her extra attention.  At first, it had been a little niggle of apprehension, but two days ago his ex had called and Serena had answered the phone.  The girl had screamed obscenities at her; claiming her to be a slut and a whore.  Claiming she had stolen her man.  Serena had shriveled at the thought and since then she had avoided Daniel.  This weekend getaway was going to help immensely.  She needed the space and time to think.

She packed quickly making sure to have her sleeping bag, her pillow and a pair of jeans, several pairs of shorts, t-shirts, underthings and socks.  An extra blanket, flip flops and another pair of shoes also fit into her bag as well as her current reading material and her sketch book.  She would go nowhere without them.  Now all she needed was the food she had gathered together in the kitchen and she would be ready to go. 

Grabbing her things, as well as a raincoat and an extra hoodie, she made her way back down the hall towards the kitchen hoping not to run into Daniel.  That was not to happen. 

In the kitchen, he was leaning against the counter taking a long pull from his water bottle.  Serena swallowed slowly letting her eyes take in the sight of him, all toned and sweaty from his run.  Just the look of him, had her heart beat skipping, then racing wildly.  When he turned his deep blue gaze to her, she glanced away quickly, missing the tipped up, one sided grin he gave her. 

"So you're still heading up to Wasaga Beach?" he asked, keeping his gaze on her.

She nodded not trusting her voice as she moved forward to grab her food. 

"I'm hoping to get away too.  My family has a place up there.  Maybe I'll see you...."

Serena was glad she had her back to him, as she was able to hide her reaction.  She forced her breathing into deep slow breaths and willed her heart to stop its crazy racing.  She closed her eyes and willed her emotions to steady themselves. 

"Serena?"  he said in a tone meant to sooth, "are you okay?"

She nodded.  When he reached and touched her arm, she jumped at the contact. 

"Serena?" his voice held concern. 

Whirling she managed to give him a forced smile to reassure him.  Then she moved away from him.  The distance helped.  His look of concern gripped her, but she tried to make her smile more natural as she said, "I have to go.  I have to meet the girls... I'm already late."

She backed a few steps, bumping into the couch, before she was able to turn and hurry to the door.  It was not until she was in her friend, Ally's car that she realized her sketchbook had fallen out.  Her heart lurched.  'Where had she lost it?  On the street?  In the apartment.... oh, how she hoped Daniel didn't find it.  She'd be too embarrassed to even think about how he would react when he saw some of her sketches. 

Her friends managed to get her mind off her missing sketchbook and Daniel and it was not long before she was singing along to the tunes and helping to plan the weekend's escapades. 

*          *          *

Saturday found Serena up before her friends.  They had all over indulged in alcohol the night before, but she had practiced restraint wanting to enjoy the beach and not sleep in.  She pulled on her bikini and slipped her shorts and t-shirt over before grabbing a pad of paper, a pencil and her towel.  Thoughts of her missing sketchbook tripped over her mind, but she pushed them away. 

The morning was cool, but as soon as she was on the beach she slipped off her flip flops and let her toes enjoy the silky coolness of the early morning sand.  The sun was up, but its glow was still low on the horizon sending flares of colour in painted streaks across the sky.  It was going to be a wonderful day. 

Serena headed for the water's edge so that she could walk along with her feet in the gentle waves.  Except for a few gulls and the swoosh of surf, it was quiet, calm and peaceful. 

She walked for a good long while before she found a spot where she could sit and sketch.  She had been there awhile before she heard running footsteps coming up the beach.  She did not look up until she heard the steps slow.  Then she fixed her eyes on the jogger, recognition descended.  Daniel.

He was moving toward her, his body glistening from the exertion of a good run.  Her breath hitched. 

"Serena," he said giving her one of his brilliant smiles as he moved to sit down beside her.

"Hey," she managed to say, trying to project a calm, cool image that she was not feeling. 

He glanced over at her sketches and she felt her body tighten as heat flushed up through her.  "Your drawings are great."

"Thanks," her voice came out breathy.

“I found your sketch book... I brought it with me just in case I found you....”

“Oh...”  embarrassment flooded her.

Daniel chuckled, shaking his head as he said, “I was impressed.  You are really talented.”  He paused, looking over at her, smiling when she looked away down the beach.  “I especially liked the ones you did of me.”

Serena closed her eyes and took in a deep breath.  She had been expecting this.  The embarrassment and humiliation flooded over her. 
She heard him shift, then felt his breath close to her ear as he asked, “Why did you draw me?”

Did she have to admit it, really have to say.  Instead she stayed quiet, her eyes still closed.

Daniel reached out and cupped her chin lightly as he turned her face towards his.  “Look at me Serena,” he whispered.

She opened her eyes and looked up into the blue depths of his.  Her blood heated.  His eyes deepened with desire that had her gasping in a breath before he lowered his head and brushed his lips lightly over hers.

She heard a moan and realized it was her own as he ran his tongue over the seam of her lips and she opened for him.  His tongue slipped over the threshold and touched hers igniting the flame and sending her heart beat into a frenzy.  She melted into the kiss, driven by her own desire and need.  He tasted of mint.  The scent of him enveloped her in a heady way as he shifted to pull her closer wrapping his arms so that he could cradle her head and hold her waist.  Her own arms wound their way up around his neck as he deepened the kiss to explore her mouth more fully. 

After what seemed like only a moment, he broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against hers.  Their heavy breathing mingled.  Daniel’s lips tipped up into a smile.

“I have wanted to do that for so long,” he whispered almost reverently.

“You have?” she whispered back.

He nodded, moving their heads in a gentle bob.

“From the moment we met...”

“But Joanna....”

“I felt guilty.  Never dreamed of acting on it, but then I got to know you... and I realized I could not stay with Joanna anymore.  I had tried to make it work, but it just did not seem worth it anymore.  She was driving me crazy.... and so were you."

“Then I did break you up,”  Serena began, horrified as she began to pull back.

Daniel tightened his grip pulling her back to him.  “No.  You did not.”


“Joanna and I were having issues before I moved in.  I knew she could be possessive and jealous, but when Robert offered me better rent than I was paying for a place closer to work, I couldn’t turn it down.  Joanna was upset about the move before she even met you.... she wanted me to move in with her and I just was not ready...”


“To be honest, we were done before I moved in, but I was not willing to admit it.  Meeting you.... I knew.... this would be different.”

He touched his lips to hers again and she responded opening her mouth to taste him again. 

When he broke the kiss, he said in husky tones, “Come swim with me.”

“It will be cold...” she began.

He chuckled.  “I think I need the cold right now or I am bound to take you right here and now.”

Serena took a quick intake of breath and trembled as he laughed. 

In one graceful movement he jumped up and held out his hand to draw her up.  She put her hand in his and felt the jot of awareness as the contact ran along her arm.  He drew her close and leaned down to kiss her.  She could feel the hardness of his erection against her stomach and it sent more tremors down her spine.  Her own nipples pebbled with the awareness as his heat engulfed her. 

Grabbing the hem of her shirt he lifted it up slowly dragging his fingers over her lush curves.  One hand held the shirt as the other skimmed over her breast.  Serena trembled at his touch and he groaned before breaking the kiss and stripping the shirt fully off.  When she stepped back to remove her cut-offs he watched her, his gaze dark with desire. 

“God, you are beautiful Serena.”

Her face flamed with a crimson blush that had him reaching up to stroke her cheek.  “If only I could draw you like you drew me....”

“I...” she began unsure what to really say to that.

He smiled, brushing a kiss over her lips, before saying, “There was such attention to detail; I figured I could not be wrong in believing you were interested in me, too.”

She nodded, feeling shy she bowed her head.

Daniel drew up her chin so that he could caress her cheek and look her in the eye, “I am glad I got to see the drawings... I doubt you would have said anything....”

She smiled weakly at that.

“I want you, Serena...” he heard her quick intake of breath, before adding, “but I will not rush you... that is why we need to swim.”  With that he turned and pulled her towards the surf.

The water broke the tension and laughter rang out over the clear morning.  Daniel splashed at her and she returned all that he dished out.  He chased her into the waves and together they fell into the water.  Laughing and sputtering as they enjoyed just being together.

Serena felt a lightness she had not felt in months.  Gone were the unknown nerves, replaced with the knowledge that Daniel wanted her every bit as much as she wanted him.  That brought both relief and a new heightened anxiety, but she knew he would take it slow.  In the time they had been living together as roommates with Robert and Hailey, he had shown himself to be caring and considerate.  Knowing that he wanted her, added a new dimension, but one she was very willing to explore.

When they emerged from the water all pickled and prune–like from having stayed in so long, Daniel picked up her towel and wrapped it around her shoulders before grabbing his own.  He leaned forward to kiss the water dripping from her nose.

“Are you all right now?”  she asked feeling much more relaxed.

“Oh, I will survive.... but I still want you.”  He gave her a wicked smile before adding, "I would love to rip that bikini off your body and take you here and now.  Be deep inside you..." He blew out a breath feeling the tension building.  "I may have to go back in."

Serena let out a nervous giggle and Daniel grinned at her looking sweetly boyish.  “I’ll walk you back to your place.  Your friends must be wondering where you got off to.”

Serena shrugged.  She doubted they were even up yet.  “Where are you staying?”

They began moving down the beach the way she had come and he reached across and linked his fingers through hers before he said, “My aunt and uncle have a cottage at the end of 31st Street.  They let me borrow it... it is full of drunken frat boys right now.”

“Don’t you worry they will destroy the place?”

Daniel laughed, “I doubt any of them are awake yet.”

“Sounds like my friends.”

He smiled over at her, “Then I am really glad I came out running this morning and found you.”

Serena was glad too, but she smiled shyly and he gave her fingers a squeeze. 

“I want to see you again,” he told her as they made their way to the edge of the sand and she bent to dust off her feet and put her flip flops back on, “What are your plans?”

“Tonight is bar hopping...”

“Can you text me where you’ll be...”  She laughed at his concerned expression.  Patting his chest, she nodded and he relaxed into a smile. “I really want to dance with you.”


“Hold you close, sway to the music... rub against you, kiss you in public.”  Again she laughed as his tone became more suggestive near the end. 

“Sunday and Monday are mostly beach days... until we head back into the city.”

When he dropped her off at her place he stopped her on the steps, turned her and stepped up close.  He reached up to hold her face in his palms and leaned in to savour the taste of her one more time.  What he thought would be a brief goodbye kiss heated as he pulled her into him and deepened the kiss to devour her mouth.  Only the sound of the screen door creaking open pulled them apart and he rested his forehead on her chest as she ran her hands over the tops of her shoulders and down his back.

“I don’t want to leave you....’ he whispered.

“But you must,:” she told him.
“Okay then.... until later.  Text me.”

She nodded smiling as he headed off down the driveway.

“Well, Serena,” came a deep chuckle behind  her.  Without taking her eyes off Daniel she listened to her friend Ally say, “seems you found yourself a tall, dark and hottie.”

Serena could only giggle at that, “It’s just Daniel.” She told her.

“Yes, but Daniel is mighty fine and I see you have discovered he is really into you... still scared?”

“Terrified... but surprisingly happy.”

“Love doesn’t always have to hurt, Serena.”  Ally said wrapping her arm around Serena’s shoulders, “besides, I think he is one of the good ones.”

Serena nodded, her eyes still following his retreating back as she let out a deep sigh.

*          *          *

That night, Serena texted Daniel just before they headed out.  By the time they got to the bar, Daniel and his buddies were also arriving.  The two groups merged and grabbed one huge table.  Daniel introduced her to everyone and she did the same for him.

“We wanted to meet the girl that has our boy here, so nuts.”  His buddy Sam drawled.  He smiled warmly at her; leaving Serena to blush furiously. 

The booze flowed freely and everyone had a great time.  Only Daniel and Serena barely drank.  Instead they stayed close talking, laughing and dancing.  Daniel was always touching her.  By the time the night began to wind down, Serena was ramped so far up on sexual tension that she pulled Daniel out onto the patio and pressed her body into his.  She pressed her lips to his and was rewarded when he growled and pulled her closer, kissing her back with such a desperation she thought for sure she would go up in flames. 

“Can we get out of here?” he asked needing to have her to himself. 

“Yes... my place or yours?”

“I think the guys mentioned they were heading over to your place with the girls later... to keep the party going.  If we go to my place we’ll be alone....” he looked at her hopefully.  It was not until she agreed, that he released the breath he had been holding. 

They took a cab to her place to get a few things, then headed on to his place. 

“Are you sure about this?” he asked not wanting to rush her, but also not sure he could wait any longer.

“I’m sure.” 

Daniel leaned in and kissed her, as the kiss deepened to a sensuous exploring, he moved forward to press his body into hers.  Serena felt herself flood with emotion as Daniel began to trail kisses along her jaw and behind her ear.  She began to tremble as his hands moved up and down her back.  One hand dipped to her ass and gripped it possessively.  His other hand slid up under her shirt and trailed his fingers along the soft, silky skin of her stomach.  Serena tipped her head to give him access to her neck and his kisses moved down the column of her throat.  She moaned with pleasure.

“So sweet,” he murmured against her throat. 

Serena began to move her hands from his neck to explore his chest.  “I want to touch you,” she told him breathlessly.

He moved back from her and Serena felt the loss of his heat.  He took her hand and led her to his room.  Behind the closed door, he stripped off his shirt and Serena felt her mouth go dry at the toned muscles he revealed.  Her hands reached out and touched.  His skin was hot, yet it pebbled at her caress.  He growled drawing her close, but before she felt him pressed against her, his hands lifted the hem of her shirt and stripped it from her.  When she made contact, it was skin to skin except for her bra which his clever hands made quick work of removing.  Soon her aroused nipples were pressed up against his hard chest.  She moaned at the sizzle of contact. 

His lips found hers again as he moved to unfasten her pants.  She followed his lead and undid the button of his jeans.  She could feel the strength and potency of his erection.  She dragged her hand over the thick ridge and he growled low in his throat as he pushed his groin into her hand. 

He backed her up against the bed and pushed a finger into her silk underwear sliding them down to expose her fully.  A gentle nudge had her falling into the bed. 

“Seems you’re over dressed,” she told him. 

He shucked off his pants and surveyed the beauty before him. 

She expected him to lay down with her, but instead he dropped to the floor and pulled her to the edge of the bed where he pressed her thighs apart.  He ran his lips and tongue along her inner thigh as he murmured, "So fantasized about tasting you."

His words and breath against her thighs almost brought her to the brink.  She fisted her hands in his blankets and fought the surge of ecstasy that ramped up her senses.  She moaned, calling out his name in a breathy whisper that had him moving closer to her center. 

When he flicked his tongue over her clit she cried out his name and arched off the bed.  His skillful fingers joined his ministrations of tongue and lips.  He took pleasure in hearing her whimpers and moans as he brought her higher and higher.  When she reached the peak, she sobbed out his name and writhed in a fit of pure pleasure. 

He watched her, enjoying her loss of control.  His body was on fire, ready to go off without even fully experiencing her.  He fought the swirl of sensation and when she relaxed into completely spent, he climbed up over her and pressed kisses along her stomach and breasts, before moving to kiss her lips tenderly.  His hands continued to play with her breasts.  He thrummed his fingers over her aroused nipples and it was not long before she was arching into his palms and moaning for him.  Her hands moved over the muscles of his chest.  She followed the trail of dark hair down, down to his engorged cock.  When she wrapped her hand around him he almost forgot to breath. 

“I need you in me, Daniel, please,” she begged

Daniel shifted her up on the bed.  Then rolled over her enjoying the full body contact.  He settled between her legs and looked down into her silver blue eyes to make sure this was truly what she wanted.  Her eyes shimmered with desire.  His lips found hers.  Nipping and tasting, exploring her with his tongue.  She met him with equal fervor.  The kiss deepened and demanded; building the sexual tension as their hands explored and teased. 

“In me, now.”  She moaned arching up.

Not able to hold back anymore, he thrust with one swift stroke that had him deep within her.  Hot, slick and tight, she was made for him.  He stilled, filling her, feeling so right.  Slowly, he began to thrust, building them steadily towards a climax that would drag them both over the top. 

When they re-emerged on the other side, Daniel shifted his weight from her.  She drew in a gasp then moaned at the loss of him inside her.  He chuckled then leaned down to kiss her swollen lips and brush his fingers over her lush breasts.  Her nipples tightened further. 

“You are amazing,” he told her huskily as he gazed into her eyes. 

“I was going to say you were...”

“Together, we are,” he said leaning down and kissing her deeply.

Running her finger through his chest hair and letting a finger trail lower, Serena whispered, “My turn... My turn to explore you.”

Daniel pulled in a breath and let it out in a hiss as her hand slid down and found his cock.  His erection twitched and hardened as a moan broke over his lips.

“Oh, God.  Serena...” he managed huskily and she smiled.  Feminine power rippled over her sending a new thrill through her.  It was certainly a new experience. 

Before he could say anything else, she shifted so she could run her tongue down the same path her hand had gone.  She nipped at him then pressed kisses to those spots as he trembled under her ministrations.  He shifted his hands to run his fingers into her hair.  He needed to ground himself and hold on.

Her hand moved to cup his balls as her tongue licked at the tip of his cock.  Daniel swore, then hissed in a breath as she took him more fully.  Her mouth was hot and wet.  She swirled and sucked him, dragging him into a whirlwind of sensations that nearly blew his mind. 

“Serena... please... I can’t take much more,” he managed roughly as he tightened his grip in her hair.

She moved with seductive slowness, sliding up his body, making sure his cock trailed over her own sensitized skin.  Her skin pebbled and when her clit came up against his erection she rubbed her slickness against him as he arched and rocked.  She moved her hand to hold his hardness against her.  Slowly she rose up to the tip and circled the head of his cock, letting her juices flow over him.

He growled out, “God, woman you are killing me...”

She smiled mischievously holding his hungry gaze.  With slow sweetness she lowered herself over him taking him fully into her body.  As the tension built, she increased her pace and rode him hard and fast.  Their rushing breaths and moans filled the room, until ecstasy overtook them and they screamed out, colliding and exploding into oblivion.  Sensations swirled as they soared together bound and slick with sweat. She collapsed onto his chest.

When he was able to move he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her temple.

“That’s it.  I am never letting you go.”

“That sounds good to me,” she whispered with what breath she had. 

They lay there together letting their bodies calm and cool; letting their breath return to normal.  When she was able she lifted her head and smiled down at him. 

“I was thinking I was going to have to move out....” she began and felt him tighten his arms around her.

“No.  Don’t.”

She shook her head, leaning in to kiss him tenderly, “No, not anymore,” she told him with her lips still brushing his. 

“Thank God.”

It was then that they heard some of his friends returning.  They were no longer alone.

“I say we sleep... you’ve worn me out....”

She kissed him again as he shifted her to his side.  He curled around her and together it was not long before sleep took them. 

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Victoria Day Weekend

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