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Ray wants his girlfriend to try a little girl on girl action. Will she like it?
“You know you have always wanted to try it.”

Selena shook her head, but not as adamantly as she first had. Ray slid his arm around her shoulders.

"We'll go and check it out. If you change your mind you just let me know and we'll go..."

At the bar, Ray lead them through the maze of people to the back of the place where another couple waited for them in a secluded back booth. Ray motioned for her to slide in first so that she would be beside his friend's new girlfriend. She was introduced as Adenine.

"Hi.". The other girl said with a dusky, deep voice.

Serena swallowed and gave a nervous smile.

The girl let out a deep chuckle. "Not to worry.... I don't bite."

"You sure?"

Adenine chuckled again. "We're just going to have some fun. I am sure Ray told you. that you didn't have to, but I think the boys will get a thrill out of it.... "

"We need drinks," Ray told them and the two guys moved off.

"Don't start without us," Rick added.

"Have you ever done it with a girl before?"

Serena shook her head.

"Not even a kiss?"

Again, Serena shook her head. Adenine smiled kindly.

"Just think how much it will excite the guys... besides women know how to pleasure each other."

"We aren't doing it here, though right?" Serena asked nervously.

"No... some drinks first. Maybe a little touchy feely, but nothing too much, then if you're up for it, we can go back to my place with the boys in tow."

Serena looked nervous.

"We can work up to more, if that helps."

Serena nodded.

Adenine placed her hand on Serena's leg and chuckled when she jumped. "Relax. Just a touch. Okay?"

Serena nodded as Adenine moved her hand in caressing swirls that inched ever so slightly up her bare thigh. Now she understood why Ray had insisted she wear a skirt. Adenine continued to do the movements as the guys returned. Serena’s skin burned with a heightened tingling with each swirl. Adenine winked over at her.

Serena fought the emotions that played over her, battling for attention. Part of her was appalled, but part other her was so intrigued. Excited even. Her nipples were aroused and her breathing was unsteady. To settle herself, she pulled a huge swig of her cooler and tried to let her body relax. Slowly she parted her thighs. Adenine smiled as her hand moved up higher and higher on her thigh.

Ray shifted closer and murmured in her ear, "Is she touching you, babe?"

Serena gave a slight nod and Ray nipped her ear. Sensations jostled through her.

Seeing the nip, Adenine moved her hand up so that she could stroke the inner thigh close to Serena's silky thong. Rick had moved in close to Adenine and was kissing her neck.

"You excited, babe?" Ray asked as he licked the outer rim of her ear. As he kissed the sensitive spot behind her ear, she trembled.

Adenine shifted so that her fingers moved over the damp material of Serena's thong. A moan escaped over her lips.

Serena glanced around the darkened bar, but could see nothing but a blur of bodies. She took another big swig of her cooler then closed her eyes and pushed her legs wider.

Adenine shifted her fingers again letting one flick under the thong’s material. She let out a moan of her own and said, "So wet, boys."

"Kiss her." Ray murmured and Serena shifted her head so that Adenine could brush her lips over hers. The sensation of both of them touching her swamped her senses. She opened her lips so that Adenine could dip her tongue in and taste. With her eyes closed she let the sensations flow over her, she welcomed the touches and kissed back. Adenine's fingers moved further under the material of her thong and worked over her clit. Serena grasped her cooler bottle as a wave of sizzling flared through her body. Adenine swallowed her moans of pleasure as the waves of her orgasm buffeted her, leaving her weak, but satiated.

Adenine continued to kiss her. She could hear the guys moan with her release.

"I think we need to take this back to Adenine's because your little woman is on fire."

"I think so too."

When Serena settled back into her body, Adenine was smiling over at her.

"You ready for more of that..." she whispered in her deep voice.

Still a little dazed, Serena nodded. Rick moved first, drawing out Adenine who pulled Serena behind her. Ray followed close on her heels.

The night was just beginning.

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