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Rated: 13+ · Prose · Action/Adventure · #2055875
I have shrunk.
Day one:
Your first prompt is a writing prompt, and here it is:

Place: On the head of a pin
Character: A secret agent
Object: An inflatable life vest
Weather: Hot and muggy

Uh, WOW! Have fun with that one, Whoville!!!

Just a reminder that entries are due tomorrow by 12:01 pm WDC time!

The day was hot and muggy and here I was stranded on the head of a pin in an inflatable life vest. This life as a secret agent was just not panning out. Twenty four hours ago I had taken on this assignment and thought it would be one of my more mundane cases, now I seriously had my doubts.
The last thing I remember was drinking with a grungy group of guys. Nothing out of the ordinary, I tell you… but now.
I shuddered at my predicament.
Now I was small enough to fit on the head of a pin. There had to be something in that booze. It had tasted a little funny, but I hadn’t wanted to seem like I didn’t fit in. Now I was thinking they knew… they knew all along. How the heck was I supposed to fix this. I dared not take off the vest. Being this size there was no way I was venturing too far without it… life vest that it was. I needed to find Agent Kenner. He was the only one who could reverse my size issue. I needed to hold it together. I looked around to get my bearings. Everything was so immense and my state seemed impossible.
Then I saw was seemed to be a giant lumbering towards me. He was unsteady on his feet and drool oozed from his gaping mouth. The sounds that erupted from his mouth were garbled with the occasional screeches. As he made his way towards me I began to yell hoping to scare him off, but to no avail. My flailing seemed to draw his gaze and he began to head towards me.
I squeezed my eyes shut expecting the end when all of a sudden the giant was whisked away and shrieks followed as he was flung up into the air. I peeked a wider glance and noticed the giant was only a baby and his mother had grabbed him.
“Not my sewing, young man.” The woman boomed. Then she peered down at me and let out a blood curding scream. I saw her hand swing and knew I needed to make a dive for it. As I landed in soft folds, I felt my world tremble with a vicious shake then I was falling tumbling down. Luckily I landed in a soft clump and before I could think, I moved scurrying for cover as the woman’s foot moved to trample and tromp. I made it into a cave by the wall and waited for the screeching to cease. It was then I knew… I was in some serious shit.

Word count = 440
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