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Kelvin's evil twin makes an appearance....
Day Six

"Name's Kelvin Walther. I'm nine years old. I am going to be a mortician when I grow up..." He watched as we folded themselve in laughter, then said very calmly, "You can stop laughing now... everybody has to die sometime. I'll never be out of work..."

"So... not like like your Dad. My Mom says he can't nail down a door with somebody holding it for him." Bobby said with a sneer.

Kelvin glared at him. Then with a shrug he let it go and looked around him. We had gathered just outside the town's soda shop. The heat was oppressive, beating us down; leaving us feeling more wilted than three day old soggy lettuce.

"I say we go to Lawrence's fishing hole. We can swim there... doubt nobody will be there... too far for any of them geezers to make it. They'd melt."

"We'll melt." Randy said with a whiny cadence that sounded like an annoying mosquito.

Bobby slugged him one in the shoulder as he said, "you ain't gotta come."

Randy let his lower lip pout out as he rubbed the spot on his arm Bobby had hit. He had enough sense not to say more, that would only get him another slug and it would be harder.

"Let's go." Bobby boomed as he headed for his bike.

Kelvin and Randy followed, slowing dragging their feet.

"Why not? It'll be quiet there." Kelvin says with encouragement as he looked over at Randy.

"It's quiet here." Randy mumbled.

"There'll be water..."

Randy nodded, 'yeah, there is that. I could use a swim..."

"And a bath." Bobby shouted back while giving a mocking laugh.

Randy drew himself up to his full height as he grabbed his own bike. "Sometimes I hate that jerk..." he mumbled just loud enough for Kelvin to hear.

Kelvin nodded as he got on his own bike. Together they peddled after Bobby. In no hurry to catch up.

"If he died, he could be your first body..." Randy snickered.

Kelvin gave an uneasy smile of his own as he let his eyes follow the tree line along the dirt road's edge. He thought he saw something, but wasn't sure.

At the watering hole, Bobby was already wading in. "Come on boys, the water's fine" he yelled back at them.

Randy dropped his bike and swiped his shirt over his head as he hurried for the murky water's edge. Kelvin stayed where he was and watched the trees around the area. Something didn't feel right. A splash at the far side of the watering hole had him calling out for Randy.
Randy turned, his confusion palatable.

It was then that Bobby let out a blood curdling scream.

Randy let his gaze fly back to watch Bobby go under. Before he could move, Kelvin was there and grabbed his arm.


"Kelvin, what the hell! We gotta help..."

Shaking his head, Kelvin said a firm, "no."

Randy looked back to see only bubbles emerge where Bobby had been. Then the water coloured. A red swirled up from the depths and Randy let out a cry. Kelvin dragged him back.

"We have to go." Kelvin told him with an eerie calmness.

Randy looked back at him, a mixture of horror and fear twisting his features.

"If we leave now we will be safe..."

"How do you know...." Randy whispered back to him.

"Because.... I may want to be a mortician, but my brother... my twin brother... the one we don't talk about... wants to be a... murderer."

"Holly shit, Kelvin."

And with that ,the two boys fled not daring to look back.

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