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All the news I found out about Jane Austen.
Jane Austen Newsletter June 2016

Hello Janeites! Welcome to another newsletter. I am so happy. I got a Merit Badge in Quill Award
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2015 Quill Award for Best Romance/Love, for  [Link To Item #2055743] . Congratulations! *^*Smile*^* (See  [Link To Item #quills]  for more details.) Merit Badge in Romance
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Dearest Megan, I couldn't wait for that CR stuff to congratulate you on your big win at the Quills in the Romance Category! You do wonderful work and research to bring us the Newsletters we all so enjoy about Jane Austen and her life and times.  You have taught me so much and made me love her writing even more.  Bless you for all you do. My Hooves and fingers are crossed for speedy delivery of your award!  *^*Heart*^* *^*Cow*^* and a Quill Award for this newsletter.
Jane Austen Newsletter September 2015  (E)
What's new with Jane Austen. This newsletter won a Quill Award.
#2055743 by Princess Megan Rose 21 WDC
I share this honor with Jane, the Jane Austen Group and everyone who loves Jane. All I can say is wow and thanks. I hope I will always write interesting newsletters.

The new movie "Love and Friendship" is out and this is about Jane Austen's novel "Lady Susan." The previews look good and stars Kate Beckinsale. She plays "Lady Susan." This novel was written in letters and Lady Susan is a widow and I wouldn't say a lady. She speaks her mind. She is out to find a husband for herself and her daughter. I have read "Lady Susan" but it is isn't my favorite novel but I do want to see the movie. My husband asks if I knew about this movie as he saw the previews. I said:" Yes, I do but I won't drag you to go see it. I already dragged him to see Alice: Through The Looking Glass" as I am a Johnny Depp fan but I have to stick to the topic. Johnny Depp could play a handsome man in one of Jane's novel movies. "Lady Susan" was an over looked novel and published 50 years after Jane's death.

In the 1940 movie of "Pride and Prejudice", Laurence Oliver and Greer Garson starred in this version. Laurence as Darcy? Seriously? I have never seen it but I don't think I would like this version.

In 2004, this was a musical called "Bride and Prejudice." This could be interesting.

There was a man named John Parker, Earl Of Morley" and he was a love interest of Jane's. Some think maybe this was her Mr. Darcy.

There was a Rev. Samuel Bicknak that Jane fell for and so did Cassandra. The Rev left and Cassandra told Jane that he had died. They read in the paper two years that he had married. Why did Cassandra lie? Was she secretly seeing him and he rejected her? Maybe this Rev. didn't want to hurt Jane or Cassandra and just left. Guess we will never know.

In 1900, a old, battered, book of "Persuasion" arrived at Shirley Regional School in England addressed to the English Department. It was a first edition of Jane Austen's book "Persuasion'! The name on the book was Lillian Flood. The English teacher tracked down the Flood family and found Lillian's grandson John Moses and thought the book should stay with the family. He gave it to his granddaughter Annie who loves Jane Austen and who also writes. Can you imagine owning this original book? I would put it under lock and key!

Professor Katherine Sutherland, a professor at Oxford University is writing a biography about Jane and how her family and friends influenced her writing. Maybe Jane just had a good imagination. We know that.

I bought the movie" Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" but I haven't had a chance to watch it but I will. I can't wait to see it.

As a teaser, I read Jane Austen's family had a connection to horse racing. All I can find is teasers. Would Jane's father bid on horses racing? I read that an Earl bought his horse into a Ball Room. Was Jane at this Ball? I found the caption and can't find the article. Maybe one of Jane's father's horses was a race horse?

This is all I have this month. I hope you continue to be a Jane Austen Fan and feel free to e-mail me anytime . I do hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and thank you for reading.

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