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Susan has a strange experience, waking in a strange land
May 20th, 2017: Was notified that this was nominated for three Quill Awards in 2016. Best Comedy, Best Fantasy/Paranormal & Sci-Fi, and Flash Fiction. Sadly, apparently it was the only nomination in the latter category, so no award was given. And no, it didn't win an award in either of the other two categories. However, it was a finalist in both.

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The Land Of Ons

         Susan woke one morning, and found herself a stranger in a strange land.

         “Where could I be?” She asked aloud.

         A tiny, shrill voice answered, “You are in the Land of Ons.”

         Looking around, Susan saw a small, pixie like creature nearby. “The Land of Ons? Where is that?”

         “It is here, there, and everywhere.”

         “Wait a minute, how is it that we can understand each other?”

         “You silly human. In the Land of Ons, language is universal, there is no need for translation.”

         “Tell me a little about this land then.”

         “Well, it is inhabited by us, the Ons. I am one of the Less-Ons.”

         “Less-Ons? Who are they?”

         “We are the ones who are not yet enlightened.”

         “How do you become enlightened?”

         “We study and learn.”

         “How long does that take?”

         “Until we have learned enough to become enlightened.”

         “What happens then?”

         “We are enlightened, and no longer a Less-On.”

         “Well, if you’re no longer a Less-On, what are you?”

         “By becoming enlightened, we become a Mor.”

         “A Mor?”

         “Yes, we become a Mor-On.”

Jim Dorrell
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