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Reflection for last year and goals for 2018
Dear Me:

Can you believe it is that time of year again?
A time to reflect on the past year and refocus my efforts
as I stand on the precipice of a new year. 2018.
A year full of promise and possibility.
A year to close the books on certain chapters
and start new ones that will hopefully have better endings.
A year to look at how I tackled some things
and how I can change and try some things again.
There is no time to be stagnant.
Life moves forward and its time to follow my dreams,
I must step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself yet again.

This year starts out heavy.... a darkness clouds me and I need to banish it and find the glimmer that is more enlightening and glorifying. I am hoping taking the time to focus on this letter with help to open things up and inspire me to refocus and recommit to my goals.

Several areas call to me.

Creatively, I wish for good things to happen. I plan on working on my Nanowrimo novel from last November. I have made a goal for another 50,000 words by March 10. I hope to finish the first draft and start the editing process.

I will continue reviewing and entering contests and other activities on Writing.com - it is my online home, a place where I get a great deal of comfort, encouragement and inspiration whenever I touch base. I have been less active as of late and want to change that.... I signed on to I Write for 2018 and hope that will give me the motivation I need to stay active and involved.

Poetry, prose and blogging will continue as they are integral to my existence. I will continue to write each day on the 750words.com website - I had a writing streak of 135 days before I forgot to finish one day *tears*.... so as of January 13 I am starting a new streak.

I will do Nanowrimo again in November and Camp Nanowrimo in April and July. These months help me to focus. Last year I was lucky enough to find some writing people, through local meetups and Nanowrimo who meet weekly or each month to write and/or share their writing. Having people inn my life that know about my interest and share my passion, helps to keep me at it.

I want to see about writing and entering contests beyond the realm of Writing.com. Test my chops, push my limits. Stretch my Self.

Beyond this writing world...

I have signed on to read 52 books at Goodreads.com this year. This year I want to branch out a little in my reading choices. I will continue to read romance, but I also want to read the books I bought in Scotland last summer, as well as try out some new genres and styles. My booklist has books by Canadian and Scottish writers at present.... but I want to keep open to good fiction.

One of the books I am reading is Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight. I plan to get my life under control and make more adult decisions as I move forward in my life.

As for my career...
I have applied to the LTO list again. I need to prepare and rock my interview – which will probably be in February. I so want to be on that list so that I can make my way into a teaching contract and have my own class of students. It will give me more security and less day to day worry about if and where I will be working or not.

In my relationships...
I want to connect more with my friends and my family - have more face to face time. I need to appreciate the friendships I have and let my friends know I care and that they mean a lot to me.

For my well being...
I plan to practice gratitude and Add More –ing To My Life! (Gabrielle Bernstein). That means getting more active and finding a way to bring happiness back into my world.

I plan to lose some weight - at least 20 to 25 pounds - and get more active in terms of walking more and doing regular yoga sessions.

The last year or so has had its challenges. I am ready to deal with those things head on and get myself out of the slump I have fallen since my marriage fell apart. 2018 will be a year of reawakening and I intend to make it a good one.

So raise your glass and toast to a productive, happy and healthy year full of adventure and wonderful things. You are going to make things happen and nothing is going to hold you back.

Your Internal Motivation Coach has spoken,
Now do this...


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