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Assignment #1: Show vs Tell - week 1: Adoration
Sweat beaded down my face as I slide my fore finger in place. My eye planted on the intended target. I'd practice for this moment, for the past year. I eased the trigger back, as the shot echoed in my ears.

I shouted, "Daddy, did I get him?"

"Girl what'cha shouting for?" He lifted up my hair and shouted back.

"What did I tell you about forgetting your ear plugs?"


He shook his head at me and pointed to the dead carcass up ahead. Giving me a high-five, we started running towards it. Just as we were a few feet away from it, Daddy grabs me.

"Hold on babe!"

No sooner did his words come out, the Doe jumps up, stares at me with her deep brown eyes, too say not today little one! She turns and bounces off. We stood there in shock watching her.

"Daddy, I know that I shot her dead on, honest, I just don't know what happened?" As my eyes filled with tears, threatening to overflow down my rosy cheeks.

"It's okay darling, sometimes this happens." He patted me on my shoulder.

"You’ll get the next one."

"But, Daddy, you were looking forward to me having this kill. Are you disappointed in me, Daddy?"

He stopped dead in his tracks and look down at me. "Why on Earth would you think that?"

He gets down on one knee and he looks straight at me, with his hands on my shoulders.

"Now, spit it out young lady!"

Fidgeting back and forth, I swallowed and said, "Because, you told Mr. Haney that you’d be really proud of me when I get my first kill, even if I’m only 11."

"Listen, I will always be proud of you."

"Good, because I would do anything for you Daddy!"

Word count- 300

The Art of Show vs Tell Courses  (13+)
Have you ever been told, "Show, don't tell?"...a 2018 and 2019 Quill Award Winner
#2129581 by Jim Hall

Assignment #1: Adoration May 3, 2018

Grade: A
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