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by Jeff
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Community · #2170008
A free verse poem based on an image prompt about safe spaces. Rebel Poetry Contest entry.

safe spaces closing in around me
as social claustrophobia sets in
what can I possibly say or do
that won’t offend
someone’s delicate sensibilities?

might as well just keep my mouth shut
so as not to raise anyone’s hackles
everyone is so triggered by everything
no one can say anything anymore
whatever happened to discourse?

normal space is shrinking
getting smaller all the time
There are fewer and fewer places
to express an honest opinion
why are you looking for a fight?

everyone feels entitled to their own safe space these days
their own, individual personal little bubble where no one
is allowed to say anything that might hurt their feelings
or question their identity or assumptions
since when did a little criticism become a bad thing?

it’s exhausting always having to watch what you say
to be on guard against anyone taking your words
and using them against you to call you a bigot or a hater
or insensitive to someone else’s unique and special identity
when did the world get so many shades of gray?

they say it’s better to be thought a fool
than to open your mouth and remove all doubt
but is it really foolish
to speak honestly and truthfully
even if it hurts some snowflake’s feelings?

this is how free speech dies
not by an invading army or foreign power
but when we decide that the more important social value
Is being inoffensive rather than being honest and true
how long can we go on like this?


35 lines / 253 words
Form: Free Verse  
Prompt: based on an image (see above)

Originally written for "Rebel Poetry Contest and "I Write in 2018.

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