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A quick list on characters I would like to see as giants.
Hey everyone, it's ya boi! Here for some more non-interactive material.

I decided just to make a list of different characters in fiction that I would like to see as giants. Just for fun and I do have more but these are just a few that come to mind!
Anyway let's begin!

These won't be in order since I'd be equally excited to see any of these guys as giants. Now then, let's go!

# 1
Licht Jekylland Todoroki
( https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/servamp/images/5/55/Licht.jpg/revision/lates... )

This boy here is the newest addition in my macro obsessions. Licht is a bit spoiled and tends to kick anything that irritates him. I just imagine him using his black boots to stomp what he would think are some pesky bugs. A lot of his attacks have him kicking, and after fighting Kuro in episode six there's a shot of him raising his foot over the servamp. That just makes me want to see him using his boots to step on some tinies.

# 2
Makoto Tachibana
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
( https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/free-anime/images/7/73/Makoto_Full.png/revis... )

What can I say about Makoto? He's my husbando, case and point. This beautiful son of a gun is on the side of gentle giants. I have cruel giant fantasies, but Makoto is just straight up gentle and would take care of you. He'd probably try and protect you, since being so tiny would be a risk. Not to mention he'd probably let a tiny explore his muscles, maybe after a bit of hesitation. Can you tell how much I love this guy?

# 3
Sairaorg Bael
Highschool DXD
( http://pm1.narvii.com/6950/5dce14622d30cf8ded745db5b022f04ae37089c6r1-400-400v2_... )

Now this anime is known for it's ecchi fan service. But, many of the males on this show are just as good looking. This choice comes from looking at Kuroshinki's art of a giant Sairaorg and a little Issei. This man got hella buffed up in the latest season and I can't help but imagine him as a giant using his muscles to train with Issei. I mean come on, look at those pecs! No doubt he mash his opponents up between them.

( BTW check out Kuroshinki, he makes great anime art! )

# 4
All Might
My Hero Academia
( https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/bokunoheroacademia/images/5/55/All_Might_Her... )

Now I'm including All Might on this list as while there are many BNHA males that would make great giants, All Might is one I don't see much work of. Any artwork is usually focused on the students, and I feel All Might would make great macro material. If your a tiny hero, he'd probably take care of you. Being a tiny villain however, I'm sure he would crush you with justice. As you could pick up, I like giants with muscles.

# 5
Tokyo Afterschool Summoners
( https://cdn.housamo.xyz/housamo/unity/Android/fg/fg_bathym01.png )

This choice came from going back and forth in the interactive Shrunk in Tokyo Afterschool Summoners with TheGamerSwordsman. He introduced me to this gem and the game in general, and it has a lot of different anthros to pick from. Bathym not only has notable features (shown by the little clothing worn), but he has a very fun personality and I see him as a giant who cares for a tiny with not being afraid to be frisky.

# 6
Scourge The Hedgehog
Sonic Archie Comics
( http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/31800000/Scourge-TH-mean-green-scourge-th... )

This choice is probably a major difference from the rest of this list. Up intill this pick, many of these choices have had muscles, but I find Scourge to be a good giant candidate. It's all in his attitude and I can see him as a cruel giant either eating tinies or squishing them under his big shoes. The concept of a giant cruel king is nice enough as is, but imagining Scourge just a giant and on his throne is even cooler.
And that's it!

These were only a few, I do have more but who knows maybe I'll make another list.

Thank you for reading!
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