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We all learn from our failures
Two men in impeccable suits studied the creature. The reinforced carbon-fiber window provided an excellent view of the strange specimen. Eyes hidden behind designer sunglasses, the pair examined the weird anatomy of the alien life-form with great interest.

It blew bubbles of green mucus from an orifice as it slumped listlessly in the corner.

“What do you think it wants?”

The man in a white suit shrugged.

“Who knows? It’s not like the thing came with a handbook.”

They silently watched as the alien used a tendril to wipe one of its many mouths. Or were they noses? It was impossible to make out any features on that amorphous fleshy blob. The blueish-grey mass shifted frequently, strange limbs sprouting and melting back, eyes opening and closing from a myriad of unpleasant places.

“It hasn’t responded to any language, music or other audio cues.” A scientist timidly informed the pair.

The black suited man put a gloved finger to his ear and nodded sharply. “Understood.” He turned to the scientist, relaying the instructions he’d received.

“Headquarters wants a test subject to make contact.”

With a sigh, the lab coat shook his head. “It’s still too early-“

The man in white stepped next to his partner as they simultaneously crossed their arms.

Shrinking back, the scientist bobbed his head nervously. “Very good. One moment please.”

Resuming position before the safety glass, the pair watched a red light flash over the steel doors.

Rubbing several bulbous eyes, the alien waved an undulating appendage at the blinking orb. It rolled inward on itself and formed a new shape.

Standing on many legs, the creature resembled a pyramidal centipede.

The thick metal entrance opened, allowing a figure to enter. He was wearing a white biohazard suit, face obscured behind a murky visor.

A thousand pupils blinked, then the entity twisted into a humanoid shape.

Tentatively, the test subject waved.

It waved back with three arms.

“Huh, seems fairly benign.” The black suit remarked.

Moving his hands, the test subject attempted to sign something. There was no response from the creature. Trying again, the man began to form new shapes when a tendril lashed out and ripped off the visor.

He screamed and ran to the steel doors, beating on them. “LET ME OUT!”

Inspecting the plastic mask, the humanoid thing tossed it aside dismissively. Yanking the screaming man closer, the alien cocked a pulsing head. Watching the squirming victim, it opened many mouths and imitated his cries.

Then it began to pull on his arms and legs until the torso fell with a sickening thud. Beating severed body parts on the floor and walls, it gleefully painted the room in dripping crimson.

“So much for being friendly.” The black suit grimaced as the alien opened a gaping maw, consuming the pulpy limbs.

Rubbing his face, the white suit followed his partner out of the viewing booth. “I told you we should have fed the thing.”
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