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A young man who objectifies women meets a woman who uses objectification to her advantage.
Brad Lawrence had earned the nickname "Watcher" because he loved to watch women. It was a trait that his male friends laughed about and caused more than a few arguments with girlfriends who did not appreciate having his attention focused elsewhere. But, he was particularly fascinated by women’s mouths and the way women ate.

He traced that fascination back to his childhood when his best friend’s mother would drive them to school. She was an attractive woman with dark hair and haunting brown eyes. She had a habit of eating gummy candies while she was driving them. Watching from the back seat, Brad became fascinated watching her reflection in the rear-view mirror as she pushed each candy through her full red lips. Brad began to imagine he was one of the candies and as a young teenage boy it became an erotic fantasy.

It was an erotic obsession that had stayed with him into adulthood. Whenever he happened to see a particularly attractive woman at a restaurant, he would longingly watch each morsel disappear into lipstick covered lips. There was a sensuous character to it. The plumpness of their lips and the way the food would disappear into their mouths to be swallowed. Gone forever. Certainly not all women were like that, but he relished the occasions when he would see such a woman. He had occasional fantasies, imagining he was being swallowed, wishing he was the one traveling down the long slender neck into her soft, womanly body. He would imagine himself dissolving into her, becoming part of her.

This night was no different. As a sales rep for Southwire Corporation he had spent many nights away from his home in Atlanta, Georgia. This particular night, he was sitting at the Double Tree Hotel bar in Indianapolis, when a rather attractive middle-aged blonde walked in and seated herself at a nearby table. She was unusually tall for a woman, her height further accentuated by the high heeled pumps she wore. Other than the height of the heels which had to be close to four inches, the black shoes were nondescript except for the glittering silver band that encircled her slender ankle. Her shoulder length hair was pulled back off her narrow face with a clip and he wondered how she might look with it down. She was nicely dressed in a gray skirt and red sweater. After a few minutes it became obvious that she was by herself.

“She’s not what you would call stunningly gorgeous, but there is something about her,” the bartender quietly stated with a bit of lechery having noticed Brad’s interest. Brad smiled in agreement. “She’s been here for a couple of nights now,” the bartender continued. “Has to be close to six feet without the shoes.” Brad laughed. “My ex used to refer to shoes like those as fuck me pumps.” The bartender laughed in response. “Let me know if you need anything else.”

Brad had seen many attractive women but there was something different about this one. There was an aura about her that seemed almost feline. She had ordered a glass of white wine and sipped it as she periodically checked her phone. When her dinner arrived, she ate with a sensuousness that made him ache; slowly and almost tenderly sliding each fork full through red lips. Then slowly removing the fork as she carefully chewed and swallowed with an almost imperceptible undulation of the muscles in her neck. A hundred tired pickup lines went through his head as he tried to think of some way to meet her. "Hi, I really like the way you eat." It was direct but something more subtle was needed. In desperation, he finally settled on buying her a drink.

The waitress conferred with the woman, pointing in Watcher's direction. "I'm sorry. Could you please tell him I don't accept drinks from strangers," he heard her say. This was not going well at all. Without really thinking, Watcher found himself beside her table. "Hi. I’m Brad but my friends call me Watcher."

The woman looked up regarding Watcher coolly with gray-green eyes as the waitress made a hasty retreat "Oh… I didn't realize we were friends," she replied rather sarcastically.

Watcher stammered. "Pardon me ma'am. I didn't mean to offend. You seemed to be alone and I was just trying to be friendly. I’m here on business and I couldn't help but notice when you came in."

"Yes, I saw the way you were noticing me." The tone of her response clearly indicated her annoyance.

"It's really not like that ma'am. Believe me, I'm not accustomed to being this forward. Hell, do you think I would be this clumsy about it if I did this regularly."

The woman smiled ever so slightly and sighed. "I'm Adeline. Since it looks like you're going to stay, why not at least have a seat." She gestured to the chair on the opposite side of the table. "So. What's on your mind Watcher?"

"Well, it's just that I couldn't help but notice the way you seemed to savor your food as you ate. I mean you really seemed to be enjoying your meal. I have eaten the food here and I know it isn't that great."

"I simply enjoy the feel of food in my mouth. I don't see anything strange about it."

Watcher felt the flush of embarrassment on his face. "Well I... I mean... That is, I have this thing about the way women eat." He was shocked that he had just blurted that out to a stranger. But there was something about her that made him feel safe in telling her about his most intimate fantasy and gradually he shared the details with her as she listened intently.

Adeline, leaned back in her chair as she took another sip of wine taking him in with her gaze. He was tall, she guessed just a bit under six feet, with dark, somewhat unkempt hair. He was not particularly good looking but not bad looking either. He was dressed nicely in gray slacks with a light blue button-down shirt that was fitted enough to indicate that he was athletic. Despite having done this several times before, she paused to think about how best to respond to his story. "What you describe is really not all that unusual. I have come across other men who have had similar fantasies. If y'all talked to one another once in a while you might realize that. I bet you've never told a soul about this have you?" Watcher shook his head. "Well Watcher,” Adeline smiled, “I'm staying here while visiting family. Why don’t you come up to my room in a few minutes and we can talk about this a little further? Room 433, it’s just to the left of the elevators.”

Adeline finished the last sip of wine and paid her check. Without saying another word, she walked out of the bar toward the elevators. Watcher sat momentarily stunned by what had transpired. Having a chance meeting and a conversation with a woman who understood him. Or who at least seemed to understand his fantasy. An image of Adeline's firm curvy body filtered into Watcher's head. Had he heard her correctly? Hadn’t she just invited him up to her room? Since he first saw her, he had wondered what she looked like under that skirt and sweater, and the thought that he might find out was a temptation that he simply could not resist. It took what seemed like hours to pay his tab, but in reality it was only a few minutes. He hurried to the elevator and pushed “4.”

He hesitatingly knocked on the door to room 433. A moment later the door opened, and Adeline invited him in. She had removed her shoes but otherwise looked as he had last seen her. The room was considerably nicer than his. It had a large sitting area separate from the bedroom. There was a small refrigerator with a bar, the obligatory round table and chairs, and a large television against the far wall. Adeline gestured to the table and chairs. "Please sit down and be comfortable." She poured a drink and handed it to Watcher. "You look like you could use this."

"As I was saying there are more men and women that share your fantasy than you might think. I for one, also share your fantasy. Please; drink up."

Not wanting to alienate his attractive host, Watcher finished his drink and sat the empty glass on the table.

She continued. "I however prefer to be the predator rather than the prey." She licked her lips seductively. “Does that surprise you; that a woman would be a predator? After all, you did like the, how did you put it… oh, the sensuous way in which I ate.”

Watcher shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “Oh, you mean the woman being the sexual aggressor. That’s something I can certainly handle,” his reply was met by silence as she sat across from him her red lips curved in a slight smile. Her demeanor had not changed, and yet there was something that suddenly felt menacing about her. He pushed that thought out of his mind. “I often like a woman who is more sexually dominate. I think that it’s kinda hot when she takes control of what she wants.”

“Well Brad, I do take control of what I want, but that is not really what I meant.” Adeline smiled and enticingly licked her slightly parted lips. Watcher thought it seemed as though she was inviting him into her mouth and felt a sudden chill travel up his spine. "I appreciate you inviting me in to talk, but I think I'd better be getting back to my room. I really do have a lot to get prepared for my sales meeting tomorrow. Watcher started to stand but Adeline shoved him back into the chair. “I would prefer that you stay,” she said with an unexpected firmness to her voice. “Like I said, I do take control of what I want.” Watcher tried to stand again but as he did, the floor felt like it fell out from under him and the room seemed to spin sickeningly out of control, then blackness.

Watcher sat up with a start, as if awakened from a terrifying dream. A bright light shown down on him from somewhere high above. He felt completely disoriented, and cold. His naked body lay on a smooth hard surface. How did I get naked he wondered as he shook his head as if that could remove the fuzziness that clouded his mind? He slowly rolled to a sitting position and began to survey his surroundings. He was in a room of some kind with clear walls. Before he could think further, a hand the size of a billboard grasped the room and lifted it as a familiar voice said. "I'm so glad you're finally awake."

Adeline studied her little prize intently. "Yes. I believe you'll do just fine." She sat the glass back down on the vanity. Watcher's mind raced. What did she mean just fine? The memory of their conversation filled his head. She preferred to be the predator! As the ramifications of that statement began to run through his mind, Adeline laughed.

"A penny for your thoughts." She smiled.

"What have you done to me?"

"I took the liberty of putting a little something into your drink to make you a more manageable size. It doesn't work on clothing though, so I put you in this glass for safekeeping." Reaching behind, she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She slipped her hands under her sweater and began to roll her pantyhose off her hips and down each leg, finally pulling them off first one foot then the other. She placed the crumpled ball of nylon on the vanity beside Watcher. "Catching you was all too easy. Oh, don't look so shocked. Why do suppose you noticed me in the first place? Because I wanted you to."

"But at first you acted as if you weren't the least bit interested."

"All part of it. I needed to draw you in. Keep you intrigued." Adeline smiled. "Ever since I was quite young, I fantasized about swallowing men alive. One day I got the idea of swallowing a live fish and pretending it was a tiny man. I wanted to know what it would feel like to swallow something alive, to feel it in my stomach. The first orgasm I ever had was when I swallowed that fish. I was so young and naive that I didn't even know what it was. I just knew it felt wonderfully delicious beyond words. I continued to swallow small animals, fish mostly. Then one day my best friend Jennifer’s boyfriend; he worked for a pharmaceutical company at the time. Well he discovered a shrinking potion. He was looking for a way to reduce wrinkles and instead discovered something that could reduce a living organism. A short time after that he disappeared. It was rather sudden, and no one has seen him since." Adeline smiled coyly. “He had a fantasy similar to yours as I recall.”

She undid the clip holding her hair and pulled the sweater off over her head. Her hair floated down over her shoulders in a blonde cascade. Adeline's body clad only in a bra and bikini panties was even more attractive than Watcher had imagined. Dark brown nearly circular nipples peaked out behind the delicate pink lace of her bra. Below her breasts, he could see the faint outline of her ribs. His eyes followed the soft contour of her belly noticing the deep elongated navel and the dark patch of pubic hair framed in her sheer pink panties. He felt himself becoming aroused at the site of her, his own body betraying him.

Adeline laughed. "Oh look, you're getting turned on! How cute! Shall I suck you off before I swallow you." She licked her lips and gently rubbed her belly. "Mmmmmm. I can't wait to get you inside me."

"You'll never get away with this!" Watcher shrieked. "Someone will come looking."

Adeline smiled. "In case you hadn't thought of this, one of the benefits of swallowing your victim is that there is no pesky body to find. The evidence just well… disappears, and your clothes will be easy enough to dispose of. Nice try though."

Adeline picked up the glass and stretched out on the bed. She tipped the glass up dumping Watcher rather unceremoniously onto her abdomen, then placed her finger on her chest, just below her left breast. "You'll be right about here after I swallow you." Watcher could hear the muffled gurgling of her dinner as it digested somewhere underneath him. "That will be you in a few minutes." Adeline's hand swept past him and slipped inside the waistband of her panties. Coarse pubic hair gave way to soft wet flesh as her hand moved down into her crotch. She teased herself with the tip of her finger, tracing the soft folds of her labia. She pressed harder allowing her finger to slip inside her vagina and nearly came. "Not yet." She moaned to no one in particular. "Not yet."

“My pussy is most definitely ready.” She pulled her hand from her panties and reached for the little man who had managed to climb between her breasts. Wet, fingers covered with her musk scent grasped Watcher firmly. Their intense aroma was intoxicating and once again he felt himself getting hard.

Abruptly he was hoisted upward. Moist red lips opened slightly. Adeline’s tongue, wet with saliva, seemed to dance between the two rows of glistening white teeth. Beyond, cloaked in shadow was her cavernous mouth. Her tongue slowly caressed her lower lip as her mouth opened wider. Although terrified, the shear erotic appeal of her open mouth aroused watcher beyond anything he had ever experienced.

She slowly lowered Watcher into her mouth, sucking her own wetness from her fingers as she closed her mouth over him. "Mmmmmmmm." She purred with delight as she slowly withdrew her fingers. As the moist, hot darkness of Adeline's mouth enclosed Watcher, sexual desire was replaced by cold terror. This was no idle sexual fantasy. In a moment this woman was going to swallow him for real! Forever!

Adeline could feel Watcher struggling inside her mouth and became even more aroused. She had hoped his athletic build would translate into a more intense struggle and she had not been disappointed. She loved it when they fought her. As if their puny struggles were any match. She traced a path with her finger from her chin, down her neck, across her chest to the spot just below her breast where she knew he would end. The thought of it nearly brought her to orgasm. Quickly she lifted her pelvis enough to slide her panties off and began again to press her fingers firmly into her labia with a slow circular motion. It was time.

Watcher increased his struggles when he sensed her preparing to swallow him, but he was no match for her tongue which now pressed him firmly against the roof of her mouth. Adeline's body hummed with sexual energy as she teetered on the verge of orgasm. This was one of her favorite moments when she felt her prey slip into the wet embrace of her esophagus and begin the slow inevitable descent into her stomach.

She tipped her head back letting Watcher drop into the top of her throat. Powerful muscles gripped him, pulling him down as Adeline swallowed. The feel of his tiny squirming body as it moved slowly down her throat was the last push Adeline needed. She whooped as intense contractions rippled through her pelvis sending electric tickles from her toes to the top of her head. She leaned back against the headboard and sighed.

Watcher struggled to get his bearings in the dank pit of Adeline's stomach. He was waist deep in what must have been the soupy remains of her dinner. Strange gurgling sounds and the muffled beat of her heart engulfed him. It seemed utterly hopeless, yet he knew he had to at least try to escape. He felt the ribbed wall of his prison and began to beat against it, but the tissue simply gave with the blows, absorbing their energy. Watcher heard Adeline's muffled voice in the darkness. "Welcome to my stomach Watcher. You feel sooooo incredibly good inside me." Enraged, Watcher threw himself against his prison.

The electrifying feeling of Watcher thrashing about the inside her stomach seemed to connect directly to her sexual center. She slipped the middle and index fingers of her right hand inside her pressing up with the tips as she pressed down on her clitoris with her palm. She used her free hand to squeeze her breast and, for the second time that evening, Adeline was overcome with orgasmic rapture. Her body convulsed and continued to tremble in waves as a bell might if once struck. "If you keep this up, you'll just wear me out!" She rolled onto her stomach fairly purring with sensual delight as her fingers continued to massage her pussy.

A wave of hot vile stomach acid and partly digested food washed over Watcher. He sputtered, coughing out a mouthful of the putrid stuff. As he felt around, he realized that he was in a narrower space. Each time he felt the walls around him contract, a wave of fluid rushed forward, then back. Like ocean waves crashing forward, then retreating. He tried to get a handhold to pull himself up, but the surface was too slippery. The walls convulsed again, and Watcher was caught in a riptide. He felt an opening firm and muscular. Before he could make sense of what it was, he was pulled through. The space was now scarcely larger than her throat and he was completely submerged. He tried to push his way back through but when it opened, he was forced back as more of the stomach’s contents flowed in. His lungs felt as though they would burst. In a moment he would have to take a breath, he knew it would be his last.

Adeline slowly rolled off the bed and padded over to the sink as she reached behind to unhook the clasp of her bra. Her breasts now free of their underwire cage, gently swayed as she put on her nightgown. She hurried through the bedtime ritual of removing her makeup and washing her face. The sensations had all but ceased, the last having been much lower, and she guessed Watcher had already been swept into her small intestine. Pity, she had hoped he might last longer. She fondly remembered the one that had survived inside her until the next afternoon. What was his name? It didn't matter. He was just one of many who had succumbed to her primal desires. She slid under the cool sheets and turned out the light.

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