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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2210492
things go bump in a dark alley.
I certainly didn't believe your identity could be stolen, not your physical form. I mean sure they can steal it on paper, but how could someone, or should I have said something, steal your face? Apparently, for some creatures it is easier than others. What I am saying is that it wasn't in my reality, or fictional sense of reality.

I was never too cautious about the darker places in the world. My ego as a man didn't let me be afraid of the dark. I so should have been. It was late one night when I staggered out of the bar six sheets to the wind. I was blitzed with a contact high from the cloud of mixed drugs hovering over the dance floor. I wandered down an alley thinking it was a brightly lit avenue. Perhaps the creature had aided that impression with its unnatural abilities. I may never know.

When I first saw the impish creature I was fairly certain someone had slipped me acid. Its gnarled features and bent body were so far from anything I recognized that I discounted its existence. I continued on my path as though it wasn't there. That is not how I should have responded. I should have run away. It is a human instinct to fear the unknown, but drink and drugs deadened that instinct.

I stepped over the creature's shadow and my universe turned itself inside out. Dark was light. Light was Dark, Up was left and right was behind me. I tasted the William Tell Overture and smelled prickly. When I came to my proper senses again it was near dawn. I staggered home. When I reached my front door I discovered not only were my keys missing but I was wearing someone else's clothes. I took the key from beneath the fake cat poop in the planter and let myself in. My head was throbbing and my eyes felt like they had cottonmouth. I made my way directly to the bathroom My eyes were on the sink and all I could think was to splash some water on my face, which I did. I lifted my eyes to the mirror.

I looked into the mirror, and I didn't see me.

What I saw was the imp from the alley. Now I am the one lingering in alleyways. After all, it is nearly impossible for a demon to hold down a job.

404 words
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2210492