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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Horror/Scary · #2235942
This house has more than you think. Spirits At Lighthouses Contest
Party music reverberates shaking the house
Figures dance, jump and scare the local mouse
Faces behind masks and bodies adorned cleverly
What a scary scene this shatters my bravery

As I wonder quietly a spook appears in haste
I stumble downstairs into the crowd nervously agape
At the horror of this scene, I could not take anymore
I held my breath so as not to scream and shake heading for the door

Perhaps there’s scrumptious Halloween cake around
I follow the path like a determined bloodhound
The cake would settle my stomach and so
off to the kitchen, I surely must go

Opening the door cautiously I can see
eyeballs swimming looking directly at me
Worms wriggle and dance in the next bowl
and the main course writhes to and frow

Out of the kitchen to the basement, I go
Past the vampire and warlock in tow
So eerily dark only one candle flickers
It smells dank and wet which races my ticker

This isn’t too bad so far I guess
but what is that horrible smelly mess
A lump piled high to the ceiling as I
start to get a horrible spooky feeling I can’t deny

Eyes open wide staring at me I’m surprised
it moves, groans then I see the huge creature fly
Parting its lips glowing teeth clearly are shown
I’ve got to run as I shake and bemoan

Out the back door, I try to flee
But it’s locked from inside oh woe is me
Trapped and stuck like a bug in a rug
I hope this thing only gives me a hug

Scrambling toward the far window I find
It’s nailed shut and I’m running out of time
eyes all about start to glow brightly
Stirring about as they hover freely

noises I hear surround and scare me
I wish I had an ax and a light to set me free
It seems I’m doomed but not just yet
Determined I will get free you bet

I hear a friends voice calling come here to me
it’s a relief to have some help I’ll be home scot-free
Where are you I ask and start to get
A feeling this isn’t over quite yet

Groping with hands stretched out for protection
I smell the familiar scent of gangrene infection
Where should I go I have no earthly idea
yet the voice it seems the direction isn’t really clear

I finally find who I think is my friend but it’s not he
I’ve been fooled and deceived life’s at an end oh me
But wait there’s something else in store
I finally find there’s another basement door

I crawl toward it then here we go again I fear
What is this squishier slimy stuff I find here?
It’s probably not Santa’s slay and reindeer
I’m stuck like a mouse in a quagmire I’m full of fear

I struggle and strain again and again but then
I find me more stuck what a horrible end
It’s my time to go I surely know as it grabs
me and drags me to the tunnels down below

60 lines

FOR POEMS: You can use the Genre's Theme: Dark, Horror, Thriller, and Mystery. Write a poem about a scary celebration.

Cut to follow rules:
Ready to burst the house burped
Expelling characters before it gets worse
Candles flickered over here and over there
Twas the night to be careful and beware
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