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"Boy, Did you pick the wrong one"
“Boy, did you pick the wrong one,” I muttered underneath my breath. I handed Todd a piece of apple pie as he waited for his girlfriend to arrive. He sat at the kitchen table, staring down at the plate.
“What? Is something wrong?” I asked.
Todd picked up the plate and smelled it.
I wanted to roll my eyes with annoyance. He was such a jerk. But I smiled pleasantly. His time was coming. Todd still thought I had a crush on him. We had dated for a split second before he moved on to my step sister, Maddie. I wanted to hurt him for humiliating me.
“Where is Maddie, she was supposed to be here by now.” Todd said.
“I’m sure she is around.” I responded.
“Can you go get her! I didn’t come for you!”
I scoffed at this. I never knew why I liked Todd in the first place. It could have been his bad boy demeanor. Now, he just made me sick. In fact, one day I came up with a great way to make him pay.
Make them both pay.
“I’ll go get her.”
“Yeah, make yourself useful for once,” Todd said. He stared at me for a moment before he decided to take a bite.
I could not help it. It just came out. At first it was a giggle, then it erupted from my throat. I began to laugh uncontrollably.
“What’s so funny?” He wondered as he swallowed the slice.
Sweets was something Todd enjoyed. I just made sure I had added an extra ingredient. It was taking its toll right in front of my eyes.
“What...did... you... do?” Todd stammered. His eyes wide open, as the realization hit him a little too late. He dropped to the ground with a loud thud!
“What was that?”
I could hear Maddie coming.
I hummed a little tune of victory as I strolled towards the kitchen sink. As I passed Todd I kicked his lifeless body. I stood by the sink and stared at the knife I had used previously.
So pointy and sharp!
“Todd, where are you?” Maddie wondered.
“We’re in here!” I said as I picked up the knife and waited. Maddie would soon enter the kitchen and find a big surprise. It brought a certain satisfaction. I hid the knife behind my back and waited.
“Oh my God! Todd! What happened?” Maddie cried in horror as she kneeled beside him. I laughed and she stared at me in awe. It annoyed me when I noticed that she looked at me as if I was crazy! How dare she!
Maddie stood. “What have you done?”
“He picked the wrong one to mess with!” I replied.
Then I plunged the knife deep into her heart. I laughed wickedly as Maddie dropped to the ground, her mouth gaped open. She was dying and there was nothing I wanted to do about it.

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