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Dinner was ruined
“Is something bothering you?”
Barb sighed with annoyance.
“You had one job. You couldn’t even do it right!”
Joe rolled his eyes.
“C’mon! I tried my best. They were out!”
“Now what am I supposed to do?”
They stared at each other, contemplating.
“I will go to another store.” Joe offered.
“Just forget it.” Barb said. “Your mum will be here soon. I wanted to make my signature apple pie. Dinner is ruined”
“But the rest of the meal is going to be delicious. And my mum won't even notice.” Joe said
He could tell Barb was bummed out. She really wanted to impress his mum, especially since this was their first meeting.
Barb took out a can of cherries and made a cherry pie.
It smelled scrumptious.
“Do we, at least, have vanilla ice cream?” Barb asked.
“I managed to grab a tube.” Joe said.
Soon, Joe’s mum had arrived and dinner was served. Everything was going great.
“I made a cherry pie for dessert.”
“Oh?” Joe’s mum said. She smiled.
Barb cut up a slice and put a scoop of ice cream on a plate.
“This is fabulous, Barbara!” Joe’s mum said with joy in her eyes.
“The last girl Joe dated, she tried to make me an apple pie. I don’t really like apple pie. Young lady, you managed to make a pie that I enjoy. Joe-”
He stared at his mum with anticipation.
“She is a keeper!”
Dinner was not ruined after all.

(Word count: 248)
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