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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2249236
The disrespect
“We can get more.”
“NO! You tried to trick me!”
“It’s really not that bad!”
“I don’t care what you think.”
Jeff rolled his eyes. He attempted to reason with Lois, but she was adamant.
“Coffee is coffee.”
Lois' eyes bugged out and she dramatically sighed in disbelief.
“The disrespect! Regular and decaf are not the same! It’s over between us!”
Jeff threw his head back with laughter.
“You’re breaking up with me, over coffee? Okay. I am sorry I got you decaf. I really did not think you would notice.”
“The betrayal!”
“You know I only did it because the doctor wants you to slow down on the caffeine.”
“That is why I gave up on energy drinks!”
Jeff put his hands up in defeat.
“Okay, okay. I will get you a regular, dark, rich and STRONG coffee. Like me!”
Lois laughed.
“That is why I love you so much!” She said, as she kissed him on the check.

(Word count: 160)
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