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Not quite as you think
“Tell me everything!” Kerry exclaimed as she sat across from Janis. “I heard you broke it off with him right in front of the whole school!” Kerry continued as Janis quietly ate her bowl of cereal.
She stared at Janis, who had yet to say a word. Oh no, she must be sad, Kerry thought.
“Oh, don’t be upset! I am here for you! You know that. You can do way better than him!” Kerry said.
Janis shoved another spoonful of cereal in her mouth.
“So. What happened next? Did he cry? Beg you not to leave him?” Kerry continued.
Silence. Only the sound of Janis’s crunchy cereal could be heard.
“Now that you are single we can go out and party!”
That was when Janis raised her free hand, stopping Kerry from continuing.
“I hope you know I did not hear one thing you said.” Janis said.
“What! Were you ignoring me?” Kerry cried exasperated.
“I could not hear you from all the crunching in my ear.”
“Janis! I just found out your single! Let’s go out and party!”
“Oh, no. That is not true. We were rehearsing a break up scene for our class project.”
“Oh, for Pete’s sake!” Kerry said, annoyed.
“Talk to you later!” Janis said as she watched Kerry walk away, mumbling under her breath.

Word count: 220
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