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The world is alive.
The trees shiver and shake,
Leaves whispering tales,
Of a land long ago,
Words winding around my soul like beaten down trails,

The branches wave,
Dancing in the breeze,
Greeting me into a new world,
Each movement welcoming and swishing with ease,

Fireflies blink in the night,
Watching and lighting up the trees,
Protection against the great big world,
Glowing brightly against the dark leaves,

The brooks bubbled and whispered,
Each wave muttering and giggling,
Each wave sending messages,
Each word making the water go rippling,

A warm breath of wind,
The sky breathed out and in,
Spittle from the water flying,
Each droplet the size of the head of a pin,

The crickets sang seranades to the grass,
The birds chirped to the sky,
The loon trilled to the pond,
Each creature sending thanks to those that they can rely,

The sky was filled with song,
Echoing from the body of the earth,
The constellations perked their ears and listened,
Dancing in the dark sky with mirth,

The world settled,
Lulled to sleep by song,
Verses of joy and thanks,
Each voice and whisper has a spot where they belong.
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