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What To Do This Time Of Year?

It was that time of year when the days were hot,
Thoughts of winter were on my mind a lot.
We’d decided to stay home, not be absent,
For COVID Variant D was running rampant

This meant more time to garden and putter around,
T’would be a nice change of pace, stay in our gowns.
What am I saying, in this heat? That’s crazy!
Think I’ll just lie in the shade, be very lazy

On second thought, not stay home after all,
Find people who talk with a smooth southern drawl
Wear masks and practice social distancing,
Try finding something that is really interesting.

Wait a sec, I forgot that I detest crowds!
Jam packed together, always so rude and loud.
Being home would be better, I keep saying that,
Relax on the porch, with the neighbors we’d chat.

I can’t make up my mind about what to do
This, that, or the other, it’s all in your view.
I hear an announcement on the radio.
They’ve locked us down again, at home we’ll save dough

COVID’s not going anywhere soon I’m sure,
So home I’ll stay looking through brochures
I don’t want to spend time in a hospital bed,
Being tended by nurses, maybe spoon fed

It’s not all that bad, I keep speaking aloud,
Determined to have more fun than is allowed,
The heck with it all, I’ll sleep the time away,
Wake me when it’s over, that’s all I can say.

Jim Dorrell

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