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I spent some time in the shadows and came out the other side, alive.
When the shadows fade away, if they ever do
Thank the Lord for all he does and what he does for you

There's saftey available when snug right up in bed
As the shadows cover you, a clear head is all you need

Take comfort in the darkness, take comfort in the light
When I am at my lowest point, I still don't lose the fight

After the shadows have been and gone, the sun will shine right through
Remember all the lovely people, who are there and just for you.

It is easy for me to advise you now, for I have seen it all
Talk to your closest people and feel the freedom call

Turn the darkness on it's head and never feel alone
The Lord will rise up for you now and welcome you to his throne.

After the shadows have bitten you raw
It's human nature to sing once more.

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