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Time to unravel: A race to find the one you love.
         Rumors. They were always there. Everyone knew. However, Morgana refused to believe them. She wanted to believe that Guy Jameson was faithful. He was the light in her life. The one that took her away from the misery she felt.
“They are all lies!” Guy would tell her with conviction.
Why would he lie? Morgana thought.
Rae Darcy, Morgana’s best friend, had her opinion.
“There has to be some truth to these rumors,” Rae said.
Morgana didn’t want to listen to anyone’s “opinion” about her relationship with Guy. He loved her and that was all that mattered.
Now that High school was over Morgana knew that her relationship with Guy would begin a new chapter. Tonight was the graduation party at the Domanoff’s residence. Morgana was not really into parties. But she wanted to prove a point to everyone. A new rumor had been circulating among the school for the last few months.
“Did you hear? Guy is seeing Nuri Domanoff! Poor Morgana!”
People were cruel. Why fabricate such lies? It angered her.
“They are not true because Guy told you, right?” Rae said with skepticism, rolling her eyes.
Morgana ignored her.
Both girls were in Morgana’s room getting ready for the party. Rae wore cream colored slacks and a white collar button up shirt. She examined herself in the long mirror that was mounted on the closest door. She stood tall and slender. If it wasn’t for her ample breast, she would be a beautiful man. Her dirty blond hair was styled short. Rae had almond shaped crystal clear blue eyes and small thin lips.
In school, Rae was always teased by the men and summoned by the curious. One of her famous rumors was that she was caught making out with two cheerleaders. Rae never denied this rumor, she enjoyed being an outcast.
“What do you think?” Morgana said as she posed for Rae.
She wore black jeans and a peasant red blouse. She circulated around for Rae to see. She could sense Rae’s eyes on her butt, something that Morgana could not deny, was her best feature.
Her raven hair cascaded loosely behind her back.
“Just give me one night and you would forget your asshole boyfriend,” Rae said with a sly smile. Morgana rolled her eyes. She felt herself blush.
“Are you ready to go?” Morgana said, changing the subject.
“As ready as I’ll ever be.”
They took Rae’s silver Jeep and drove to the party. Even though Morgana was trying to be happy, her thoughts kept falling back to Guy.
She felt nervous for some reason. She stared over at Rae who focused on the road.
“What’s wrong, Morg?” Rae asked.
Morgana bit her lower lip before responding.
“Nothing, I guess.”
“You know, I was not planning on coming to this stupid party, if it was not because of you.”
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t you find it rather strange that Nuri - who doesn’t say one freaking word to you throughout the last year of high school - suddenly invites you to her big blowout graduation party?”
Morgana was annoyed. The rumors popped in her head and it was obvious Rae believed them.
“Everyone was invited,” Morgana interjected.
“Yeah.” Rae said. She snorted. “You don’t find it at all dubious?”
Rae had a point, something did not sit right but Morgana was not about to agree.
“Then we can argue as to why she invited you. She has not been nice to you, either” Morgana said.
“The snotty cheerleader doesn’t know I exist!” Rae said with a cackle.
“Who cares, Rae. Let's just have some fun before we leave for college.”
“Will Guy be there? He never texted you back, did he?
Morgana didn’t have to check her phone to know the answer. She had sent him a message hours ago.
“Maybe he is already there.” Morgana said hopefully.
“Yeah.” Rae said with doubt.
When they arrived the sound of music could be heard towards the street. It was deafening.
“Can the girl be any more full of herself,” Rae said as she drove the Jeep up to the driveway. There was a valet. It made Rae sick to her stomach.
“So she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Who are we to judge.” Morgana said.
Rae snorted and attempted to smile at Morgana.
“That is what I love about you, Morg. You always tend to look at the good in people. I wish I was just as optimistic.”
They got out of the car and looked up to see a huge white mansion with pillars and long windows. As they approached the double doors a bellboy greeted them.
“Welcome ladies and gent-” The bell boy stopped as his eyes gazed upon Rae.
“Ladies, is just fine,” Rae said with a smile.
The bellboy smiled politely and opened the door. They were quickly bombarded with bodies, music, shouts and more. Morgana looked around. She had walked onto the foyer. There was a grand staircase, marble flooring, a cathedral ceiling and a crystal chandelier that sparkled diamond shapes throughout the room.
To their right was the living room and a tall fireplace. To their left was a large dining room with a cherry wood table that could sit over 10 people.
“This is -” Morgana began, amazed. She had never seen anything like this.
“Ridiculously overrated,” Rae concluded.
“Can you ever say anything nice?” Morgana said. She was getting annoyed. She knew why. The rumors were getting to her.
“I am being nice. Besides, it looks like there is more to gawk at towards the back. I heard she has an Olympic pool.”
“Oh? What are we waiting for?” Morgana said with excitement.
She noticed that Rae stared at her with concern.
Rae was worried, that was certain.
“Forget it. Let’s just have fun.”
Morgana smiled. Rae was trying for her. At least that is what she told herself.
It was true. Nuri, indeed, had an olympic pool and a jacuzzi. The pool was occupied with various couples making out while others mingled among themselves. No one seemed to notice them as they reached the bar that stood at one corner while the DJ stood on the other.
“I’ll have a beer.” Rae said. “What do you want to drink?”
Morgana was not paying attention as she sent Guy another text.
Where are you?
“Morg? Drink?”
“Oh, sorry. Um…”
Morgana was suddenly not in the mood to be here. She wanted to go home.
“How about a beer?”
The bartender handed them their drinks.
Rae took a swig of her beer before she spoke, “The only good about this party is the open bar.”
Morgana only half smiled.
“What’s wrong, Morg?”
Morgana shook her head. She had this deep sense of dread at the pit of her stomach. But she did not know where it was coming from.
Why is he not answering me?
“Don’t worry. I’m sure he’s here somewhere.” Rae said.
“I’m sure you are right.”
“Come on, let's stick our feet in the pool.” Rae said, raising her eyebrows up and down with a smirk on her face. Morgana smiled and agreed. Rae turned towards the pool but immediately turned back towards Morgana.
“What is it?”
Rae stared at her for a moment, eyes boring into hers, an expression of disgust and sorrow all mixed together.
“Maybe we should go,” Rae said.
“Why? We just got here.”
There was that feeling of dread lingering at the pit of her stomach. Rae tried to smile but her eyes betrayed her. There was something wrong. Morgana tried to move towards the pool.
“Please, just stop,” Rae protested, getting in her way.
Morgana shook her head, not understanding, when she heard a loud cry of excitement.
Nuri, Morgana thought as she moved away from Rae and stared towards the pool area.
“No.” Morgana whispered.
It was all true.
Guy was in the jacuzzi and on his lap was Nuri. She had her arms wrapped around his neck. She laughed out loud as he whispered something into her ear.
Morgana could literally feel her heart break into a million pieces as her blood ran cold. She thought she was going to vomit right then and there.
“Let’s go, Morg. He is not worth it!” Rae said, trying to get her attention.
She felt her breathing become heavy. It was hard to breathe. She shuddered in despair.
What did I ever do wrong? Morgana thought.
She watched as Guy caressed Nuri’s back with his hand while his other hand disappeared under the water. It did not take long to see what was happening. Nuri gasped loudly, followed by a moan of pleasure.
“Imbecile! He is not worth it! Leave him be!”
There was that voice again. Her Angel.
How could he do this to me? Morgana thought miserably. Was I not enough?
There was no response. Only a sigh of sadness inside her mind.
“It is time for us to go. There is no need to stay.”
Morgana could sense herself grow tired for a moment. She closed her eyes and felt herself go deep inside her mind. Her feet were moving. She was walking towards them.
“Where are you going?”
Morgana could hear Rae’s voice from a distance. She wanted to answer. But she had no control as her body moved without her consent.
“You could have at least had the nerve to say something to me! Instead of me finding out like this!”
Morgana heard herself say. She heard the words but it was coming from another source.
How is this possible? Morgana wondered.
“Jesus!” Guy said. He stared at her, surprised to see Morgana right before him. “What are you doing here?”
“How could you do this, you imbecile!”
Nuri laughed as she stood tall. Even in the pool, she hovered over Morgana.
“How long?” Morgana heard herself ask.
“Does it matter? In case you didn't get the hint, it’s over.” Guy said.
Morgana felt sick.
Have I really been this stupid? She heard a sigh of disbelief from inside her mind. Her hands clenched into fist. She was back in control of her body. What just happened? Morgana wondered. Was it just her imagination?
“You little hussy!” Rae said with anger.
“Run” Her Angel cried in her head.
“Are those tears I see?” Nuri said, mocking Morgana’s pain.
I was never worth anything to him! Nothing!
She did not wait for Rae. Morgana did as her Angel had suggested. She ran away and did not look back. Even after Rae cried out for her to wait.
Rae turned to Guy.
“You make me sick! You both deserve each other!”
Nuri laughed as she tossed her blond hair behind her back.
“Nah! Guy and I are just friends.”
Guy chuckled.
Rae closed her eyes as the anger became intolerable. Nuri mocked Morgana’s pain while Guy had his ego stroked. That is when Rae punched Nuri right on her face. The sound of skin being torn and bruised had onlookers stare.
“Bitch! How dare you! You will pay for this!” Nuri shouted with anger as she cradled her face.
“You!” Rae said, staring at Guy, his expression unreadable as he embraced Nuri, preventing her from attacking back.
“I think it’s time for you to go,” he said coldly.
“That’s it? You don’t feel any remorse?”
Guy looked nonchalant.
“I’m sure the weak link understands.” Nuri said with conviction.
Rae nodded. “You truly are pathetic. Morgana deserves a lot better.”
Guy was about to protest but Nuri interjected.
“Don’t you have someone to piece back together?”
Rae stared at Nuri.
“What has she ever done to you?”
Nuri laughed suddenly, almost as if Rae had said a funny joke.
“Oh, she has done plenty!” Nuri said acidly as her laughter was swiftly cut short.
There was a peculiar hatred in Nuri’s eyes that had Rae wonder where it had manifested. It brought a cold chill down her back.
She quickly took off, searching for Morgana. But when Rae got back to her Jeep, Morgana was gone.
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