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Holding on to faith in the dark
I lie awake in the night with guilt and unrest
Feelings of failure and not being blessed
Sorrow looms large as I think of my goals
Crumbling to dust against leaden walls
So much I'd worked for was hopeless, it seemed
So much I'd planned on, hustled and dreamed
All wasted, confounded, at best an illusion
Or worse still, my enemies plotting delusion
But what good does it do to mourn what has been?
To weep over losses without trying to win?
God loves me too much to leave me this way
It'll work out for good, just a bit every day
I'll never be perfect, my plans go awry
But with God's grace it's always worth it to try.
So onward I go, though the way might be rough
God's plan is for me to share in His love
No matter the heartache, struggles and pain
With my Savior beside me, to lose is to gain.
For whatever the world removes from my space
Only draws me tighter in Heaven's embrace.
One day I'll complete life's biggest endeavor:
To know God and love Him forever and ever.

Couplets, 22 lines
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