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Rated: 13+ · Book · Teen · #1802477
Rosie moves to a new town and finds out the world isn't what it seems. Please review! :)
Three friends. One missing person. A whole lot of suspicion.

"Everything happens for a reason."

Sixteen-year-old, Rosie Parker isn't expecting to move into a new town and find herself trapped in the middle of deeply kept, ancient, dark secrets...

When someone very close to Rosie goes unexpectantly and mysteriously missing, she starts to become even more suspicious of her cryptic new friend, Amber. Weird events just seem to happen around Amber and her family, and Rosie can't afford for it to go unnoticed.

She decides it's time to team up with Amber and her incredibaly hot cousin, Shane once she finds out their dangerous and deadly secret, and get to the bottom of the mysteries that face them. Haunt them with every breathing moment. Starting with finding and rescuing her younger sister, Amy. But Rosie finds herself stuck in a situation she never anticipated, and finds she can't seem to escape an ancient, evil darkness. With no idea what it wants from her she finds herself fighting to find out and fighting to stay alive as an eerie power threatens her. But with the challenges she must face, will she get a clue?

A tale of close friendship, unbearable mystery and a difficult love.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 First Day 21.55k
Chapter 2 Suspicions 14.66k
Chapter 3 First Meeting 14.73k
Chapter 4 Mysterious Looks 11.40k
Chapter 5 Dark Hallway 11.63k
Chapter 6 Kidnapped 12.59k
Chapter 7 Interrogation 23.35k
Chapter 8 Loss 16.14k
Chapter 9 Shock 16.65k
Chapter 10 Hidden Magic 11.24k
Chapter 11 Watching 11.89k
Chapter 12 History 10.67k
Chapter 13 The Spell Book 11.72k
Chapter 14 Location Spell 10.14k
Chapter 15 First Encounter 13.35k
Chapter 16 Plan 11.07k
Chapter 17 Scary World 18.51k
Chapter 18 An Ally 13.59k
Chapter 19 Stranger 13.15k
Chapter 20 Darkness 13.25k
Chapter 21 Motives 17.15k
Chapter 22 Amulet 19.52k
Chapter 23 Forgiveness and Hate 14.18k
Chapter 24 Charles 16.18k
Chapter 25 The Forest 15.86k
Chapter 26 Truth 19.47k
Chapter 27 Key 11.79k
Chapter 28 Lies 13.96k
Chapter 29 Danger 16.61k
Chapter 30 Found 12.44k

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