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Rated: 13+ · Book · Action/Adventure · #2021930
The battle between Muslim vampire hunters and Volpone, the vampire
Prologue scene 1 and 2

Curtains open.

Lights up


Scene 1

Enter Volpone, Bishop Fredericko and men from the left. Volpone is in Cardinal clothing, Fredericko in bishop clothing and the men are in soldier clothing

Volpone( to himself as he makes the sign of the cross): ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The Mohammedians belong in the dust.

Fredericko: Ah! What a wonderous day! I feel that we should return to the Duke's castle grand Inquisitor! We shall have a feast!

Volpone: I cannot Bishop, for today I fast. I will return later for I need time alone to my thoughts. This day of cleansing the land of Mohamedians has made me feel joyous yet I must not allow pride to overrule me and thus I need to repent.

Fredericko: Very well Inquisitor! We shall converse later then.

Volpone: indeed we shall.

Lights down

Scene 2

Lights up

Volpone is on his knees in the middle of the stage. He is flogging himself. There is a flower on the floor.

Volpone:PATER noster, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

Volpone stands up

Enter Mercutio from the left

Mercutio: Master! Master! We have new heretics to cleanse!

Volpone: Do you now? ( Volpone makes the sign of the cross and to audience in glee) Oh how thee bless me oh glorious father! More for I to help lead to your glorious hands holy father! ( To Mercutio) Bring them in my marvelous servant! How you please me Mercutio! May the saints and the mother of God bless you!

Mercutio: Thank you master!

Mercutio leaves stage to the left

Volpone( To audience): What shall it be!? A heretic? A Jew? Oh I do hope it is a moor for I to save! So many souls to save!

Enter soldiers, Mercutio and Giselle from the left

Giselle( To soldiers): Please! Leave me alone! please! My husband will not know where I have been taken!

Soldier 1( To Giselle): Quiet ye damn strumpet!

Mercutio( To Volpone): Master! Here is the one who needs to be saved! She's a Mohammedian!

Giselle( To Volpone): No! He lies! He lies! I am no Muslim I am a Catholic!

Mercutio( To Giselle): You are no Catholic! We found a Quran in your house!

Mercutio takes out a Quran from a bag and shows it to Volpone.

Volpone takes the Quran.

Volpone looks at Giselle in surprise

Everyone stops moving. Light concentrates on Volpone.

Volpone( To audience): By the saints! What is this beauty before my eyes!? Her looks, her eyes are such jeweled beauties, I- I - Ahhh! Why am I so enamored by this heretical harlot of sinfulness!? Oh why! Why! I-I must be bewitched by her! She must have placed a curse upon me! Like a demoness! I must be pure! I must be purified! Evil is from woman! No! Sin is woman! She tempts me! Tempt me not thou demoniac pretty beast of femininity!

Lights become normal again. Other characters move.

Giselle(To Volpone): That Quran is not mine sir! I do not know how it became to be in the house! Please let me go!

Volpone( To Giselle): My! My! You have been a bad girl to lie! Did you not know that lying is a sin against the father?

Giselle( To Volpone): Please let me go! I am not lying!

Volpone( To Giselle): Child, child, it does not matter if you lie or tell the truth. If you lie then worry not for the tools for your cleansing are in our possesion where you can be tortured. If you tell the truth then worry not for we have the tools to torture the sin you have gained since you were a christian. If you die after I have dealt with you girl, you shall attain heaven. ( To men and Mercutio) take her to the torture chambers!

Giselle( As she is dragged away by men to the left to Volpone): You are insane! Madness! Madness!

Volpone( To Giselle): It is not madness it is purification! Deus Vult!

Volpone follows whilst making the sign of the cross and chanting in latin.

Enter Hecate and Abaddon from the right. Abaddon is dressed up like a chicken. Hecate carries a broomstick and is a beautiful witch.

Abaddon: I love that man! He is hilarious! I ain't homosexual usually but i'd get all sodomite with him!

Hecate: His insanity is oh sooo arousing!

Abaddon: You find him attractive you lusty witch?

Hecate: Oh yes! His murderous lunacy is such an attractive element in this world! Oh I wish to corrupt him!

Abaddon: Hmmm... Aha! Majestico!

Hecate: Oh! What is it Abaddon? What is it thou hellish stinky jinn?

Abaddon: How about we make him our servant?

Hecate: But he amuses us already and serves us through his madness.

Abaddon: We can make him a greater force! Think of the destruction he could make! A spreader of sin and more false doctrines! He may even be thou lusty partner!

Hecate falls to her knees

Hecate: Oh! Oh! My jinn witchy black heart feels such desire for him! My Volpone! Oh how I love you torturing and killing the followers of God! Oh the great joy you bring me with your hatred of the submitters especially! Oh be mine mighty Volpone!

Abaddon: And he shall!

Abaddon and Hecate dance around

Abaddon and Hecate( As they dance and singing): Living in evil! Living in evil! Spreading sin like spreading butter on bread! Spread! Spread!

Lights down

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