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Rated: 13+ · Book · Horror/Scary · #2168231
Stories for SCREAMS!!! and stories for Daily Flash Fiction Challenge
An attempt to enter more contests at WdC to get my Muse going. Some of these short stories are written for "SCREAMS!!! others for "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge [13+]. I hope to write as frequently as possible.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Something red 1.97k
Chapter 2 Busted! 2.00k
Chapter 3 Stardust 2.02k
Chapter 4 What's going on? 1.98k
Chapter 5 Let's get out of here 1.72k
Chapter 6 The Life of Bob 2.05k
Chapter 7 Whatever it takes 1.68k
Chapter 8 Shoot and kill 1.93k
Chapter 9 A bargain 1.96k
Chapter 10 A Double Life 4.46k
Chapter 11 The very first day 2.34k
Chapter 12 Working the house 3.12k
Chapter 13 The Poet and The Premonition 3.01k
Chapter 14 The doll 2.70k

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