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A contest inspired by the serious need for more good sci-fi

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In my brief time here, I've come to really enjoy writing.com: the people, the stories, the contests, and the kind reviewers. However, I have really been missing out on some good short science fiction and an incentive to get involved with a community of writers who also enjoy it. To the end of inspiring both, I've decided to host a Science Fiction Short Story Contest.

The rules are simple:

Write a short story inspired by the prompt that is of less than 2000 words.
I will pay 15,000 (updated) Gift Points for the best submissions and an awardicon (as per recent request - I'm open to discussion about adjusting the prize).
Post in the forum with BITEM only (check out "Newbie Hyperlinking 101 - Bitem Format [E]).
I will judge entries starting on the 1st of each month, and provide (hopefully) thoughtful reviews for all submissions.
May the best sentient being win!

Contest Re-Opening for June: Human Hope Edition!
One of the most pervasive ideas of modern times is that technological progression and moral progression go hand in hand, that despite the horrors of history, the world we have ahead is likely to be better than the world we live in today. Martin Luther King declared, and many believed it, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

Science Fiction, of course, loves to take a contrarian tack: what is more popular among writers than to caricature the fears of the day into dystopias of the future? Any historian or environmentalist, of course, can tell you they have a point. Francis Fukuyama was certainly in error when he declared "The End of History" in 1992.

But what if at the end of riots, pandemics, and unenlightened leadership things got better?

For June, in contrast to the world outside, what if we speculated on a Great Human achievement? The use of SpaceX's Dragon capsule on Mars, the return to the moon by many nations of the world, the rise of ubiquitous green energy, the restoration of some large wildlife reserve - for June let us tell the tale of something difficult that, against all the headwinds of Murphy's Law and human error, went very right. This month's prompt is Hope.

May Entries (We Make Great Pets Edition):
Not your usual spa vacation
#2222295 by normajean Grneyes Queen

 Into The Blue  (13+)
A pilot at the end of his career makes one last flight.
#2222640 by BrokenPen

Science Fiction Short Story Contest  (18+)
A contest inspired by the serious need for more good sci-fi
#2140378 by BlackAdder

April Winner!
Glint  (13+)
When Bridget sees an opportunity to help her ailing friends, she takes it.
#2220725 by Bilal Latif



48K GPs: Jeffhans -- Thanks for your support!
10K GPs + banner sponsorship: eyestar-Congrats Quill folks. -- Thanks so much for the support and for linking me up with A E Willcox . The banner is awesome!
50K GPs - 🛸 Sum1 🗿 -- Thank you to a sci-fi fan!
385K GPs - Anonymous. Thanks so much for supporting the contest!
50K GPS - Bobturn Thank you so much for supporting the continuation of the contest!
50K GPS - D. Reed Whittaker Thanks so much for your donation!
10K GPS - Kellie Burke Thanks for your support!
15K+ GPS - brokenpen Thanks so much!
50K GPS - Nixie 🦊 I much appreciate the support!

(Current Sci-FI Contest account: ~470K, so good for some time - will consider upping the prize next month)

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