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A contest inspired by the serious need for more good sci-fi

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In my brief time here, I've come to really enjoy writing.com: the people, the stories, the contests, and the kind reviewers. However, I have really been missing out on some good short science fiction and an incentive to get involved with a community of writers who also enjoy it. To the end of inspiring both, I've decided to host a Science Fiction Short Story Contest.

The rules are simple:

Write a short story inspired by the prompt that is of less than 2000 words.
I will pay 15,000 (updated) Gift Points for the best submissions and an awardicon (as per recent request - I'm open to discussion about adjusting the prize).
Post in the forum with BITEM only (check out "Newbie Hyperlinking 101 - Bitem Format [E]).
I will judge entries starting on the 1st of each month, and provide (hopefully) thoughtful reviews for all submissions.
May the best sentient being win!

Contest To Be Reopened for April!
This month's prompt is: "Growth".
With the advent of Spring, flowers are blooming, buds are growing, and trees are putting on their leaves. In some places, gardens are beginning to sprout, and life and love are growing apace. But, in the realm of science fiction - what if the wrong things are growing? What if they are growing too quickly? Any science fiction story matching the theme of growth will be accepted for this month's contest. Happy Spring!

The lab was quiet for the rest of the morning, but by lunchtime, Dr. Benjamin Rosen had managed to push the incident from his mind - until he realized he was sweating over his Pastrami sandwich. That didn't stop a chill from spreading as he swallowed. "Linda. Is the A/C out again?"

Dr. Chen froze momentarily, then turned to the thermostat. "Yes. Yes, it is."

Benjamin stood up and walked to the window, peering through the blinds. He should have been able to see the A/C unit. Instead, he couldn't even see through the window through all the ivy. "Linda, can you turn the A/C off?"

She raised an eyebrow but did as the researcher asked. "What's wrong?"

Dr. Rosen walked over to the front door and cracked it open, revealing a web of reedy green leaves - and then he quickly slammed it shut before they could creep in. "I think we're trapped."

"Unnatural Growth [13+]

March Entries:
 Let it be Spring!  (ASR)
Sci-Fi Contest Entry - Please let it be Spring!
#2245766 by LightinMind

Spring  (13+)
Contest entry. Sci-fi. When wasps are big enough to kill you, and they want to.
#2246476 by D. Reed Whittaker

Natural Immunity  (ASR)
Nothing ever means to evolve a defense mechanism. But sometimes they just do.
#2246672 by Seuzz

 tabby's horror.  (18+)
a scary sci-fi
#2245105 by often wrong sung

 A Journey into Spring  (13+)
Karid and Brianda have never seen Spring. When they do, it may change their lives forever.
#2247397 by PureSciFi

February Winnner:
Space Pizza  (13+)
Contest entry about space lasers and space pizza.
#2244301 by D. Reed Whittaker

February Entries
"Space Pizza [13+]
"Space Battle [ASR]
"Lasers* Lost In Space [18+]
"Laissez Faire [E]

January Winner
Green Australia Superpower  (E)
WINNER: Sci-Fi contest- How the greening of Australia made it the world's superpower
#2240993 by LightinMind

January Entries:
"A Sunny Day in Space [13+]
"Green Australia Superpower [E]

December Winner:
Visitors  (13+)
A memory of an alien visit
#2240667 by BrokenPen

December Entries:
"Visitors [13+]
"Crystal Futures [ASR]



48K GPs: Jeffhans -- Thanks for your support!
10K GPs + banner sponsorship: eyestar~ -- Thanks so much for the support and for linking me up with A E Willcox . The banner is awesome!
50K GPs - Same Ol' Sum1 -- Thank you to a sci-fi fan!
385K GPs - Anonymous. Thanks so much for supporting the contest!
50K GPS - Bob'n Around Thank you so much for supporting the continuation of the contest!
50K GPS - D. Reed Whittaker Thanks so much for your donation!
10K GPS - Kellie Burke Thanks for your support!
15K+ GPS - brokenpen Thanks so much!
50K GPS - Nixie 🦊 I much appreciate the support!
100K GPS - jdennis Thanks for your sponsorship!

(Current Sci-FI Contest account: ~580K, so good for some time - will consider upping the prize)

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