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A place for spacers, washouts, and dreamers of dreams. Open for May 2023!

Hey there, Rook. No, don't take offense - there's no harm in being young. Everyone's got to start somewhere, and this little gas can will do. Less likely to get you shot than most. Take a seat and grab a drink. There's plenty here as had to make a quick jump ahead of the Snoopers and lived to tell the tale, most of 'em even keeping their hard-earned credit stash. And the ones as didn't - well, maybe a young bull could do with a tip or two on how to live without when times get tight.

Pirates? No, Rook, there are no pirates here, not a one. Nasty creatures, pirates. Bug-eye in the back, maybe he knows a guy who knows a guy - he'll give you the dirt on any pirate you can name. And Jet back there, she'll tell you all about her run-in with the Red Hooks and how she turned the tables on them. But no pirates here - we're all good, decent, folk, the kind you want in a pinch. So tell me what you'll have, Rook, and what you're doing in the Outer Cluster. My name? Call me BlackAdder. Captain of the now-defunct Strigian Navy, not-quite-retired. Welcome to my little slice of heaven.

Welcome to BlackAdder's Cantina! Give us a tale or song of the spaceways and your drink's on the house! The best of the bunch will even take home a trinket, a nice little Awardicon worth at least 10K credits and twice that in GPs. Just be sure to keep us awake, nothing longer than 2K words or so. Make sure to link your story in a b-item below.

May 2023 Prompt: Family Ties

It's been awhile since we've had a good round - it can get awful cold and quiet out in space, and when the Snoopers been snooping her a ltitle too long, I've gotta take some space, whether I like it or not. But the long arm of the law seems to have passed me by: they're busy strong-arming someone else, most likely. So I've got a hankering to hear another tale about coming back together.

When you're cruising through the black, living on your wits and making ends meet, places like this little watering hole are an oasis, and the flks your drinking with here are like brothers - well, cousins maybe. But almost family isn't quite family, if you catch my drift. And when you're blown from one adventure to another, sometimes it's hard to keep that family together. So the next round is on me, and it goes to whoever tells the best story about making this life and family work.
(All 2K-word stories with space opera elements illustrating the tension between a risk-filled life and family will be eligible for this month's contest).

Sure, I got a story. Listen to her, and my Mom's trash, don't you know - she barely scrapes through by the sweat of her brow and her prickly disposition. But she always did alright by me. In my books, she's the next best thing to an angel. After my Dad left, she kept me upright and fed, and mostly out of the clink no matter how many times I screwed the pooch. And when I did need help, I could always go back to her, every time. So when a job goes well, I try to take care of her how I can, you know - give a little back.

Of course, she don't know what I do: she thinks I made good and I'm some drone salesman and deliveryman for a medical corp, making sure high-tech meds make it from point A to point B. And that's true, as far as it goes. Sometimes, maybe, that medical tech ain't quite got a license, sometimes it's not quite legal round way of the Revnar system yet on account of their "human enhancement" restrictions. And sometimes the corp providing the tech don't quite know they're selling it. But hey, it's all for a good cause: the survival of the working man.

And, of course, I can't tell my Mom this, on account of her being so proud. Sometimes, that gets a little dicey. I been promising to take my dear old Mom to dinner for near on a year at her favorite place, and I was going to give her a little gift there - a dose of that experimental cure for the autoimmune disease that had kept her off her feet for most of the year. Unfortunately, I was just a little short on cash for that after some joker drew to a straight flush. But lucky for me, I got news this medical supply shuttle just happened to go astray right where I could rescue it, right near the moons around the Sarnan system where I was supposed to meet my Mom - the same day I was supposed to meet her. All I had to do was make sure the goods came my way without my mother catching on that I was working...

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