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by Lornda
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A place for Newbies to seek advice about reviewing
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Consultants: Maryann, A E Willcox, & Nixie


         *Bulletv* The purpose of the forum is to help and give advice about reviewing to newbies who have joined. Resources will include: tips, links to WdC's Newsletters about reviewing, and make available review links at the "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group. We will guide you to write your reviews and offer a review exchange. Once you submit the review, one will be sent to you.

         *Bulletv* The forum is open to ask questions about reviewing only. We understand there's many avenues to Writing.Com. Listed below are a few of the common links to help you get started, but the main focus of this forum is reviewing.

         *Bulletv* *Strong* Flex your reviewing muscles: Since reviewing is a large part of Writing.Com, if you're interested in expanding your reviewing goals and to learn more about the topic of reviewing, consider joining the "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group! Once you join and write a few reviews, we would be happy to reward you with a ribbon for your portfolio or a merit badge!

         *Bulletv* Please note: the "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group is not a mentoring group, but we will guide you to learn how to review the best you can. If you want to join, leave a message in the forum with the subject line: Join

         *Bulletv* *People* Mentoring Group: There is a mentoring group available if you're serious about your writing and reviewing — it's by invitation only.
*Exclaimv* Please note the following requirements to join:

To select a mentor, click on the link below. Check each person's suitcase, which will take you to their portfolio page. Read the Portfolio Header and their Bio tab to understand the genre they write. It should match what genre you write. As a goodwill gesture, send the author a review for one of their items and mention why your reviewing them. Give it some time, and a mentor will contact you. Here is the link to read more about the group:

"Blue Ribbon Reviewers Group"   by A E Willcox .

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*Keys* Click here: *Pointright* General Links

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*Writer* Click here: *Pointright* Articles on Writing

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*Compass* Review Links

Why We Review from Writing.Com 101 

"How Should I Rate Items on Writing.Com? E: Wondering how to approach the rating system on Writing.Com?

"Please Review E: This is a page to request reviews for static items and books.

"On Giving Reviews [E] by Roseille ♥
    Are you speechless when you stare at that little reviewing box? Here are some tips.

"The Art of Reviewing Poetry [E] by Dave's trying to catch up
    A guide to writing constructive in-depth reviews.

"Reviewing ideas [E] by Maryann
    Tips on reviewing and for making a template

*Gear* Click here: *Pointright* Informative Newsletters about Reviewing

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*Compass* Review Exchange:

         Would you like to receive a review for your story or poem? We offer a free review exchange. Here's how it works: Below is a list of items to review — either a story or a poem. Select one and send a review with a minimum count of 500 characters. Enter a forum post below with the subject, Review Exchange. In the body of the post, enter the review #. Type it with the code: {review:#######}. The review number appears when you send it. Copy it or write it down. It's also found at the top left of the review, which can be found in your portfolio under the Review tab at the top.

         Once you post the review number, an item of yours will be reviewed by someone from the "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group.    (*Exclaimv* Please note: We only review items up to a 18+ rating and no fetish, erotica, novel chapters, or large word counts.)

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         We hope you take the opportunity to send a review! Don't be shy or worry about the color of the briefcase. Just like you, we're all writers here. Below are some samples of reviews. Check them out, and you'll see we all have our own style of reviewing!

*Bulletv* Click here: *Pointright* Stories and Poems for Review Exchange

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         *Bulletv* If you have a question in regards to reviewing, post a message below so we can help you.

*Compass* Click here: *Pointright* How to post a message

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*Notev* Consider adding this forum to your Favorites. There's more information and links to be posted soon! (To add an item as a Favorites, scroll up to the top right of the item. There's a *Reading* and a printer icon, beside those is a white hand, click on it and it will be added to your favorites for future reference.)

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