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  1. The Curse Begins
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You are cursed to become a gluttonous monster when the moon is full...
Chapter 1

The Curse Begins

    by: Silverfighter   More by this author
Finally, it's closing time. Your boss told you lock the restaurant up when you leave, so you reach for your keys when you start hearing strange sounds.


You blink and head to the pantry, where you see a large fat figure stuffing its face.

"Hey buddy! If you want food, come back here when we're open and with money!" you shout, reaching out. The fat figure howls and to your shock, bites you on your arm. "OW!!!" you shout, shaking. The fat figure howls again and runs off...or rather waddles off. The pain really stings, and you go to soak your bite wound under running water. You look to see the amount of food eaten was vast..your boss is not going to be happy.
**************************************************************************** **************************
You were right...your boss found out and fired you. You just growl and head to your bathroom, brushing your teeth. You banduaged up where the fat guy bit you. Suddenly, your stomach begins to growl...you are hungry...very hunger. You groan and hold your stomach...the hunger soon making you pass out.
**************************************************************************** ************************

Ugh...your head hurts as you awaken. You find your clothes have been torn apart, leaving just a little to cover your descency. You look around to find yourself...
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