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A female muscle growth fan buys a camera that takes “perfect” pictures.
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Chapter 5

Flexing makes Megan more powerful

    by: Lvmsclgrls   More by this author
Dennis was having a hard time figuring out what just happened. One moment a very average looking Megan was trying on a dress and the next she was a knock out with intimidating muscles bulging across her body. The dress in question had become a sports bra and spandex shorts and nothing else. Perhaps she was in between dresses? He didn’t really think too much about that as he stared at her very muscular 5 foot 2 inch 14 year old girl body. Her short legs now sported sprinter shaming thighs and softball sized calf muscles. Her exposed abs had become a six pack of hard muscles and her chest showcased pectorals a couple of inches thick. Her shoulders were broad and cut, her back appeared to be very wide and her arms were thick and had large bulges along her triceps and biceps. What he didn’t realize was that these large muscles were also very strong, stronger than most anyone in school. She was certainly the strongest girl and only a few boys could challenge her and only a few men were stronger. But with her ability to grow stronger she was confident she would overcome them all in due time.

So as she stared back at Dennis, perturbed by his very presence, his reaction to her muscles wasn’t one of disgust, but appreciation, if not outright fandom. Megan noticed this quickly and figured to see what his reaction would be when she let him know how strong she was.

“That’s right Dennis, I’m even bigger and stronger than you remember. Weightlifting is more than just a hobby, I can bench press over 400 pounds and my muscles grow bigger the more I lift. I’m already stronger than all but a few boys in high school, which considering I’m an incoming Freshman girl is pretty amazing.”

Megan pulled up her arms and flexed her biceps into a set of rock hard softball sized masses of muscle! “These babies are 16 inches around! No other girl in school can match these guns and most boys are blown away!”

Dennis had dropped his jaw and his member was saluting her incredible flex. Megan noticed both and chuckled. Maybe punching this wimp out wasn’t necessary. She may have found a real fan. She just needed to figure out how to exploit that.

“Well Dennis, it’s quite apparent you like my muscles. Go ahead and take a picture.”

Dennis nodded his head absently. Had he done this? Whatever reality he had created with the camera, Megan knew about it but he didn’t. His stray thoughts about Megan being as strong as any boy in school apparently came true. She would be able to bully the freshman boys for sure and most everyone else if she so desired. But as he stared at her biceps he began to wonder if he could take if further. Could he make her even stronger and more muscular? Not just as strong as any boy in school, but stronger than any man? Twice as strong? Ten times stronger with a body so hard she was bullet proof? She would be able to bully any man! Maybe even bully an army! And what about those muscles? They were very impressive, but could he make them larger? Twice as big? Bigger? Maybe give her the ability to expand her muscles to ridiculous proportions when she flexed them and make them even stronger, fulfilling one of his bigger fantasies. As Dennis started to get lost in his daydream, Megan cleared her throat.

“I can tell you really like me flexing my muscles, but aren’t you going to take that picture?”

Dennis blinked absently and with his mind jumbled with a muscle bulging super hot, super bully, Dennis snapped the picture and he watched as Megan’s muscles began to expand with raw, pumped up, vein covered mega muscles. Her entire body piled on mounds of girl muscles as though they were connected to a muscle pump. Huge insanely powerful muscles curved around her narrow joints like some type of hyper muscled nightmare of a cartoon! Bullish, tree truck thick thighs pressed out ripped quads as big as any male bodybuilder. Her calves flared out dangerously into two massive heart shaped muscles larger than cantaloupes, looking even larger against narrow ankles and petite bare feet. Her spandex bottom was now nothing more than a tiny bikini bottom and those tight 6 pack abs were a deeply separated set of killer 8 pack abs. Ripped oblique muscles danced along either side of her midsection and curved out to lats so wide, Dennis had to wonder if she wasn’t as wide as she was tall! Gone was the undersized athletic top, replaced with an undersized bikini top that exposed the twin mounds of jacked up pectoral muscles that appeared to be a foot thick and shredded with so much detail that her skin was translucent. Her beautiful face remained the same, which considering her conditioning should have been impossible, but now was very real. The smile was now one of complete confidence and her green eyes seemed to sparkle as her thick, shiny brown hair spilled out across her chest and down her back.

But it was her biceps that demanded his attention, his reverence and his worship, for if the rest of her body was a symphony of massive muscle domination; her arms were nothing short of gigantic muscles of mass destruction! Each bicep was peaked up over the top of her fist and was so hard and shredded with muscle fibers and throbbing veins that he had a hard time believing they were even real! Deep triceps bowed down like twin half bowling balls, providing the largest set of triceps ever flexed and yet they paled in comparison to the mighty biceps being tensed by the 14 year old goddess of muscle before him. Each bicep was wall of impossible rippling, throbbing, power pumping muscle a foot and half tall and shredded with muscle fibers that would put a biology picture of a bicep to shame. Megan chuckled as Dennis started to cum right there, his jeans tented painfully.

“You always were a fiend for my mighty biceps even when most everyone else ran away in fear. Not that they could outrun me now. I can run over Mach 3.”

Dennis gulped at that statement, which did nothing to calm his erection. Megan glanced over at her right arm, looking UP to see the peak that was literally pulsing up at the top of her head.

“Yeah, these babies are now so strong that I can curl our largest tanks with one arm. Being a super bully has become more fun every day. And these arms make every man on earth quake with fear, especially when I flex HARD.”

With a menacing giggle, Megan closed her eyes for a moment, opened them back up and moaned, squeezing her fists and to Dennis’s wide-eyed delight her biceps, already twin 60-inch monsters of muscle, slowly expanded even larger! Inch after terrifying inch after erection pounding inch of teen girl bicep muscle pushed her biceps larger and taller! Soon they were 6 inches over the top of her head, then a foot, then two feet! And still they continued to grow larger and stronger!

“I can flex these gigantic girl biceps so enormous now Dennis! My muscles are over 150 inches around right now! And every time I flex my muscles this big, they grow even STRONGER! Soon I’ll be juggling those battle tanks with ease! Hell, maybe I’ll just keep flexing and grow strong enough to do that later today! They sure as hell can’t stop me now, seeing as I can dodge any attack and bullets and tank shells bounce off my indestructible body. I’m an unstoppable Super Teen Amazon of pure power!”

As Dennis grunted, coming hard and soiling his jeans, Megan chuckled and released her reality altering flex.

“Funny how most men piss their pants or run with fear when I flex up my muscles that big. But you cum without even touching my massive girl muscles.”

Megan inhaled quickly and driving mounds of muscle into her incredible, raging super pecs, she snapped the bra off like an afterthought and smirked.

“And I haven’t even powered up my pecs yet. No need to even put tops on anymore seeing as I flex out of them just by breathing hard. My muscle expansion is sooooooo cool! I get off just feeling my strength spike as my muscles expand.”

Dennis let out another ragged sigh as he stared at twin cubes of striated super girl pectoral muscle and the deep red bullet nipples that pointed straight ahead! This was biological impossible, but apparently Dennis and his thoughts had realized another fantasy.

Cocking one hip out, Megan licked her ruby lips.

“Take a picture of my massive chest Dennis. I want to send another picture and warning to the military brass. These pecs are now missile proof! Ha!”

Dennis pulled up the camera with his shaking arms and began to think about where this was all headed. Should he slow Megan down? Could she become even more powerful? Flex even larger muscles? Could she take on Superman? The Incredible Hulk? His member started to rise again, corrupting his thoughts with his erection and Megan’s muscles and super human strength. So when he snapped the picture.
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